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Saturday, 8 July 2006

>this< close to screwing myself upside down

God. I still can't believe it. I don't know if i'm damn bloody lucky or there was some kind of divine intervention that saved my life. Damn.. i can't believe what has happened to me.

Friday, 7th July. Our cardiovascular (CVS) end-of-course assessment (in other words, exams la). I did try to start studying since the last post.. but as always, everything was left till last minute. Day after day.. i came up with so many reasons to study tomorrow and not today. And before i knew it, i'm wishing there's more than 24 hours in a day. Typical, eh? Haha. Anyway..

Saturday. Went playing badminton in the morning. Slacked the rest of the day watching Desperate Housewives and chatting online.

Sunday. Started all over again because i realised i wasn't studying when i was studying all the while for the past weeks. Whatever that means.

Tuesday. More than half done. Started feeling better. Actually believed i could scrape past this one.

Wednesday. Decided to study from the start again instead of finishing up the last third of the lecture notes. Thought it's better if i revise at least half of them for the second time than only one time through everything.

Thursday. Lecture notes piled up on the table. 2 thirds left, with a third untouched at all. Started reading like mad from 5pm till 3am. With lots of 'breaks' in between of course.

Friday early morning, 3am. Decided to leave the last 3 untouched lecture notes for tomorrow. Thought that the lectures were given the day before anyway, wouldn't need to go thru them twice. Set two alarms at 7am.

3am. Laid on my bed, tried to sleep. Then all of a sudden felt like looking for the crack for a game i downloaded earlier the day before. Little did i know what a big mistake this was gonna be.

3.15am. Found the crack and started 'trying out' the game. Told myself i'd stop at 4am and sleep.

4am. Somehow my subconsciousness convinced myself it wouldn't hurt if i played one more level, it'll just take a few minutes at most.

4.45am. Couldn't believe the time when i looked at the clock. Jumped into bed straight away. 5 minutes and i drifted off to sleep.

7am. Woke up to my handphone's alarm. Decided to lie down for a few more minutes and wait for my second alarm, which is supposed to go off a few minutes later.

9am. Opened my eyes.. wondering what day it is. My handphone was on my bed, vibrating. It was a reminder i set at 9am. Realised exams gonna start in 15 minutes. Panicked. 3 lecture notes still left untouched. Washed up, dressed up and look at the 3 lecture notes on the table. Start flipping through them. Realised it's already too late, i'm dead.

9.10am. Cursing the bloody lift which is stuck at 15th floor. Praying bloody hard the stuff in the last 3 lectures won't come out. Thought to myself this ain't gonna help, i've already killed myself.

9.15am. Reached MPH, and the exams start a few minutes after that.

I reached just in time before the paper started, and sat through the whole paper rather uneventfully haha. After they collected the papers. I sat there and stare blankly into space. The events that has just transpired had me bewildered how lucky i was. Or rather, how stupid i was.


And lost a CHUNK of marks off my final exams at the end of this year.

Imagine 5 weeks of lectures, hours of revision and lost 'life', dozens of printed notes, only to MISS the exams. Because i OVERSLEPT. I would've gone mad. Out of my mind. Like, fucking mad at myself i'll kill myself. Lol. Kidding bout the last part la, i'm not suicidal. That's more stupid than overslept on the day of exams =P

The 2 alarms i set at 7am didn't wake me up (ok.. they did, i just went back to sleep =P). And it was that reminder on my handphone that saved my life.

A reminder.


Of a friend.

That just saved my ass.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHOW CHOW THE BEST! Never in my life i've ever been more grateful for something you didn't do. Wait, that doesn't sound right. Blek. Hope you have a fucking great birthday at Genting. And enjoyed our plate of worms. =P

Thanks for saving my life.