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Saturday, 10 April 2004

BNO4 (more like a LNO...)

Had a bbq on my birthday yesterday at Ashok's house. It's supposed to be Big Night Out 4 but it turned out to be more like a Little Night Out(there was 1 already...which Yih Seong found out n he merajuk wif us haha :P). Only 10 ppl made it : Ashok, Jeremy, Leong, Yih Seong, Yong Chen, Patrick, You Jin, Xing Loong, Kevin n me. Irwin's supposed to join us too but he can't make it coz he took the train. Kevin went home early...his father's not at home. We noticed this outing is quieter than the previous 1...maybe there's too little ppl. Neway they bought an ice-cream cake(very very yummy...slurp slurp :) ) 4 my birthday. After bbq we went into the pool...they gave me a 8-cannonball dive salute haha. Yong Chen came late coz he juz touched down fr kl n we bbq some more food. Then we played PS2 n PC till 5 am...which we normally do at every BNO. Btw Yih Seong can't tahan to play Counterstrike on Ashok's com. Keep rushing me to add bots but too bad there's some problem with the game. He ended up playing Condition Zero to suppress his addiction haha.

My parents picked me up this morning after breakfast. During the ride home my father asked me wat present would i that got me thinking for a while. Right then i dun think i hv anything i would like to hv coz i already hv everything i NEED. Wouldn't want to waste money on useless stuff...come to think of it, i wanted a lot of useless stuff mp3 player, PS2, a telescope...yeah a telescope. Still remember the time long ago when i asked for the seven dwarves soft toys for my birthday...i wanted to collect all seven of it n i kept asking my parents to buy one of them whenever we go to Parkson in Holiday Plaza but everytime they say wait for my birthday. In the end i got none. hehe now i think of it i dun think i'll even want them now...dunno y...maybe i've grown up? Yeah...maybe. But there's a child in everyone rite...n i hate to admit this but i'm a big fan of soft toys as a child...i even got a few which lasted till now :). Neway in the end Mum juz gave me RM50 n asked me to spend it however i isn't that the best choice haha ;)

Later today i got bz trying to figure out where to play basketball...i asked Looi, Yong Chen, Khai Sean, n Mahendra to go edi but we dun hv any place to play. Oso asked rifdi to go but he's in KL now...said his aunt needs his help there. too bad lah...that's 1 less player :(. There's a court owned by some association in Pelangi but i'm not sure if we can play there...that seems the best choice coz it's convenient for every1. Sigh...i better not think too much bout it lah. Seems like we've to postpone it to next week...

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