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Wednesday, 17 August 2005

To Subang and back in 12 hours

August 18th. The day we all have been waiting for.. well, not really =P. It's the day we get our A2 result slips..though most of us already knew our results beforehand thru calls to Mr Ananda himself.

Me, Yong Chen and Yih Seong took an early flight to KLIA on the day itself. Frankly, i've never flown in an aircraft before, so you might say i'm pretty excited bout it haha. And that morning flight ain't dull at all. There's the non-stop turbulence all the way from Senai to KL, which reminded me of roller-coaster rides, only that you don't know when your ride's gonna drop ;). Then halfway thru the flight there's a loud crack and a flash of light just to the right of our plane. Apparently our plane got struck by lightning O.o . Swear i've never thought my first flight will be this interesting. And the guy sitting to my right doesn't seem to enjoy the flight much ^^.

Back in 121D..
Took off at 8.45am, reached KLIA in 45, and another 30 to Subang. Feels so nostalgic going back there again after 3 months away. Met up with Pat in 121D and chilled there for a while, talking bout nothing for an hour. 121D's still looks the same to me, except the 'family love' atmosphere ain't there anymore haha. According to Ashok and Leong, the other apartmentmates ain't chilling with them much. Kept to themselves in their room most of the time. I guess time is the best ice-breaker ;). Leong came back after a while, and got 3-4ed for asking what's 'Mel' and 'home'. Haha... to college..
Saw Hoi in college, together with Paik Weng. But then the moment Hoi came to join us, Paik Weng walked away. Sigh...i dunno whether it's problem on our part or his. Since the beginning of college till now, he still doesn't fit in with us, though we were classmates for one and a half year. I remember the time when he 'tried' to talk to me while i was in the library..but i think i gave the impression that i wasn't interested in talking to him. Not that i ignore him or something, just that i don't know what to say to him. Guess that's the same scenario for all of us, we talk at different wavelengths. Hope he doesn't think we're some arrogant bastards or something...

Neway, we got out slips, then some of us had to stay for the award presentation shit. Waited a few hours just to get some 20 sen coin size gold plaque... pendant.. whatever you called that. Anyway, the point is, what's the use of that? A lecturer suggested we give it to our partners as gifts...right. Then Pat suggested we can use it as earrings...haha. Seriously, everyone wanted to pawn those gold least we get some money to spend ;)

..and lunch at Uncle Seng's! (oh..i missed the food there ^^)
Lunch at Uncle Seng's (Pat's been craving for Uncle Seng's haha) with the same old PM1 gang + Tasha, Pavan's girl. Felt really good to be together with everyone again...coz this'll probably be the last time all of us can get together for lunch.

me awe-struck by my first flight..(ok, it's my second time but i get to look down this time!)
Chatted and joked till 5pm, then me, Yong Chen and Yih Seong had to catch a plane at 6.55pm while the rest went back home. Flight back isn't as interesting, but all three of us get window seats =). The moment we touched down in Senai Airport, my neck's already permanently twisted to the left hehe. The view down from an airplane is really awesome... especially when the plane go above the clouds. There's only clouds below, and i can see the horizon where the sky meets the ground. Feels like i'm in the outer space of something, looking down on Earth hehe. Then the sun sets, and the view below turned into total darkness, with the occasional colonies of light. Sigh...i wished the flight will never end.. Ok, i sound a bit jakun here, but hey, who's not fascinated by their first flight ;)

So thus the journey ends. More than 700km in 12 hours. Man, i've never travelled that much before hehe...

-1.23am, 22 August 2005-

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