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Wednesday, 17 August 2005

To Subang and back in 12 hours

August 18th. The day we all have been waiting for.. well, not really =P. It's the day we get our A2 result slips..though most of us already knew our results beforehand thru calls to Mr Ananda himself.

Me, Yong Chen and Yih Seong took an early flight to KLIA on the day itself. Frankly, i've never flown in an aircraft before, so you might say i'm pretty excited bout it haha. And that morning flight ain't dull at all. There's the non-stop turbulence all the way from Senai to KL, which reminded me of roller-coaster rides, only that you don't know when your ride's gonna drop ;). Then halfway thru the flight there's a loud crack and a flash of light just to the right of our plane. Apparently our plane got struck by lightning O.o . Swear i've never thought my first flight will be this interesting. And the guy sitting to my right doesn't seem to enjoy the flight much ^^.

Back in 121D..
Took off at 8.45am, reached KLIA in 45, and another 30 to Subang. Feels so nostalgic going back there again after 3 months away. Met up with Pat in 121D and chilled there for a while, talking bout nothing for an hour. 121D's still looks the same to me, except the 'family love' atmosphere ain't there anymore haha. According to Ashok and Leong, the other apartmentmates ain't chilling with them much. Kept to themselves in their room most of the time. I guess time is the best ice-breaker ;). Leong came back after a while, and got 3-4ed for asking what's 'Mel' and 'home'. Haha... to college..
Saw Hoi in college, together with Paik Weng. But then the moment Hoi came to join us, Paik Weng walked away. Sigh...i dunno whether it's problem on our part or his. Since the beginning of college till now, he still doesn't fit in with us, though we were classmates for one and a half year. I remember the time when he 'tried' to talk to me while i was in the library..but i think i gave the impression that i wasn't interested in talking to him. Not that i ignore him or something, just that i don't know what to say to him. Guess that's the same scenario for all of us, we talk at different wavelengths. Hope he doesn't think we're some arrogant bastards or something...

Neway, we got out slips, then some of us had to stay for the award presentation shit. Waited a few hours just to get some 20 sen coin size gold plaque... pendant.. whatever you called that. Anyway, the point is, what's the use of that? A lecturer suggested we give it to our partners as gifts...right. Then Pat suggested we can use it as earrings...haha. Seriously, everyone wanted to pawn those gold least we get some money to spend ;)

..and lunch at Uncle Seng's! (oh..i missed the food there ^^)
Lunch at Uncle Seng's (Pat's been craving for Uncle Seng's haha) with the same old PM1 gang + Tasha, Pavan's girl. Felt really good to be together with everyone again...coz this'll probably be the last time all of us can get together for lunch.

me awe-struck by my first flight..(ok, it's my second time but i get to look down this time!)
Chatted and joked till 5pm, then me, Yong Chen and Yih Seong had to catch a plane at 6.55pm while the rest went back home. Flight back isn't as interesting, but all three of us get window seats =). The moment we touched down in Senai Airport, my neck's already permanently twisted to the left hehe. The view down from an airplane is really awesome... especially when the plane go above the clouds. There's only clouds below, and i can see the horizon where the sky meets the ground. Feels like i'm in the outer space of something, looking down on Earth hehe. Then the sun sets, and the view below turned into total darkness, with the occasional colonies of light. Sigh...i wished the flight will never end.. Ok, i sound a bit jakun here, but hey, who's not fascinated by their first flight ;)

So thus the journey ends. More than 700km in 12 hours. Man, i've never travelled that much before hehe...

-1.23am, 22 August 2005-

Monday, 15 August 2005

Life as a goldfish

One of the goldfish just died this morning. There were two of them, one wholly orange, one with its bottom half silver. And less than 12 hours ago, the silver-bellied one lies at the bottom of the temporary fishbowl - just a plastic container actually. Nobody realised it died till my bro came back from school at 'round 2pm. Yeah i had been sleeping till late afternoon.. again. The strange thing is, i dreamed that same goldfish died last night. Coincidence. Strange. It didn't seem to want to eat the night before. Maybe that explains its death. Or my dream.

Yeah it's just a goldfish, its life not celebrated, its death not mourned. It did not even get buried, let alone get a funeral. Just a flush down the toilet. I don't want to think where it'll end up.

That's life for a goldfish. Living in a fishbowl its whole life. Doing nothing except eat and swim round and round the same confined space. Until finally death liberates it from this watery hell. It lives for the pleasure of us humans. I don't think that's even a good reason for living. Sick, that's what we are. Humans are sick. Tell me that deriving pleasure from watching goldfish trapped in a fishbowl is not sick.

There's even a 'Calvin and Hobbes' comic strip related to this. To quote it,

Calvin : Look, I caught a butterfly!
(showing Hobbes a butterfly trapped in a jar)
Hobbes : If people could put rainbows in zoos, they'd do it.
How true. I guess that's human for you.

I think at this point you'd have realise i'm an animal lover. Not those who go around showing off their birds in cages, fish in ponds, or dogs on leashes. They should be ashamed they even dare to call themselves animal lovers. More like animal torturers to me. Isn't limiting someone's freedom a torture to that person? I rather see them live as they truly deserve to live their lives. Free. That's why i never liked zoos.

Sigh. I'd have studied veterinary if not that i think it'll be hard to find work later. Yeah, i'm selfish. Isn't that just being human?

-1.57am, 17 August 2005-

Sunday, 14 August 2005

Life in a flash

Yih Seong got us out again today. We didn't really know what we are gonna do initially.. we just planned as we go haha. Pat gave a rare appearance in our outing today, after missing out on so many movies, lunches and stuff. If Ashok and Leong were there, it'll feel so much like a reunion of sorts. Even though we still see each other much more than i thought possible haha =P.

Lunch in the early afternoon, one DotA game to suppress Yih Seong's addiction, and one and a half DVD to last the whole evening. One year down the road, this 'day out' with all of us will not seem likely anymore. Sigh..

As i was driving back, i got caught in a damn bad jam. The cause? An accident. Yeah, they happen everyday, i know. But seeing a car split in half totally is really disturbing. Apparently it hit a tree, most probably skidded of the road as it was raining at that time. I didn't see the driver or passengers, probably on their way to the hospital as i drove past. Life can be so unpredictable. Who knows who'll die tomorrow. But then, i'll never want to know that i'm gonna die tomorrow ;)

Right past the accident, with my foot on the accelerator, my car on the right lane, my speed increasing past 80 km/h, an SUV 500m in front of me signaled to overtake a car. As i drove nearer, that SUV driver seemed to be in a dilemma or something, one moment he looks like he/she's gonna overtake, the next moment he/she's turning back into his lane. You know, like constipation lol. And so i slowed down to let him turn into my lane, as any courteous driver would =P. And all of a sudden he/she slammed on the brakes. In the middle of both lanes. I did the only thing i could think of. Slammed the brakes too. But i didn't slammed it all the way coz i fear my car will skid. And the car behind will bang right into me.

Thank god nothing happened. I managed to stop inches behind that SUV, which is still a third into my lane when i nearly rear-ended him. And the car behind me managed to swerve to the left lane and braked in time too. An accident avoided. Another day to live. Phew.. and did i say i was driving a Kancil? The last thing you'd want to be in in an accident ^^".

-2.35am, 17 August 2005-

Saturday, 13 August 2005

And life goes on...

Out we go.. tired these past few days. Been going out so much i hardly had the luxury to wake up late anymore hehe. Not that i hate chilling out with my a month or so i'll have no one to go out with! It's kinda sad, you know. Everyone will be off studying and me still here rotting at home haha. Sigh...i'm still trying to figure out where to get a job to keep myself busy for the rest of the year. Anybody have any idea?

Anyway..i watched 'The Island' last Sunday, one of those rare movies i actually enjoyed. The way it put us in the clones' perspective, so naive and innocent, in an all-too-familiar future that's really possible. Really good movie, but maybe i enjoyed it so much because i've became so bored of this long holiday. Ah well...

And then Tuesday, Yong Chen got me out for badminton. Don't know why i even agreed..coz my wrist still hurts if i move it too much. But since they only got 3 players and it might be the last time we play badminton in a long while...see how good a friend i am? lol =P. Oh yeah we had some DotA games while waiting to play badminton...and i say those guys really have been practicing haha.

Thursday..we wanted to watch 'Seven Swords' at Leisure Mall but the next show was at 9pm when we got there. And so somehow, just somehow..i don't know what unseen forces possessed us to agree to watch 'Bewitched'. Maybe we were tempted by the offer to 3-4 Yih Seong if it turned out to be sucky haha. He's the one who wanted to watch it so much (at first) anyway lol..

Motorists beware! senaiboy on the loose!
Wow...i never thought my dad would let me drive a car myself, let alone suggest it! O.o Especially since i almost caused the deaths of a bus-load of people last Sunday ^^". I got my first unsupervised driving last Tuesday, though it's less than 30km to Yong Chen's place. And strange that this may sound, i'm actually more scared bout my own driving than anyone else haha. Somehow, when i got on the road, there's a totally different me behind the wheel. I just seem to get so..agressive. Maybe i'm being over-conscious of my own driving. It's surprising you guys don't get freaked out while in my car haha. Bet you don't dare to tumpang my car anymore, eh? haha..

And besides, i always had this fear of getting lost on the road...since i'm really really bad with directions hehe. Almost failed to find my way back after dropping everyone off...took me more than an hour to get home (and because of that, i missed my swimming lesson ^^"). It was like, 'hmm this place looks familiar' and 'where the heck am i' all the way, until i found myself in front of my house. Nothing short of a miracle, really ;).

A2 results out! Unofficial one that is...
Yeah, the day we dread arrived too soon anyway..maybe we should pray harder haha. It has been out since last Monday, and everyone's so eager to know what they get, even though it means calling Mr Ananda himself O.o . I only called Taylor's on Wednesday..NOT because i already know what i'll get, just.. i don't know.. i rather wait till 18th. In the end i gave in anyway, and well.. trying not to sound too proud, i'm really happy with what i get. 4As, just what i've always prayed for =). I won't 'publish' the other's'll just have to ask them yourselves ;). Congrats to all those who got the results that they're happy with...whom i hope is everyone i know ^^.

Goldfish and Newcastle United
My bro's friend gave him 2 little goldfishes yesterday, which are less than 3 fingers' width long. Really cute. They reminded me of what Jermaine Jenas said bout life at Tyneside... "It's like living in a goldfish bowl". O.o I'd hate to see him leave..but looks like he isn't likely to stay for long anyway. Sigh. Newcastle's luck still at an all-time low, losing to Arsenal on their first match of the season just hours ago. I read that there's some controversy over the late penalty, but i'll rather keep my comments to myself (there's Arsenal fans somewhere out there reading my blog =P). Out of Europe, out of reliable strikers (if only Owen would agree to join..). But if the Magpies squad isn't something to be proud of (yet), its supporters' fierce loyalty is ;). Toon Army all the way!

-3.30am, 15 August 2005-