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Monday, 19 April 2004

Gotta hit the books... (Back in Subang)

Two weeks passed so fast...holidays over liao. Have to hit the books again sigh :(. Funny how time flies yea? It's been more than 3 months since start college...

Juz came back from JB yesterday. Sat at the back of the Triton bus with Ashok where the air-con's not working :(. Everytime sit Triton oso got problem one...last time after getting the SPM results we took the bus back to Subang but it broke down halfway from JB. We got to tumpang a Super SE bus but that bus broke down halfway too. Talk about bad luck haha. Two buses we sat in broke down...but in the end we got to sit in a 3-seater bus. Damn comfy :). Anyway Triton's the only bus that can get us straight to Subang so no choice lah..

Btw today start college again after so long(or izzit short :P). Nothing much happened except today we start our Malaysian Studies. So boring *yawn*. I was looking forward to a 2-hour break when they say we have Malaysian Studies sigh...Oh yeah we got a Bio test today oso...which we didn't prepare for of course :P. Can't even finish the paper. Wonder how much i'll get...hope i dun fail it...

PS - Today is the 1-month anniversary for the cold war between Patrick and Jeremy :). Happy Anniversary! haha..

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