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Sunday, 3 October 2004

Movie Weekends =)

2 October 2004
Passion of the Christ
A few days ago, Jem told me and Ashok he's going to watch Passion today. Asked us if we wanted to go so i went along with him as i had nothing better to do during the weekends anyway. Due to Malaysia's sensitivity on religious stuff, Passion will only be screened privately with the tickets being sold through churches only (Jem bought the tickets for me and Ashok).

Then yesterday, Ashok told us he can't go coz his father will be up today...which left me, Jem and Paul going for the movie. Watched the 11am show at Sunway Pyramid...and i gotta say it's one really gory film to watch (Jem even nearly lost his appetite O_o haha). Rather interesting moive...though Paul fell asleep halfway during the movie (he watched it before...then again, which movie haven't you watched Paul??). Then we had our lunch at Kim Gary Restaurant (heard a lot bout it but i've never been there yet). This restaurant is that famous that during lunchtime, you had to queue up juz to get a seat. Thankfully, we arrived right on time and there was a table free so we didn't have to wait ^^. The food there was really nice...what else could you expect from such a famous restaurant ;). And it wasn't that expensive too...would come again next time if given a chance =)

I'll die if we go for another round of 'castle'...
After dinner, me, Pat, Paul, Yong Chen, Jem, Ashok and Leong went for another round of 'casttllleee' at Silver Surfer. Actually we were walking back from dinner when suddenly Jem and Ashok turned into the cc. Then Yih Seong noticed Pat in one of Taylor's classroom pointing at the cc but he saved us by pushing me and Paul straight home ^^". Then Pat and Jem send the summons for 'castle' to all of us (and i do mean all...) and before long, all of us were there once again. Yih Seong joined late and didn't managed to play 'castle'...think he got very fed up that he even asked Pat to fuck off when Pat wanted to 3-4 him...(hey chill lah...we can always go next time...=P)

3 October 2004
Resident Evil : Apocalypse
During the movie yesterday, Wy Keat asked us to go for a movie with him (he's supposed to watch RE:A with his friends yesterday too but somehow the coms failed and they didn't get to watch it). So i asked him out to go watch it today and got Ashok, Chuin Hau, Paul, Jon, and Tiong to go along. Wy Keat went to join Chuin Hau in the afternoon to get the tickets, but the coms were down again and after a few hours of queueing up a number of times, they finally got the 7pm tickets (we had wanted to go for the 4pm one initially...). Much much thanx to both of them for willing to waste so much time hehe ;). Btw the movie was quite nice...though i've never seen the first one. At least it's better than most of those zombie movies i had watched...

-7.14pm, 11 October 2004-
4 days of cc out of 6 days...sigh

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