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Sunday, 31 October 2004

DotA training ^^"

121D DotA training session =P
You know, things are heading in the wrong direction when it comes to this. We actually go for DotA training today O.o haha

Anyway, after the thrashing we get from the Sarawakians, we don’t look forward to playing with them again =P. So we went for a ‘private’ DotA session ^^" (we wanted to ask you along Paul but you had futsal that morning...believe us). First we went to Gamesworld for our 'training' but the coms hanged twice. Then we changed to Warnet for the rest of our training...

That night, i tried to study Chem for the AS exams but you know, the guys juz can't stop talking. AND Paul came up too. That makes studying almost impossible with so many guys talking around you ^^". the end only manage to finish Chapter 3. Have to work harder than this...

-3.03am, 12 December 2004-
Sorry for the delay..updates will be up real soon k...

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