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Monday, 12 April 2004

Belated Birthday Dinner, Basketball and Boon Shih's back in Malaysia

Yesterday went out for dinner with my family in Kulai. Actually it's my birthday dinner but my frens got BNO4 at Ashok's house 'sum pian' celebrate my birthday... furthermore they can't postpone BNO4 coz some ppl can't make it so nvm lor. I sacrifice a bit lah haha :P

Btw the basketball game settle liao...we r going to play at the court behind Larkin stadium after changing the venue like 5-6 times. Anyway Mahendra, Khai Sean, Yong Chen, Jeremy, Ashok, Zhen Hsiung, Boon Shih n me make up 8 ppl going. Asked Johan oso but he didn't reply my sms...wonder wat he's doing...Wonder if i should ask Rifdi...he said he's back 2moro from KL.

Oh yeah forgot 2 say...Boon Shih is back in JB from Australia! Welcome back Boon Shih! We missed you :). Heard he got 2 weeks holiday oso but his holiday is damn packed...not like ours...nth to do but stay at home whole day. Not really a bad thing wat :P

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