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Thursday, 29 April 2004

MUET and Cybercafe Overdose

Been a long time(more than a week?) since i last updated this diary. Lots of things happened this past week so i rarely got time to add a new entry. Actually it's just me being lazy updating... :P

Took the MUET reading, writing and listening test last Saturday. The reading test was a breeze but i got stuck in writing. Come to think of's been a long time since i last wrote an essay so it's no wonder if i flunk it :(. The listening test is worse...due to technical errors(plural...if u noticed) we finished the test at 1.45pm...45 minutes later than scheduled. Furthermore we listen to nothing most of the time...swear everyone's getting frustrated...

Tests aside, our free time is occupied by cybercafe outing...since last Friday we have went five times edi. Sigh...we should curb this addiction soon...but it's damn fun lah :P hehe..

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