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Saturday, 28 April 2007


Home again. After more than 2 months i suppose. Feels far longer than that. People would have been surprised to know i didn't come home because i was homesick. More like because i wanna see my parents and grandma. Felt like wanting to see them again.

Much had happened since the last post. For one, i am officially an adult. Yay. But none of me felt 21. Yeah, i'm pretty much in denial haha. Age is just a state of mind =P. Kena 'orientated' in IMU's parking lot. Much thanks to those who went to all the trouble to torment me. Especially Jackie.. sob sob to think i trusted you haha. Really, thanks everyone =).

Sat for Endocrine exams. Frankly, this system was the slackest of all. Slack as in we are so slack. Haha. Can't blame us.. after our EoS 3 and 2 months break after that.. we need some time to get back into the studying mode. But then it really doesn't help much to have rotations right now just after Endocrine exams. Damn free. No need to study. Lots of break. Haha in other words, damn 'fei' as some of us put it.

Performed for IMU's Gala Dinner at Crowne Plaza Hotel. Forced to wear all black, plus an ugly vest and a bright red bow tie. Prof Ong even mistook Hong Lim for a waiter. Lol. Performance was bad, but the free dinner at Chilli's did more than make up for the embarrassment =P.

Went for IMU Ball at Legend Hotel. Spent much more money preparing for the ball than the ball itself >.<. Rented coat, bought new shirt, tie and pants. Borrowed a belt and shoes from my neighbour. Food was ok (no refill for anything except chinese tea! wth - i drank my champagne and some juice within the first 5 mins). Service was really bad (Jem's table next to us get all the food late haha). Performances was so-so. Games and events were painful. But company was the best and everyone looked lovely hehe =).

GP posting at Klinik Mediviron, Cheras for the past week. Observed two doctors, Dr Suan and Dr Ng. Both are very friendly to us, and taught us all they can. Seen plenty of different cases too, from total amputation of a finger to mild case of Bell's palsy. Only bad thing that happened was that i missed so many turnings everyday, we took the wrong way more times than the right way in total. Haha >.<"


Home looked the same, minus me and my brothers. Must have been pretty quiet all these while.

Nothing has changed, yet things don't feel the same. Been almost 2 months since my younger bro went for NS. Older bro won't be back till year end. Little surprise our room would look rather neat, unused for so long.

The baby rabbits grew up. One month old now. Living independently of their mommy rabbit, who's in a cage with their daddy rabbit. At night, Mom would placed the box with baby rabbits in the living room and let them out. So cute to see them scurrying around, hopping here and there trying to explore everywhere.

Perhaps these baby rabbits liven up the atmosphere while us brothers are away. Mom seems pretty happy playing with them. Haha. Somehow i felt guilty for leaving home for so long. Shouldn't we be the ones to keep them company instead, not these rabbits?

I lay down on our double-decker bed last night. Realised that probably for the first time, i'm sleeping alone in the bedroom for so long. Quiet. No one for me to talk to. To banter with. To role-play our soft toys comprising of 3 huge ladybirds (1 handmade), 4 dinosaurs, 3 ducks plus lots more in boxes Mom kept on top of the wardrobe. Haha. Bought another snake for my younger bro and a rat for my older bro from Ikea few weeks ago (their chinese zodiac hehe).

Grandma gonna check for proteinuria on Monday. Seriously hoped it'll be negative. She's 75 now. Diabetes moderately controlled, FBS around 7.0+, BP 160+/70+.

I'm kinda afraid of the future actually. IMU rejected any pleas to change to Seremban CS, citing unavailable seats. Before long i would need to decide on my PMS. Thought i would choose Melbourne initially, but fees there had risen exponentially. Following brother's advice and considering our financial situation, most likely i'll end up further than that. Canada. We'll see. As my Dad puts it, "all we can do is just take one step at a time."

Canada sounds very very far away. Halfway round the globe. Which means i would probably come home even much lesser than my older brother now. Being so far away for so long, without the realisation that i can be home in 3-4 hours, i think i'm gonna be very homesick =(.

I should stop here. This post is getting too long haha. Till next post. Ta.