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Sunday, 31 October 2004

DotA training ^^"

121D DotA training session =P
You know, things are heading in the wrong direction when it comes to this. We actually go for DotA training today O.o haha

Anyway, after the thrashing we get from the Sarawakians, we don’t look forward to playing with them again =P. So we went for a ‘private’ DotA session ^^" (we wanted to ask you along Paul but you had futsal that morning...believe us). First we went to Gamesworld for our 'training' but the coms hanged twice. Then we changed to Warnet for the rest of our training...

That night, i tried to study Chem for the AS exams but you know, the guys juz can't stop talking. AND Paul came up too. That makes studying almost impossible with so many guys talking around you ^^". the end only manage to finish Chapter 3. Have to work harder than this...

-3.03am, 12 December 2004-
Sorry for the delay..updates will be up real soon k...

Friday, 29 October 2004

AS Update - Thinking Skills over for good
Movies after exams
Match-up against Sarawakians

Since that i'm rather backwards in this blog, i'll just post three days' entries at one go ;)

25th October 2004
AS Update : Thinking Skills Paper 1
Did AL-TKS Paper 1 today. Wasn't unexpected...the questions kinda have a way to answer them. Guess flipping thru Mrs. Fam's sad-excuse-for-notes does help after all. Actually she isn't that bad a lecturer...she's juz boring =P. Juz hope that i didn't screw up my Thinking Skills this time like i did for AS trials (keeping my fingers crossed here...)

'The Terminal'
After Thinking Skills today, me, Jem, Ashok, Yong Chen (surprise, surprise haha), Leong and Sanmugam went to watch 'The Terminal' at Pyramid. Well, what can i say...this gotta be the best non-action movie i have watched this year (wait...think that's the ONLY non-action movie i've watched...oh well). It's kind of interesting watching how Navorski scrape a living there (i didn't know you could afford to eat at Burger King just by pushing back the carts...) though some parts of the movie are rather impossible in real life (building a fountain out of pieces of glass? Come on...). Don't know where i hear this from but i heard it's based on a real story O.o. Me never thought it's possible to live in an airport...but then again, if we could live in 121D, anywhere's possible rite ;)

That night, 6 of us (Pat's still in financial crisis) went cc with Paul and Alvin (one of Paul's Sarawakian apartmentmates) from 12.30am to 2.30am. We must be us please...

27th October 2004
First match-up between Johorians and Sarawakians ;)
10.30pm. Me, Jem, Ashok, Yong Chen and Leong vs Paul, John, Tiong, Alvin and Yih Seong (we got too many players and they lack 1 player so Yih Seong went over). And we get to know how DotA pros play DotA. From the beginning till the end, we obviously had no chance. But that's not surprising, given that they went cc almost everyday (where the hell you get so much money from...). Guess practice does make perfect after all...

29th October 2004
AS Update : Thinking Skills Paper 2
Now for the much dreaded AL-TKS Paper 2...when there's never enough time to write (or should i say think?). Shouldn't they give us more time? Do they really expect us to evaluate evidence, answer a comprehension passage and evaluate an argument in 2 hours? Neway, looks like we'll have to make do then...which ended up with our answers making no more sense than Yih Seong's cock haha =P (not THAT one...please). I don't think i did well in this paper...let's just hope Paper 1 covers it =\

Me, Ashok, Jem and Paul went to Pyramid again. Actually, Jem and Paul's there to celebrate a church friend, Jason's birthday. After the birthday 'party' they are supposed to watch 'White Chicks', which Jem and Paul watched before. So they ask us to catch another movie with them since they're already there. At first we wanted to watch 'Ladder 49' but we couldn't get the tickets so we settled for 'Taxi'. Too bad for Ashok...he just went to watch 'Taxi' with Sanmugam right after Thinking Skills Paper 2 and now he's watching it again (sorry la...should have just ask you to buy the tickets while you're there...). As for the movie, it's funny sometimes but i don't think it's memorable. But Jem must have love it...especially the bank robbers changing clothes scene and the frisking scene haha. Control yourself Jem...=P

Second match-up : Johorians vs Sarawakians
Went for another round with the Sarawakians again tonight. At first we couldn't find any cc empty enough for 10 of us. In the end, Paul had to halau his friends out of cc just for us to play O.o (aren't we desperate... but then they've been there for a few hours considerate a bit la =P). That's one of the benefits having a friend who knows half the college ;). Anyway, this time Alvin couldn't make it (apparently his girlfriend woke up when he tried to sneak out haha) so Kok (LAN girl's* 'godbrother'...we thought it was her rooster ^^") took his place. As expected, we got ass-whooped again. So bad. So very bad that we couldn't take it anymore and decided to hold a secret training session O.o (this is pure madness...)

-1.06pm, 10 November 2004-
No more thinking to do! 8 more papers and still counting down...

Sunday, 24 October 2004

In between exams...
The pigeon we called 'Chicken'
Man U 2 - 0 Arsenal

In between exams...
Woke up at around 2.45pm. Been sleeping late (like, around 3-4am =P) for the past whole week...and as a result, breakfast became a rare occasion for most of us (even rarer than seeing Yong Chen at home =P). On those days between exams when we have no plans at all for the whole day, we’ll usually wake up at bout 2.30pm and have lunch half an hour later (coz Ashok needs half an hour to 'get ready' ^^"). What do we do everyday till so late at night? Seriously, I don’t know...mostly us sitting around the table talking cock and more cock (you'll be surprised how one topic can lead to another topic that has nothing to do with the first one at all ;) ) till someone couldn’t take it anymore and seek refuge in slumberland ^^. There's even a few times we made it past 5am ;). Yea, we're crazy...but it's not like we can help it =P

Oh we i meant me, Jem and Ashok only ;). The others had 'obligations' so couldn't enjoy waking up late like we do =P (but sometimes one or two of them will join or cock-talking session ^^)

The return of Bob Cup into our lives ^^
After lunch with Ashok and Yong Chen (Jem had an 'emergency' MSN important he’ll skip lunch just for it haha =P), me, Ashok, Jem and Yong Chen decided to go ‘bobbing’ (the term for playing badminton) again! It's like months since we last played and we have nothing to do anyway so I suggested we do something. Actually, we wanted to play a few weeks back but the lights aren't on (the guards said the lights are spoiled...). So desperate we got that there was once that we even played in the dark O_o (we normally play at night coz there’ll be no wind...unlike in the evening). Think the Bob Cup spirit’s back in us again ^^

Btw on the way to the badminton court (which is juz about a hundred metres away from our block), we found an injured pigeon in the drain (it didn’t fly away when we came near...isn’t that an obvious sign). We figure that if it stays there it'll be killed by the many cats in My Place. So we thought that carrying it out and onto the ground will give it some chance to run away (ok, so we were wrong...). Ashok tried to carry it out of the drain using badminton racquets but I don’t think the pigeon likes it ^^". We juz stood there looking at Ashok doing his best then I thought what the heck are we doing and juz crouched down and used my bare hands to carry the pigeon out onto the ground (which turned out to cause its death - Jem said a kitten bit it to death when he check on it afterwards ^^". I was just trying to be kind...really...).

Seeing the injured pigeon reminds me again of an incident some months ago. You see, one day long ago, when 7 of us still go for lunch together (THAT's very very long ago ^^), we came back to see a pigeon in our balcony. After failing to drive it away, we figured out it’s injured (either that or it's one dumb bird - it should know better than to come to 121D =P). So after discussing what to do with it, we decided let it stay in our balcony and affectionately called it ‘Chicken’ (based on a really funny incident way back during secondary school; hint : Ashok haha =P). We put out a big cardboard box for it to live in (well, that’s the best we can do ^^"), gave it some food and what did we get? It shitted in our balcony. Jem even stepped on one of its 'offerings' and got so mad that he threw his socks at it and killed it (haha…at least that’s what we thought was its cause of death =P). And it didn't eat the food we thrown at it...maybe it doesn't like biscuits?

The next day when we came back from college, Chicken was still there. The only difference was that it’s lying down now. Apparently sometime during our time in college, it died, leaving a clue to its sudden death : shit. Lots of them. All over our balcony. That’s why we think Jem’s socks killed it haha =P. Even though Chicken had been with us only for a day, we are sad it died...really. So sad that Yih Seong even written a song for it haha (it's recorded on Pat's phone ;) ) :

Why'd you have to go...
Your pain we didn’t know...

You came into, our balcony,
We gave you food, you didn’t eat

Why'd you have to go...
Your pain we didn’t know...

Written by : Wong Yih Seong
Sang by : Wong Yih Seong
Background music : Jeremy Nunis

This is only a part of the whole song. If you like this song and would like to know more info about the song, please feel free to contact any member of 121D. Free delivery for anywhere within 10m of 121D. For ordering, please call Wong Yih Seong. Satisfaction guaranteed ;)

Actually i forgot the rest of the lyrics already ^^". Yih Seong wrote the whole song but only the above mentioned part is recorded. Too bad's really funny (typical work of Yih Seong ;) ). (Wonder if any of you still remember the whole lyrics? Please post it in the comments k?)

Man U 2 - 0 Arsenal
First of all, i have to admit i'm not an avid fan of football though i still follow up on EPL a bit (and even less of the Spanish league). And no, i don't support Man U nor Arsenal ;). So who do i support? Well, here's a clue. This club's stadium is located in the same vicinity as a Division Three club. And i support both these clubs ;). Post the answer in the comments if you know...but i doubt it =P.

Anyway back to today. Today's the match between Man U and Arsenal. So Yih Seong gathered (or tried least) some budaks to go watch it at either a mamak restaurant (and risk having to resort to using binoculars to watch the match) or Hoi's house (coz he got Astro). Obviously, we invited ourselves to Hoi's place (though Yih Seong 'tried' not to make us sound like we're inviting ourselves ^^"). Me, Yih Seong, Jeremy, Ashok, Leong and Yong Chen left home at 11.10pm (the match was supposed to start at 11pm). At first Yong Chen couldn't decide whether he wants to go or not until Jem called him serabai O_o (i think Jem's fed up with his hesitation ^^") and Yong Chen juz follow us quietly after that (are you angry with Jem at that time? Coz you kept really quiet during the walk...). But then just as we reach his place, Hoi called to tell us he'll be late and only came back 20 minutes later ^^". Later we found out that he went for a birthday dinner party for his grandma...oops ^^". Then his mother served us HIS birthday cake. Apparently they celebrate his birthday and his grandma's together. Double oops ^^".

As for the match, it was entertaining...seeing how 'fair' they played it ;). Now, i don't have anything against Man U but during that match they are really rough and even resorted to playing dirty at some point (Ferdinand should be sent off for that...). If you ask me yesterday if i hope Arsenal lose, i'll say yes (their unbeaten run got a bit too long =P) but after this match...i think Man U doesn't deserve to be one winning. But then again, this is football. Man U played good football (the second goal was really nice), they won and that's all that matters ain't it. Well, congrats to them =) (no...i'm not being sarcastic...not that it'll matter anyway)

-10.54am, 6 November 2004-
Happy really-really-belated to Wen Hoi on his 18th birthday on 17th October! Thanx for the hospitality ;)

Thursday, 21 October 2004

AS Update - 2 more papers down! =)

AS Update : Math Paper 1 (20 October 2004)
Math paper 1 wasn't really hard...kinda what i was expecting it to be. After a few hours of flipping thru every single past year paper we had done the day before, it shouldn't be a problem. Wanted to finish off a few halfway done papers but juz got too lazy to do so. Now that those paper are useless now, wonder what i should do with them...

Btw we had our breakfast at last...after last Friday's failed plan. Managed to get Paul, Jem, Ashok, Yong Chen, Wilson, Zi Yand, Afree, Anne and Wen Ying to go for breackfast at McD's. Surprisingly we woke up for it after all...(though i still had to wake the others up...sigh ^^)

AS Update : Bio Paper 3 - Practical (21 October 2004)
Bio paper 3...i must admit i took it rather lightly. Not that it really helps if i read the whole sky-scraping stack of papers Ms Ho shoved to us during the last few days of college before AS. So why should i bother? =P Juz read through the food tests, the plant and animal cell slides, and her really really short notes on Bio practical (which in the end, was of no use anyway...). Like Chemistry, there were tips for Bio 3 too (seems like there'll always be tips eh) so it wasn't really a problem to most of us. Except the question on frog RBC. I mean, we were supposed to know frog RBC has nucleus? That wasn't even in our why will we bother to find out? =P. Somehow, the other shifts after us got to know the answers to the questions beforehand so i think they'll get full or near full marks for Bio Paper 3. juz ain't fair at times, isn't it? Well, live with it ;)

'White Chicks' at Hoi's place
Went for another de-stressing round of cc at Warnet after lunch while waiting for Hoi to come back from his tuition so we can go to his house to watch some DVDs. At first, we planned to watch The Terminal but Paul's DVD was with his sister. Then we wanted to watch Shark Tale (i think...maybe not) but Hoi doesn't have the DVD. So in the end we have to settle for White Chicks. Which isn't that bad after all hehe. Actually i had wanted to watch that quite some time now i have saved 7 bucks! =). Back to the's rather funny at times. Like the part where they go shopping (where one of the white 'chicks' have to wear extra tight-fitting clothes hehe). Yih Seong's favourite was the scene where Buff daddy (or Schwarzenegro) started dancing half-naked with a whistle in his mouth O_o haha...apparently Yih Seong couldn't forget that scene ^^".

Am i seeing a new addiction or wat...
After dinner, me, Paul, Leong, Ashok, Jem, Yong Chen and Yih Seong went cc (again...). Played DotA (a Warcraft map) which isn't exactly new to us...played it a few times a while back. Seems like everyone 'enjoyed' it...except Jem who still couldn't grasp the way to play it hehe. Think DotA will be the map we play for the next few least ;)

-7.20pm, 27 October 2004-
10 more papers to go...

Monday, 18 October 2004

Short update on Lanjut trip

Juz a short blog entry...
Math extra class again today from 8am to 10am. Had breakfast at Melur with half the class after that. Jem and Paul tried to get some of us into cc but too bad, none of us felt like going at that time ^^". After our breakfast, me, Jem and Ashok went to Paul's place to lepak (Jernihs (derived from their company, Kemas Jernih), the cleaning aunties were in our apartment at that time so we didn't want to go back). Played some Marvel vs. Capcom on PS (Jem still hasn't lose his touch...sigh) and some King of Fighters then we went back. Actually, Yong Chen already got his parents' permission to bring up his PS2 ^^. So after AS, we can cut down on cc for once ;)

Update on Lanjut trip
That night, Yih Seong told us the news that Ms Ho most probably can't make it for our Lanjut trip ^^. Apparently, she said it would be very hard to get the day off. Said something bout feeling sad she couldn't make it to our class trip (she's going for her other classes' trips). Oh well... =P

On the other hand, Mr Chan also couldn't make it for our trip. That means we won't be having any 'adults' around to settle the bills and stuff. I don't think that would matter much anyway...but there won't be any restrictions now hehe ;)

-6.30pm, 27 October 2004-

Friday, 15 October 2004

Failed breakfast plan before Math extra class
Aparment issue solved
Exorcist : The Beginning
Castleeee : The End

Failed breakfast plan before Math extra class =(
We were supposed to have breakfast before Math extra class today (Ms Ching had to go to Penang last Monday to Wednesday). Yesterday evening, me, Paul, Chow and Wilson were chatting on MSN when someone (i forgot who...sorry ^^") suggested we go for breakfast the next morning. However, before anyone could reply, me and Paul’s coms crashed (Paul claimed it was his message of "Breakfast, Math then cc" that caused it...apparently the library coms don’t like us to go cc =P). Anyway, me and Paul tried to salvage the plan but we couldn’t contact Chow so we just left him an SMS. Nothing would have work out anyway coz the next morning, MOST of us woke up late; Math class was supposed to start at 8am but that’s when we just woke up ^^" (Yih Seong went in at 8, Jem at 8.10, me at 8.15, and Ashok at 8.30am. Thankfully, Ms Ching was in a good mood that day – we think that she’s happy that anyone came at all ^^). Think we slept too late last night hehe...talked cock till 1.50am while waiting for Paul to come back from cc and ‘pick’ up his stuff (he came up at 1am at last...haha nolah, we weren't waiting for you...dun so perasan =P).

Apartment issue solved at last...
After math class, me, Jem, Ashok, Yong Chen and Yih Seong went to the Accommodation Office to sign the tenancy renewal agreement. Yesterday, Yih Seong called for a meeting to discuss the situation (with the rare honoured presence of Yong Chen =P). Before we even start discussing, me, Yong Chen, Leong, Ashok and Jem unanimously voted to stay. Leong couldn’t bear to part with the ‘nice’ view our apartment had, Ashok was skeptical bout the 90% confirmed alternative apartment, and the rest of us are just too lazy to move ^^". As for me, I rather stay in the same place coz I felt kind of attached to it...though it’s dusty, dirty and messy (except on Monday from 10am to 3pm ;) ) and it’s barely suitable for living...but see it this way, we’ve survived for 9 months, wat’s another 9? (wait...maybe i’m too optimistic bout this haha =P). Anyway, I think we rather stay there coz it’s rather troublesome to rent a private-owned apartment - someone has to be the main tenant (and be responsible in case one of us run away, the apartment collapse, or any other reason Yih Seong could come up with just to escape being the main tenant haha =P). So yea, we surrender to Taylor's and agreed on the 50 bucks increase in rent...sigh...

Just when we thought the apartment issue is over, halfway during the movie (see below), Pat told Yih Seong that they are going to convert the middle room into a single-room (which means someone has to move out and the remaining guy has to pay RM500 for the room O_o). Apparently, the guy ‘forgot’ to tell us that when we signed the agreement earlier. So after the movie, we went straight back to the Accommodation Office, buat kecoh a bit, and they gave in and let us stay together as 7 =).

Exorcist : The Beginning
Yesterday (seems like everything was planned yesterday ^^) we planned to catch a movie after Math class (i think it's because Leong's class are going so we decided to go too). As Yih Seong wanted to watch Exorcist so much, we decided to be good friends for once and accompany him =P. But somehow during breakfast at McD’s with our classmates, one by one the others start to lose interest and back out. So in the end, only me, Yih Seong, Zi Yang, Sanmugam, Ashok and Paul (he had a change of mind in the last minute) went to watch. All in all, the movie wasn’t scary at all (though a little bit gory)...but some scenes really do tickle us so much we laughed out loud haha (especially Pazuzu’s (the demon) 100m sprint at the end of the Yih Seong claimed Paul was terrified during the movie but Paul said it wasn't scary O_o. Wonder who to believe eh?

Castleeee : The End
At around 12am midnight, all of a sudden, somehow, Yih Seong felt like going for another round of 'castle' to prove that he’s not jinxed (every time he played, we never got past the final wave). After 'much' persuasion, me, Pat, Leong, Yong Chen, and Ashok gave him a last chance to prove himself. Little did we know, tonight will be the last time we ever played ‘castle’ again ( ‘last’ is a word too strong to be used =P). After 2 and a half hours, 5 of us (or maybe it's juz me =P...the others were busy 'exploring') managed to kill the much-dreaded and much-hated 'Arthas' (or asshole Arthas or fucker Arthas or whatever cuss they came up with as a result of losing to him so many many times) and finished 'castle' for the first time (and the last for 'some' of us ;) ). During our usual hours of 'assessment' of the game at home, we found out the reason that we never won 'castle' was not Yih Seong all along...but a totally different person : Jem! Haha =P (well, it's because everytime we went for 'castle', Jem’s surely in...except this time ;) - he went back to JB hehe). 18 days...that's how long we take to finish castle...wonder how long the other maps will take? =P

-6.00pm, 27 October 2004-
Finished 'castleeee' at last...what's next? =P

Thursday, 14 October 2004

AS Update - First paper down!
Update on class trip to Lanjut
De-stressing at Warnet

AS Update : Chemistry Paper 3 - Practical

As of today, the much anticipated and dreaded exams of the year officially starts. First paper was Chemistry practical, which was rather ok it seems (mainly because we got tips beforehand ;P). The usual titrations and QA (qualitative analysis) ...nothing seriously hard bout it. We've been doing it for a whole year, for god's sake...But still, some of us did fumbled during the practical hehe ;). I spilled some solution when filling up the burette (which ended up causing my readings to be far from each other - but i make do ;) ), Yih Seong spilled a whole flask of solution onto his paper (haha...), Jeremy's calculator failed him halfway through...nearly made him panicked haha, Yih Seong forgot to bring his calculator AND his spare calculator, and the list goes on...

Either we invite her and have our class trip ruined, or not invite her and have our A2 ruined. Decisions decisions...

During our quarantine after Chem practical (we were in the first shift), discussions went on bout the Lanjut trip again. Transport, activities, price, and then Ms Ho. This is the issue at hand : Our class does not want Ms Ho to join the trip, but if we didn't invite her and she finds out (she WILL find out bout it...), we'll have a real hard 6 months next year. But then if we invite her along, we will suffer at her hands and risk having our class trip ruined. After more than an hour on discussing bout Ms Ho alone, we still couldn't figure out any way which will make both us and Ms Ho happy. So in the end we just decided to invite her and hope she cannot come (we'll leave on a schooling day). And we invited Mr Chan and his family along too, just to make it a bit better if Ms Ho decided to join us =P (hehe actually it's because Yih Seong said it'll be much easier with an adult around to settle the payments and stuff..)

That night, Ms Ho asked Denise bout our class trip. Seems like nothing escapes her eh? Sigh...and she seems really eager to join us on the trip (she even wanted to take leave on that day just so that she can go with us...). Looks like Anne's sixth sense didn't work this time haha...then again, it never works =P

AS just started, but...

I swear we are hopeless now. I swear we can't live without cc. I swear our AS gonna be screwed if we go on like this...sigh ^^"

Right after our lunch after our quarantine after our Chem practical, we felt the urge to go cc relieve stress apparently (hey come on, we only finished 1 paper!). Anyway, me, Chow, Hoi, Pat, Jem, Ashok, Paul, Zi Yang and Sanmugam went to Warnet as Silver Surfer (our fav hangout place =P) was full. We even agreed to play in the smoking zone as the only coms free are inside ^^" (Paul reasoned that no one smokes in there oh well...). Some of us (especially Pat) wanted to play 'castle' initially but we got too many players so we played some other maps. Played from 1pm to 3pm then Pat, Hoi, Chow and Zi Yang left but the rest of us held on ^^". Five of us played Warcraft, before me, Paul and Jem tried the Doom 3 multiplayer - where they quit halfway because they claimed that i killed them too much haha =P. Just before we left, me and Paul tried Unreal Tournament (though there was some problems with the CD-key but we just played on for like 20 minutes). Seems like he love UT2004 so much hehe...

-6.28pm, 20 October 2004-
1 paper down, 12 papers to go...

Tuesday, 12 October 2004

The End of AL-TKS
Lanjut trip over Lunch at Kim Gary
Update on apartment crisis

Last day of Thinking Skills! Rejoice!
As of today, we are officially free from Mrs Fam's Thinking Skills classes! =). Today was the last day we'll ever attend another Thinking Skills class, so amazingly most of us actually paid attention to Mrs Fam (except those hardcore sleepyheads - read: Paul haha =P). Being the last Thinking Skills class, there's nothing special bout it, with Mrs Fam trying to teach us how to 'think' as usual but i guess we cannot and will never learn =P. But she's a good lecturer i admit, in the sense that she never really lose her temper in class despite Pavan, Shan, and Ashok constantly making all sorts of noises at the back of the class. And she never reprimand us for dozing off in class too (especially Paul, Oscar and me included =P). But other than that, her lectures suck (haha...maybe i shouldn't use such a strong word but yes, her lectures suck =P). Never really learned how to answer any Thinking Skills questions till now (hmm..maybe i was to blame for sleeping in class?'s her lessons i swear...=P). Nevertheless, there were times when she amused us, especially today's 'group hug' with Pat haha (lol...stupidity kills, ain't it). Here's a big thanks to her for tolerating our class! (not that she has a choice anyway - she's our mentor ;) )

Lunchtime at Kim Gary...and possible class trip in discussions
After college, someone suggested we go Kim Gary (you know, the restaurant me, Jem and Paul went last week) to eat. So after gathering all the budaks we can find (me, Chow, Afree, Anne, Paul, Hoi, Jem, Ashok, Yih Seong, Denise, Yong Chen, Khang Wern and Zi Yin (Afree's friend...not sure how to spell her name) ), we went there in 3 cars. During lunch, Afree suddenly thought of organising a class trip to Lanjut (somewhere in Pahang near the border with Johor..). Much discussions later, all of us there agreed on a class trip right after our AS exams, before our Semester 2 exams (some of us cannot make it during the end-year holidays so we brought it forward). Think this class trip is our way of showing how 'united' our class are to Ms Ho? Me think so... (Just a few days ago, she said she finds it weird our class never organise any class trip during the holidays before, unlike her other classes. During one of her 'interruptions' of our dinner, she even said she realised our class are split into a few gangs (which is rather true...).) Maybe this class trip will prove otherwise... Neway hope this class trip's going to go smoothly...(at least Yih Seong's not planning it haha =P - most of Yih Seong's plans rarely work out as planned ;) )

Update on our apartment crisis
According to Yih Seong (who found this info from his 'sources'), Ms Ho's brother wants to buy an apartment in My Place. So to discuss bout whether to take up this apartment, 6 of us (Yong Chen was out...wait, does Yong Chen even live here anymore? =P) got together tonight and Yih Seong called Mr Ho to get more info. Apparently, the apartment's going to be on another side of My Place and it'll be on the highest floor (a floor higher than our current one which is at the 3rd floor). On the plus side, the apartment's gonna have air-con, sofa, water heater, and all sorts of luxury at a much lower rent than the one we are currently renting from Taylor's. Sounds like a dream eh? Too bad there's a catch : Ms Ho will be granted all access to our whole apartment! (Haha that's what we think the catch is anyway...). As we couldn't decide whether to take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity then, we asked Mr Ho for some time to think bout it first...(but our time's running out - gotta renew our tenancy with Taylor's by Friday =/)

-5.35pm, 20 October 2004-
No more Thinking Skills from today onwards! =). Wait...that means i won't have my usual nap in college nemore! =(

Monday, 11 October 2004

Happy 20th Birthday Bro!
Gorbat - the story behind the crappiest religion of all time

My Bro's Birthday =)
Pls don't talk to me bout this, ok? ...
For being the brother i always looked up to and respect all the time and for all time, here's wishing him a very happy 20th birthday =).

Currently i don't have much things to say bout him, and come to think of it, i'm not as close to him as i would have liked. Don't really know why, but he's somewhat keeping a distance from me and our younger bro at times. It's like he doesn't like talking to us (especially online)...or at least that's what it seems to me. It even got to the point that when i asked my younger bro to play some online game with him coz i couldn't (the library coms banned all the game sites), he said "Don't want lah. He sure won't play one...". I mean, what's this? It seems that my younger bro doesn't WANT to play with him...or maybe he felt awkward doing so. That's the feeling i always had about these two brothers of mine. Frankly, i sensed a real gap between my younger and older bros. They never seem to hit it off like me and my younger bro do (we could talk all night till the break of dawn...;) ). I always blamed the age gap between them, but this scenario doesn't seem to replay between other brothers who's separated by an even larger age gap. Is he really distancing himself? Or am i just being too concerned? ...

I sent him a birthday SMS early in the morning of his birthday, but he never replied to say thanks or something. Maybe he doesn't think it really matters to reply a birthday message to your own brother... nevertheless i can live that. Met him on MSN again in the evening and wished him once more. Again, there's just a little "thanks" and nothing else. Makes me wonder why is he acting so insensitive can he be...

Then today (18th October 2004), i visited his private diary (yes, he has one and i found out about it - and he knows that). From his description of it, let's just say he had a real bad birthday this year. And that's just an understatement, trust me. No wonder he doesn't sound really happy bout his birthday the other day. Maybe it's just me who's being the insensitive brother. Maybe it's me who's not being a real brother i should have been...

Then again, whatever happened between us, he's still the brother i loved and respected all my life and will always do. He always seems cheerful and carefree but all that is just a front he tried to put up so that we won't worry too much bout him. It's not until i read his private blog that i found how troubled his soul really is. But that's him, always keeping his personal problems away from his family. As for me, i never try to ask him bout those stuff coz it's not in our gene to talk to each other bout personal stuff. Whatever it is, i just hope he could really live his life to the fullest, and be really happy inside just like what he's trying to show outside. Happy Birthday Bro! =)

Heed the call of the Gorbat!
So you've been hearing bout this 'Gorbat' thingy for some time? Well, this is the full story bout how it all came about...
It's a wee bit confusing but i'll try to be as clear as possible ;)

It was last Friday, when Jem and Yong Chen skipped school coz they were unwell, that i decided to show what a good friend i am =P and sat beside Yih Seong during Physics (normally he sat with Jem and Yong Chen together). Incidentally, both of us sat behind Paul, but more on that later. A while into the hypnotising lecture by Mr Chan, I noticed a little cute sticker of a bear-like creature sticking on the whiteboard beside me (yes, there's a whiteboard at the side of the class...don't ask me why). Yih Seong explained that it's his 'guardian angel' O_o (again, this will relate to other things later...). Anyway, all of a sudden, Yih Seong told me Paul reminded him of a bat (haha..) and started flapping his half-extended hands (which ultimately became what will be the way to worship Binky Gorbat). Chow noticed him doing that and gave him a weird look while i try to suppress my laughter haha...And thus, Yih Seong thought of a new name for Paul - Paul Gorbat. Apparently the name Gorbat came from a bat-like 'pokemon' which sounds something like that...

Then the next day, he started a new 'religion' worshipping his 'guardian angel'...aptly named Binky Gorbat (Binky came from the Wonderfalls TV series shown the day before). And so before long, he's converting us one by one into 'Gorbat's...who worship Binky Gorbat by flapping our half-extended hands and cry *ark ark* (sound more like a crow to me haha...). Before long, the Gorbat brotherhood reached 8 members, namely:

The complete list of known Gorbats:
Bob Gorbat - Wong Yih Seong
Siaw Gorbat - me! (how did i get into this crap...)
Paul Gorbat - well, Paul Kong...who else
Chow Gorbat - Chow Tze Chow
Dante Gorbat - Yee Yong Chen (what a Gorbat name...)
Loo Gorbat - Loo Wen Hoi
Afree Gorbat - Afree Low
Willy Gorbat - Wilson Low
Lim Gorbat - Lim Zi Yang (membership pending...)

And the list of known anti-Gorbats:
Jeremy Nunis
Patrick Ho
Ashok Kumar

Two days later, Binky Gorbat was found missing from his 'House of Worship' (classroom 3.9 where we have our Physics lectures) by the Head Priest, Bob Gorbat. A search and rescue operation led by Bob Gorbat and Bob Gorbat alone proved in vain to find the Gorbats' 'god'. If you have any information regarding the missing Binky Gorbat, do not hesitate to inform Bob Gorbat ;). A handsome reward will be given to anyone who contributed to the recovery of Binky Gorbat...

-7.55pm, 18th October 2004-
Started studying last last...=)

Friday, 8 October 2004

CC, IU and more CC

4 hours cc!!! ARGHHHH... thinks as long as Silver Surfer, Warnet, Inferno, Games World, Point Extreme, or any other damned cc out here in Subang isn't burned down before the end of our A-Levels, there's really no escaping it. Yea...we went cc again today. Even though i sweared and sweared and sweared i never ever gonna go cc again. So now i have learned...i'm never gonna try to fight back's juz too tiring and my willpower had run drier than the Sahara...^^"

Neway, the reason i went THIS time is that Chow wanted to try out the 'castle' map ^^" (sigh sigh sigh...). Wanted to ask everyone to go along too but nobody was free except me, Chow and Paul (Pat and Yih Seong got other obligations, Yong Chen and Jem got some UCAS thingy, Ashok and Sanmugam was out for a movie date, so and so...). So even though we really lack people to play a proper game, us three cc-crazy people still went for it ^^".

First, me, Paul and Chow played Enfo's from 2pm till 3pm. Paul left at 3pm (he had a Leo meeting) and then Ashok came back from his movie so me, Chow and Ashok played 'castle'...but before long, Yong Chen SMSed me to ask if we were still there. Should have said no then...coz after they came at 4pm, we ended playing till 6pm! That's 4 hours of cc straight for me and Chow...both of us were really dazed by the time we escaped from the cc ^^". Argh...swear i'll go crazy if i go for another 'castle' game...Btw Chow was supposed to fetch Anne back after college...but apparently, Anne waited so long that she decided to walk back herself haha O_o

Taylor's College's Omega Leo Club International Understanding Day - Oriental Night
The good thing bout having a friend who's Vice President for Omega Leo Club - we get free tickets!! haha =P. Thanx ya Paul for the 'Special Invitation' tickets...^^

By the time we got out of cc, we saw Anne in a blue cheongsam eating at the mamak stall next to the cc!! Haha...she looks so ah-soh wearing it =P. Think it should be her mom's coz it looks really...oriental (yea that's the word haha). Actually, she's going for the IU in Taylor's too...which was supposed to start at 6pm (erm...u get to pay 4 bucks less for the ticket for wearing 'oriental'). So me and Ashok (both of us got free tickets from Paul ^^) rushed back home, lepaked a while, bathed, changed clothes, and were back in Taylor's at 7.30pm...juz in time for dinner haha =P. Apparently, the PA system failed and they couldn't get the thing back up in time so they decided to let the guests out for dinner. Juz what we went there for (haha juz kidding Paul ^^). Well, the dinner was rather nice...too bad there was a really long queue, if not i'll sure go for second round hehe.

Anyway, after dinner, the IU finally started...2 hours later than planned. But it was rather interesting...and i think they did quite a good job at it. There's some perfomance of chinese instruments (forgot what it's called...but the MC said it's a 'chinese piano' ^^") and a fashion show on 'oriental' clothes (cheongsams and kimonos). Then there was lucky draws where Anne won something (i don't know wat...) and they gave a VCD player away too! Too bad 'Special Invitation' guests didn't get to enter the lucky draws...(oh well, at least it was free ^^). Ashok left somewhere during the lucky draws after Shan came. Said he was the only Indian there and didn't feel comfortable haha...

Then the B.O.D came up with the closing act. And's bout an mock game show of 'You Can't Win'. According to the rules, there's no way you can ever win the game why did they want to enter the game for (hehe...nothing about it makes sense anyway =P). Btw Paul was one of the 'contestants', acting as Mr Wong from China O_o. I really didn't expect what was to come next...Paul (his character was supposed to be a Kung Fu master ^^") ran up there, did some Kung Fu stances which look more like a monkey...really (haha...ok, i won't laugh at you...). In the first round, the contestants were to answer the question : "What does L.E.O. stands for?". Paul answered "Let's enjoy ourselves" and did some kung fu moves again (...haha ^^). Then in the second round, the contestants were asked to dance i think. Well, what else could be expected...Paul did a kung fu dance again (hehe...too bad nobody sees the apple joke ya. Think you were moving too fast ^^). To tell the truth...that was really really embarassing to perform...but i guess Paul's too thick-skinned to feel it haha =P (and you still say you are a shy boy..haha). The IU finished at 9.30pm...a lot shorter than planned as they have to scrap the opening act and games to save time. And Malaysian Idol Finals at 9.30pm today! Two of my favs since the start entered the finals ^^ but really a pity Dina didn't do better than that...

Melur dinner after IU
As me and Ashok didn't really get to eat much during the IU dinner, we went for dinner at Restoran Sri Melur Jaya (one of the many many mamaks in SS15) at midnight after waiting for Paul to finish his second cc session for the day. Managed to pull the rest of the guys (except Pat...he hasn't come home yet) along with me and Ashok ^^ (i have ways Paul...=P). THEN after our midnight dinner, they wanted to go cc AGAIN (Yih Seong and Leong missed our cc session earlier today). Sigh...never thought i would agree...(should have just followed Paul's plan to ran back home and sleep after they went in haha =P - really thought you were just kidding...). Played from 1am to when i was really really drained...

-7.44pm, 15 October 2004-
Pls...pls stop pulling me to cc...i beg you guys...have mercy on this poor soul pls...=P

Wednesday, 6 October 2004

Futsal training
Jem`s back injury
Rent increase

Futsal training again! =)
Had another futsal training today, with Jem coming back to play with us (his ankle has not recovered yet but he insisted on playing...). The purpose was the same : train passing, train passing, train passing, ...

And as with all our past trainings, we never ended with a really significant improvement in our passing ^^". What was supposed to be a training turned out to be a bloody violent game of futsal...a few of us got hit in the balls (including me...ouch that hurt damn lot..)...the most memorable being Jem shooting right at Yih Seong's future (for a moment we thought they were gone haha) and Paul's got hit too (he went to sit by the goal suddenly...we thought he was tired or wat hehe), lots of kicking each other instead of the ball (i thought we were training passing??), Paul humping Yih Seong the whole match ( it in private pls haha =P), me and Zi Yang getting cramps, Ashok sprained his leg (again...sigh), Paul got elbowed in the face by Zi Yang (which left a bloodstain on his fav shirt...), and worse of all Jem injured his back halfway thru the match...but he resumed playing after a while...
(which made things so damn worse later...)

Jem's back got worse and worse...
Later when we reached home, Jem complained bout his aching back but we juz brushed his complaints aside (since when is he not complaining...haha). The next time i see Jem, he's lying face down with his hands outstretched typing SMS on his hp (lol...still can type SMS some more...). As only i noticed him on the floor (Leong was on his mp3 player, Yih Seong's in the room, Ashok's in his usual nap on the dining table and nobody else was there), i thought he was trying to wipe the floor with his shirt or something (he was kind of rolling around on the floor ^^). After i alerted the guys, we couldn't do anything but laugh at him (hey...we really couldn't do anything wat...Leong tried to help but it became worse ^^"). Jem was rolling around on his back then on his tummy then on his back again trying to sit up. As we don't have any idea how to help him (we couldn't possibly lift him up...haha =P), we just left him to his own. He managed to sit up after 30 minutes, stand up 30 minutes later, and the rest of the day he was walking around using a chair as support (imagine him, hunchbacked, pushing a plastic chair in front of him around the apartment ^^"). Don't mean to laugh at you but juz couldn't help it lol =P. (He abandoned the chair-support the next day and was able to walk to cc the next next day...sigh)

Hungry hungry hungry...
Don't know why...after futsal i got really really hungry (and i mean really really really hungry). Seems like Yih Seong shares my hunger too ^^. So we two hungry people summoned Ashok and went for an early dinner at 8pm ('s relatively early ok? our dinnertime is usually around 8.30pm ^^). Even after dinner i still didn't feel full...(this leads to a 4-meal next day...swear my wallet burned a big hole ^^")

To move or not to move...
To add to the already bad situation staying in 121D, Taylor's sent a notice to us stating that the rent is gonna be increased to RM350 per month and gave us a week to reply (by Friday). After much discussion and parliamentary meetings, we still hadn't reach any conclusion to this date (12th October). Yih Seong and Leong tried finding some other places to stay but there's not many apartments free right now (the terms are not over yet...). So i think in the end we will be stuck paying more for this sad excuse for a living space...sigh...But sincerely, i wouldn't mind staying in 121D for a while longer...the distance to college is rather short (and close to cc too ^^)

-7.06pm, 12 October 2004-
Did i mention we played 'castle' again this night? Me, Paul, Yih Seong, Yong Chen, Jem, Ashok and Hoi...^^. Pls save me from this 'castle' addiction...

Sunday, 3 October 2004

Movie Weekends =)

2 October 2004
Passion of the Christ
A few days ago, Jem told me and Ashok he's going to watch Passion today. Asked us if we wanted to go so i went along with him as i had nothing better to do during the weekends anyway. Due to Malaysia's sensitivity on religious stuff, Passion will only be screened privately with the tickets being sold through churches only (Jem bought the tickets for me and Ashok).

Then yesterday, Ashok told us he can't go coz his father will be up today...which left me, Jem and Paul going for the movie. Watched the 11am show at Sunway Pyramid...and i gotta say it's one really gory film to watch (Jem even nearly lost his appetite O_o haha). Rather interesting moive...though Paul fell asleep halfway during the movie (he watched it before...then again, which movie haven't you watched Paul??). Then we had our lunch at Kim Gary Restaurant (heard a lot bout it but i've never been there yet). This restaurant is that famous that during lunchtime, you had to queue up juz to get a seat. Thankfully, we arrived right on time and there was a table free so we didn't have to wait ^^. The food there was really nice...what else could you expect from such a famous restaurant ;). And it wasn't that expensive too...would come again next time if given a chance =)

I'll die if we go for another round of 'castle'...
After dinner, me, Pat, Paul, Yong Chen, Jem, Ashok and Leong went for another round of 'casttllleee' at Silver Surfer. Actually we were walking back from dinner when suddenly Jem and Ashok turned into the cc. Then Yih Seong noticed Pat in one of Taylor's classroom pointing at the cc but he saved us by pushing me and Paul straight home ^^". Then Pat and Jem send the summons for 'castle' to all of us (and i do mean all...) and before long, all of us were there once again. Yih Seong joined late and didn't managed to play 'castle'...think he got very fed up that he even asked Pat to fuck off when Pat wanted to 3-4 him...(hey chill lah...we can always go next time...=P)

3 October 2004
Resident Evil : Apocalypse
During the movie yesterday, Wy Keat asked us to go for a movie with him (he's supposed to watch RE:A with his friends yesterday too but somehow the coms failed and they didn't get to watch it). So i asked him out to go watch it today and got Ashok, Chuin Hau, Paul, Jon, and Tiong to go along. Wy Keat went to join Chuin Hau in the afternoon to get the tickets, but the coms were down again and after a few hours of queueing up a number of times, they finally got the 7pm tickets (we had wanted to go for the 4pm one initially...). Much much thanx to both of them for willing to waste so much time hehe ;). Btw the movie was quite nice...though i've never seen the first one. At least it's better than most of those zombie movies i had watched...

-7.14pm, 11 October 2004-
4 days of cc out of 6 days...sigh

Friday, 1 October 2004

Futsal Match against PM2 and Ashok's friends from Pudu College
More 'castleeeee'...

Match against PM2 and Ashok's friends from Pudu College (wherever that is...)
After last week's hardest match we ever played (against Wy Keat's team), all we wanted to play was some rather easy Yih Seong suggested we play against PM2. Then yesterday, Ashok received a call from his budaks from Pudu College (not the real name of course...) bout playing against our team. Heard that they heard bout our team's unbeaten run so far and had wanted to check out how 'good' we actually are ^^". After Hoi's agreement to it, we decided to play a three-way match.

So what was supposed to be an easy match turned out to be the exact opposite...wwith us fighting with all our might to keep up with our 'reputation'. But surprisingly, we never expected what was to come our way. The team we thought was 'easy' (PM2) suddenly became the better team of the two we played against today. Seems like they improved a hell lot since our last meeting (think it's some months ago). Or maybe it's just that we became overconfident and looked down on them too much =P. Either way, i have to hand it to them for playing so damn well (especially to the one nicknamed Ronaldo hehe - he managed to dribble past everyone and even took a shot!).

Anyway, the game's rules were these : The team that scored 2 goals first or had the higher score after 7 minutes gets to stay for another round. After 1 and a half hour till 4pm of intense futsal, we ended the day with a few wins, a few less loses, and one or two draws. Couldn't really say we lost today, as it wasn't a 'real' match anyway. Besides we don't have Jem as our keeper hehe ;). My compliments to Yong Chen for being on fire today hehe...he chased after every single ball with so much energy ^^" (hey, you outshined me that day! =P). And a really great job to Paul too, for being such a great last man defending and adding another goal to your name =). As for the others, they did pretty well as usual..with Shan's long range shots and Hoi's scoring all the goals ^^.

Really desperate for 'castle'...
After a day without cc, i thought we could hold on for another day. Obviously, that's not possible unless there's a major blackout in Subang that day or all the cc caught fire or something. Neway, we were supposed to play after futsal but since some of us couldn't make it, we postponed it to night-time. At 11.30pm after Jem and Paul came back from their church activities, 6 of us excluding Leong (he went that evening edi) plus Paul and Hoi went to search for cc to play. As expected, Inferno, Warnet, Games World, Silver Surfer 1 were full. So desperate we are that we decided to check out Point Extreme (some run-down cc which couldn't really keep up with the others in size and quality). Fortunately (maybe it's unfortunately...), there's enough space for 8 of us so we had our usual round of 'castle' (forgot to tell you all this but it's pronounced CAsttlleeeeeee - stress on the 'cas' and stretch the 'tle' for one or two seconds haha). Strangely, Yih Seong's com refused to play with us even though he changed com 3 times (think you're fated not to play 'castle' haha =P). After today, i swear to myself i never gonna go cc again till after AS...(and i'm gonna repeat this a few more times after this...sigh...)

-6.40pm, 11 October 2004-
3 days of cc out of 4 days and still counting...
Oh yea...and a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me old friend Khai Sean =)