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Friday, 15 October 2004

Failed breakfast plan before Math extra class
Aparment issue solved
Exorcist : The Beginning
Castleeee : The End

Failed breakfast plan before Math extra class =(
We were supposed to have breakfast before Math extra class today (Ms Ching had to go to Penang last Monday to Wednesday). Yesterday evening, me, Paul, Chow and Wilson were chatting on MSN when someone (i forgot who...sorry ^^") suggested we go for breakfast the next morning. However, before anyone could reply, me and Paul’s coms crashed (Paul claimed it was his message of "Breakfast, Math then cc" that caused it...apparently the library coms don’t like us to go cc =P). Anyway, me and Paul tried to salvage the plan but we couldn’t contact Chow so we just left him an SMS. Nothing would have work out anyway coz the next morning, MOST of us woke up late; Math class was supposed to start at 8am but that’s when we just woke up ^^" (Yih Seong went in at 8, Jem at 8.10, me at 8.15, and Ashok at 8.30am. Thankfully, Ms Ching was in a good mood that day – we think that she’s happy that anyone came at all ^^). Think we slept too late last night hehe...talked cock till 1.50am while waiting for Paul to come back from cc and ‘pick’ up his stuff (he came up at 1am at last...haha nolah, we weren't waiting for you...dun so perasan =P).

Apartment issue solved at last...
After math class, me, Jem, Ashok, Yong Chen and Yih Seong went to the Accommodation Office to sign the tenancy renewal agreement. Yesterday, Yih Seong called for a meeting to discuss the situation (with the rare honoured presence of Yong Chen =P). Before we even start discussing, me, Yong Chen, Leong, Ashok and Jem unanimously voted to stay. Leong couldn’t bear to part with the ‘nice’ view our apartment had, Ashok was skeptical bout the 90% confirmed alternative apartment, and the rest of us are just too lazy to move ^^". As for me, I rather stay in the same place coz I felt kind of attached to it...though it’s dusty, dirty and messy (except on Monday from 10am to 3pm ;) ) and it’s barely suitable for living...but see it this way, we’ve survived for 9 months, wat’s another 9? (wait...maybe i’m too optimistic bout this haha =P). Anyway, I think we rather stay there coz it’s rather troublesome to rent a private-owned apartment - someone has to be the main tenant (and be responsible in case one of us run away, the apartment collapse, or any other reason Yih Seong could come up with just to escape being the main tenant haha =P). So yea, we surrender to Taylor's and agreed on the 50 bucks increase in rent...sigh...

Just when we thought the apartment issue is over, halfway during the movie (see below), Pat told Yih Seong that they are going to convert the middle room into a single-room (which means someone has to move out and the remaining guy has to pay RM500 for the room O_o). Apparently, the guy ‘forgot’ to tell us that when we signed the agreement earlier. So after the movie, we went straight back to the Accommodation Office, buat kecoh a bit, and they gave in and let us stay together as 7 =).

Exorcist : The Beginning
Yesterday (seems like everything was planned yesterday ^^) we planned to catch a movie after Math class (i think it's because Leong's class are going so we decided to go too). As Yih Seong wanted to watch Exorcist so much, we decided to be good friends for once and accompany him =P. But somehow during breakfast at McD’s with our classmates, one by one the others start to lose interest and back out. So in the end, only me, Yih Seong, Zi Yang, Sanmugam, Ashok and Paul (he had a change of mind in the last minute) went to watch. All in all, the movie wasn’t scary at all (though a little bit gory)...but some scenes really do tickle us so much we laughed out loud haha (especially Pazuzu’s (the demon) 100m sprint at the end of the Yih Seong claimed Paul was terrified during the movie but Paul said it wasn't scary O_o. Wonder who to believe eh?

Castleeee : The End
At around 12am midnight, all of a sudden, somehow, Yih Seong felt like going for another round of 'castle' to prove that he’s not jinxed (every time he played, we never got past the final wave). After 'much' persuasion, me, Pat, Leong, Yong Chen, and Ashok gave him a last chance to prove himself. Little did we know, tonight will be the last time we ever played ‘castle’ again ( ‘last’ is a word too strong to be used =P). After 2 and a half hours, 5 of us (or maybe it's juz me =P...the others were busy 'exploring') managed to kill the much-dreaded and much-hated 'Arthas' (or asshole Arthas or fucker Arthas or whatever cuss they came up with as a result of losing to him so many many times) and finished 'castle' for the first time (and the last for 'some' of us ;) ). During our usual hours of 'assessment' of the game at home, we found out the reason that we never won 'castle' was not Yih Seong all along...but a totally different person : Jem! Haha =P (well, it's because everytime we went for 'castle', Jem’s surely in...except this time ;) - he went back to JB hehe). 18 days...that's how long we take to finish castle...wonder how long the other maps will take? =P

-6.00pm, 27 October 2004-
Finished 'castleeee' at last...what's next? =P

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