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Monday, 11 October 2004

Happy 20th Birthday Bro!
Gorbat - the story behind the crappiest religion of all time

My Bro's Birthday =)
Pls don't talk to me bout this, ok? ...
For being the brother i always looked up to and respect all the time and for all time, here's wishing him a very happy 20th birthday =).

Currently i don't have much things to say bout him, and come to think of it, i'm not as close to him as i would have liked. Don't really know why, but he's somewhat keeping a distance from me and our younger bro at times. It's like he doesn't like talking to us (especially online)...or at least that's what it seems to me. It even got to the point that when i asked my younger bro to play some online game with him coz i couldn't (the library coms banned all the game sites), he said "Don't want lah. He sure won't play one...". I mean, what's this? It seems that my younger bro doesn't WANT to play with him...or maybe he felt awkward doing so. That's the feeling i always had about these two brothers of mine. Frankly, i sensed a real gap between my younger and older bros. They never seem to hit it off like me and my younger bro do (we could talk all night till the break of dawn...;) ). I always blamed the age gap between them, but this scenario doesn't seem to replay between other brothers who's separated by an even larger age gap. Is he really distancing himself? Or am i just being too concerned? ...

I sent him a birthday SMS early in the morning of his birthday, but he never replied to say thanks or something. Maybe he doesn't think it really matters to reply a birthday message to your own brother... nevertheless i can live that. Met him on MSN again in the evening and wished him once more. Again, there's just a little "thanks" and nothing else. Makes me wonder why is he acting so insensitive can he be...

Then today (18th October 2004), i visited his private diary (yes, he has one and i found out about it - and he knows that). From his description of it, let's just say he had a real bad birthday this year. And that's just an understatement, trust me. No wonder he doesn't sound really happy bout his birthday the other day. Maybe it's just me who's being the insensitive brother. Maybe it's me who's not being a real brother i should have been...

Then again, whatever happened between us, he's still the brother i loved and respected all my life and will always do. He always seems cheerful and carefree but all that is just a front he tried to put up so that we won't worry too much bout him. It's not until i read his private blog that i found how troubled his soul really is. But that's him, always keeping his personal problems away from his family. As for me, i never try to ask him bout those stuff coz it's not in our gene to talk to each other bout personal stuff. Whatever it is, i just hope he could really live his life to the fullest, and be really happy inside just like what he's trying to show outside. Happy Birthday Bro! =)

Heed the call of the Gorbat!
So you've been hearing bout this 'Gorbat' thingy for some time? Well, this is the full story bout how it all came about...
It's a wee bit confusing but i'll try to be as clear as possible ;)

It was last Friday, when Jem and Yong Chen skipped school coz they were unwell, that i decided to show what a good friend i am =P and sat beside Yih Seong during Physics (normally he sat with Jem and Yong Chen together). Incidentally, both of us sat behind Paul, but more on that later. A while into the hypnotising lecture by Mr Chan, I noticed a little cute sticker of a bear-like creature sticking on the whiteboard beside me (yes, there's a whiteboard at the side of the class...don't ask me why). Yih Seong explained that it's his 'guardian angel' O_o (again, this will relate to other things later...). Anyway, all of a sudden, Yih Seong told me Paul reminded him of a bat (haha..) and started flapping his half-extended hands (which ultimately became what will be the way to worship Binky Gorbat). Chow noticed him doing that and gave him a weird look while i try to suppress my laughter haha...And thus, Yih Seong thought of a new name for Paul - Paul Gorbat. Apparently the name Gorbat came from a bat-like 'pokemon' which sounds something like that...

Then the next day, he started a new 'religion' worshipping his 'guardian angel'...aptly named Binky Gorbat (Binky came from the Wonderfalls TV series shown the day before). And so before long, he's converting us one by one into 'Gorbat's...who worship Binky Gorbat by flapping our half-extended hands and cry *ark ark* (sound more like a crow to me haha...). Before long, the Gorbat brotherhood reached 8 members, namely:

The complete list of known Gorbats:
Bob Gorbat - Wong Yih Seong
Siaw Gorbat - me! (how did i get into this crap...)
Paul Gorbat - well, Paul Kong...who else
Chow Gorbat - Chow Tze Chow
Dante Gorbat - Yee Yong Chen (what a Gorbat name...)
Loo Gorbat - Loo Wen Hoi
Afree Gorbat - Afree Low
Willy Gorbat - Wilson Low
Lim Gorbat - Lim Zi Yang (membership pending...)

And the list of known anti-Gorbats:
Jeremy Nunis
Patrick Ho
Ashok Kumar

Two days later, Binky Gorbat was found missing from his 'House of Worship' (classroom 3.9 where we have our Physics lectures) by the Head Priest, Bob Gorbat. A search and rescue operation led by Bob Gorbat and Bob Gorbat alone proved in vain to find the Gorbats' 'god'. If you have any information regarding the missing Binky Gorbat, do not hesitate to inform Bob Gorbat ;). A handsome reward will be given to anyone who contributed to the recovery of Binky Gorbat...

-7.55pm, 18th October 2004-
Started studying last last...=)

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