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Thursday, 8 April 2004

My 18th birthday!

hi ppl!

juz decided to try blogging...

actually i wanted to start entering entries a few months ago (i even signed up here) but i dunno wat happened to my plan :P...guess the same thing happens to everything i've planned

neway hello 2 everybody reading this! (tho i doubt even any1 will read this but...oh well that's not the point rite). hope i can keep this up...hehe

btw it's my 18th birthday today...jeremy wished me happy birthday at 1 something a.m. wonder if he hadn't sleep or woke up juz 4 dat...neway my bro also wished me...khai sean sent me a card which i can't open (but i appreciate his effort :) )...

PS - yea i can c all the wishes starting to come in...but...but...where r my presents?? hehe i'm very greedy am i :P...

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