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Monday, 18 October 2004

Short update on Lanjut trip

Juz a short blog entry...
Math extra class again today from 8am to 10am. Had breakfast at Melur with half the class after that. Jem and Paul tried to get some of us into cc but too bad, none of us felt like going at that time ^^". After our breakfast, me, Jem and Ashok went to Paul's place to lepak (Jernihs (derived from their company, Kemas Jernih), the cleaning aunties were in our apartment at that time so we didn't want to go back). Played some Marvel vs. Capcom on PS (Jem still hasn't lose his touch...sigh) and some King of Fighters then we went back. Actually, Yong Chen already got his parents' permission to bring up his PS2 ^^. So after AS, we can cut down on cc for once ;)

Update on Lanjut trip
That night, Yih Seong told us the news that Ms Ho most probably can't make it for our Lanjut trip ^^. Apparently, she said it would be very hard to get the day off. Said something bout feeling sad she couldn't make it to our class trip (she's going for her other classes' trips). Oh well... =P

On the other hand, Mr Chan also couldn't make it for our trip. That means we won't be having any 'adults' around to settle the bills and stuff. I don't think that would matter much anyway...but there won't be any restrictions now hehe ;)

-6.30pm, 27 October 2004-

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