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Thursday, 15 April 2004

Basketball game and `Super Sapiens` whole body still aching from the day before's basketball game. Right now i can't even do anything without a part of my body screaming in pain :(. But i enjoyed the game a lot...been a long time since i last touched a basketball (since before sure flies). Anyway Yong Chen, Jeremy, Yih Seong, Mahendra, Looi n Boon Shih joined me to play basketball. Saw Chow Cheng Zhong there oso...he dyed his hair haha. Still looks cute as eva...n as hamsap too (some things never change rite ;) ). He said he asked Fong Boon Hou to come at 7.30am but Fong only came at bout 9 something coz he couldn't wake up. Johan came too...he got a test (to be a tutor for english as a second language) that morning and he came to the court looking damn smart with tie some more haha. Then he went back to change and get me a superglue(u shoe got 'crocodile mouth'). Very good friend...didn't hesitate to help me :)...i appreciate it.

We played till 11.00am before taking a bath coz we got a lunch date with Boon Shih at Pizza Hut at Holiday Plaza. He still didn't change a bit...same hairstyle...same smile haha. I thought he'll be something like Keith...went to UK then come back a stranger haha :P. Anyway, Boon Shih said it's autumn in Melbourne and everyone's sunbathing in front of the State Library(?!). Seems like he's pretty busy back here...can't spend any more time with us after the lunch. Well...good luck to ya! Hope you won't forget us for some foreign chick hehe...

Then comes yesterday...Yong Chen and Mahendra asked me out for movie. Wanted to ask Jeremy and Yih Seong along but they both cannot go so nevermind lah. Us three went to Leisure Mall to watch 'Super Sapiens' (to anyone not in Malaysia, this movie is actually named Hellboy but you know...censorship board didn't like the word 'hell' a lot it seems). Nice movie...i like the Hellboy character. Very funny the way he talks with that kind of attitude...i'll give the movie a A-. Gonna add it to my to-buy-once-i-got-a-DVD-player list of DVDs (pirated lah of course...u think i so rich meh :P). That list is getting longer everyday...i think i'll publish the list some other day...this entry is getting too long.

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