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Tuesday, 12 October 2004

The End of AL-TKS
Lanjut trip over Lunch at Kim Gary
Update on apartment crisis

Last day of Thinking Skills! Rejoice!
As of today, we are officially free from Mrs Fam's Thinking Skills classes! =). Today was the last day we'll ever attend another Thinking Skills class, so amazingly most of us actually paid attention to Mrs Fam (except those hardcore sleepyheads - read: Paul haha =P). Being the last Thinking Skills class, there's nothing special bout it, with Mrs Fam trying to teach us how to 'think' as usual but i guess we cannot and will never learn =P. But she's a good lecturer i admit, in the sense that she never really lose her temper in class despite Pavan, Shan, and Ashok constantly making all sorts of noises at the back of the class. And she never reprimand us for dozing off in class too (especially Paul, Oscar and me included =P). But other than that, her lectures suck (haha...maybe i shouldn't use such a strong word but yes, her lectures suck =P). Never really learned how to answer any Thinking Skills questions till now (hmm..maybe i was to blame for sleeping in class?'s her lessons i swear...=P). Nevertheless, there were times when she amused us, especially today's 'group hug' with Pat haha (lol...stupidity kills, ain't it). Here's a big thanks to her for tolerating our class! (not that she has a choice anyway - she's our mentor ;) )

Lunchtime at Kim Gary...and possible class trip in discussions
After college, someone suggested we go Kim Gary (you know, the restaurant me, Jem and Paul went last week) to eat. So after gathering all the budaks we can find (me, Chow, Afree, Anne, Paul, Hoi, Jem, Ashok, Yih Seong, Denise, Yong Chen, Khang Wern and Zi Yin (Afree's friend...not sure how to spell her name) ), we went there in 3 cars. During lunch, Afree suddenly thought of organising a class trip to Lanjut (somewhere in Pahang near the border with Johor..). Much discussions later, all of us there agreed on a class trip right after our AS exams, before our Semester 2 exams (some of us cannot make it during the end-year holidays so we brought it forward). Think this class trip is our way of showing how 'united' our class are to Ms Ho? Me think so... (Just a few days ago, she said she finds it weird our class never organise any class trip during the holidays before, unlike her other classes. During one of her 'interruptions' of our dinner, she even said she realised our class are split into a few gangs (which is rather true...).) Maybe this class trip will prove otherwise... Neway hope this class trip's going to go smoothly...(at least Yih Seong's not planning it haha =P - most of Yih Seong's plans rarely work out as planned ;) )

Update on our apartment crisis
According to Yih Seong (who found this info from his 'sources'), Ms Ho's brother wants to buy an apartment in My Place. So to discuss bout whether to take up this apartment, 6 of us (Yong Chen was out...wait, does Yong Chen even live here anymore? =P) got together tonight and Yih Seong called Mr Ho to get more info. Apparently, the apartment's going to be on another side of My Place and it'll be on the highest floor (a floor higher than our current one which is at the 3rd floor). On the plus side, the apartment's gonna have air-con, sofa, water heater, and all sorts of luxury at a much lower rent than the one we are currently renting from Taylor's. Sounds like a dream eh? Too bad there's a catch : Ms Ho will be granted all access to our whole apartment! (Haha that's what we think the catch is anyway...). As we couldn't decide whether to take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity then, we asked Mr Ho for some time to think bout it first...(but our time's running out - gotta renew our tenancy with Taylor's by Friday =/)

-5.35pm, 20 October 2004-
No more Thinking Skills from today onwards! =). Wait...that means i won't have my usual nap in college nemore! =(

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