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Thursday, 29 April 2004

MUET and Cybercafe Overdose

Been a long time(more than a week?) since i last updated this diary. Lots of things happened this past week so i rarely got time to add a new entry. Actually it's just me being lazy updating... :P

Took the MUET reading, writing and listening test last Saturday. The reading test was a breeze but i got stuck in writing. Come to think of's been a long time since i last wrote an essay so it's no wonder if i flunk it :(. The listening test is worse...due to technical errors(plural...if u noticed) we finished the test at 1.45pm...45 minutes later than scheduled. Furthermore we listen to nothing most of the time...swear everyone's getting frustrated...

Tests aside, our free time is occupied by cybercafe outing...since last Friday we have went five times edi. Sigh...we should curb this addiction soon...but it's damn fun lah :P hehe..

Monday, 19 April 2004

Gotta hit the books... (Back in Subang)

Two weeks passed so fast...holidays over liao. Have to hit the books again sigh :(. Funny how time flies yea? It's been more than 3 months since start college...

Juz came back from JB yesterday. Sat at the back of the Triton bus with Ashok where the air-con's not working :(. Everytime sit Triton oso got problem one...last time after getting the SPM results we took the bus back to Subang but it broke down halfway from JB. We got to tumpang a Super SE bus but that bus broke down halfway too. Talk about bad luck haha. Two buses we sat in broke down...but in the end we got to sit in a 3-seater bus. Damn comfy :). Anyway Triton's the only bus that can get us straight to Subang so no choice lah..

Btw today start college again after so long(or izzit short :P). Nothing much happened except today we start our Malaysian Studies. So boring *yawn*. I was looking forward to a 2-hour break when they say we have Malaysian Studies sigh...Oh yeah we got a Bio test today oso...which we didn't prepare for of course :P. Can't even finish the paper. Wonder how much i'll get...hope i dun fail it...

PS - Today is the 1-month anniversary for the cold war between Patrick and Jeremy :). Happy Anniversary! haha..

Thursday, 15 April 2004

Basketball game and `Super Sapiens` whole body still aching from the day before's basketball game. Right now i can't even do anything without a part of my body screaming in pain :(. But i enjoyed the game a lot...been a long time since i last touched a basketball (since before sure flies). Anyway Yong Chen, Jeremy, Yih Seong, Mahendra, Looi n Boon Shih joined me to play basketball. Saw Chow Cheng Zhong there oso...he dyed his hair haha. Still looks cute as eva...n as hamsap too (some things never change rite ;) ). He said he asked Fong Boon Hou to come at 7.30am but Fong only came at bout 9 something coz he couldn't wake up. Johan came too...he got a test (to be a tutor for english as a second language) that morning and he came to the court looking damn smart with tie some more haha. Then he went back to change and get me a superglue(u shoe got 'crocodile mouth'). Very good friend...didn't hesitate to help me :)...i appreciate it.

We played till 11.00am before taking a bath coz we got a lunch date with Boon Shih at Pizza Hut at Holiday Plaza. He still didn't change a bit...same hairstyle...same smile haha. I thought he'll be something like Keith...went to UK then come back a stranger haha :P. Anyway, Boon Shih said it's autumn in Melbourne and everyone's sunbathing in front of the State Library(?!). Seems like he's pretty busy back here...can't spend any more time with us after the lunch. Well...good luck to ya! Hope you won't forget us for some foreign chick hehe...

Then comes yesterday...Yong Chen and Mahendra asked me out for movie. Wanted to ask Jeremy and Yih Seong along but they both cannot go so nevermind lah. Us three went to Leisure Mall to watch 'Super Sapiens' (to anyone not in Malaysia, this movie is actually named Hellboy but you know...censorship board didn't like the word 'hell' a lot it seems). Nice movie...i like the Hellboy character. Very funny the way he talks with that kind of attitude...i'll give the movie a A-. Gonna add it to my to-buy-once-i-got-a-DVD-player list of DVDs (pirated lah of course...u think i so rich meh :P). That list is getting longer everyday...i think i'll publish the list some other day...this entry is getting too long.

Monday, 12 April 2004

Belated Birthday Dinner, Basketball and Boon Shih's back in Malaysia

Yesterday went out for dinner with my family in Kulai. Actually it's my birthday dinner but my frens got BNO4 at Ashok's house 'sum pian' celebrate my birthday... furthermore they can't postpone BNO4 coz some ppl can't make it so nvm lor. I sacrifice a bit lah haha :P

Btw the basketball game settle liao...we r going to play at the court behind Larkin stadium after changing the venue like 5-6 times. Anyway Mahendra, Khai Sean, Yong Chen, Jeremy, Ashok, Zhen Hsiung, Boon Shih n me make up 8 ppl going. Asked Johan oso but he didn't reply my sms...wonder wat he's doing...Wonder if i should ask Rifdi...he said he's back 2moro from KL.

Oh yeah forgot 2 say...Boon Shih is back in JB from Australia! Welcome back Boon Shih! We missed you :). Heard he got 2 weeks holiday oso but his holiday is damn packed...not like ours...nth to do but stay at home whole day. Not really a bad thing wat :P

Saturday, 10 April 2004

BNO4 (more like a LNO...)

Had a bbq on my birthday yesterday at Ashok's house. It's supposed to be Big Night Out 4 but it turned out to be more like a Little Night Out(there was 1 already...which Yih Seong found out n he merajuk wif us haha :P). Only 10 ppl made it : Ashok, Jeremy, Leong, Yih Seong, Yong Chen, Patrick, You Jin, Xing Loong, Kevin n me. Irwin's supposed to join us too but he can't make it coz he took the train. Kevin went home early...his father's not at home. We noticed this outing is quieter than the previous 1...maybe there's too little ppl. Neway they bought an ice-cream cake(very very yummy...slurp slurp :) ) 4 my birthday. After bbq we went into the pool...they gave me a 8-cannonball dive salute haha. Yong Chen came late coz he juz touched down fr kl n we bbq some more food. Then we played PS2 n PC till 5 am...which we normally do at every BNO. Btw Yih Seong can't tahan to play Counterstrike on Ashok's com. Keep rushing me to add bots but too bad there's some problem with the game. He ended up playing Condition Zero to suppress his addiction haha.

My parents picked me up this morning after breakfast. During the ride home my father asked me wat present would i that got me thinking for a while. Right then i dun think i hv anything i would like to hv coz i already hv everything i NEED. Wouldn't want to waste money on useless stuff...come to think of it, i wanted a lot of useless stuff mp3 player, PS2, a telescope...yeah a telescope. Still remember the time long ago when i asked for the seven dwarves soft toys for my birthday...i wanted to collect all seven of it n i kept asking my parents to buy one of them whenever we go to Parkson in Holiday Plaza but everytime they say wait for my birthday. In the end i got none. hehe now i think of it i dun think i'll even want them now...dunno y...maybe i've grown up? Yeah...maybe. But there's a child in everyone rite...n i hate to admit this but i'm a big fan of soft toys as a child...i even got a few which lasted till now :). Neway in the end Mum juz gave me RM50 n asked me to spend it however i isn't that the best choice haha ;)

Later today i got bz trying to figure out where to play basketball...i asked Looi, Yong Chen, Khai Sean, n Mahendra to go edi but we dun hv any place to play. Oso asked rifdi to go but he's in KL now...said his aunt needs his help there. too bad lah...that's 1 less player :(. There's a court owned by some association in Pelangi but i'm not sure if we can play there...that seems the best choice coz it's convenient for every1. Sigh...i better not think too much bout it lah. Seems like we've to postpone it to next week...

Thursday, 8 April 2004

My 18th birthday!

hi ppl!

juz decided to try blogging...

actually i wanted to start entering entries a few months ago (i even signed up here) but i dunno wat happened to my plan :P...guess the same thing happens to everything i've planned

neway hello 2 everybody reading this! (tho i doubt even any1 will read this but...oh well that's not the point rite). hope i can keep this up...hehe

btw it's my 18th birthday today...jeremy wished me happy birthday at 1 something a.m. wonder if he hadn't sleep or woke up juz 4 dat...neway my bro also wished me...khai sean sent me a card which i can't open (but i appreciate his effort :) )...

PS - yea i can c all the wishes starting to come in...but...but...where r my presents?? hehe i'm very greedy am i :P...