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Saturday, 29 May 2004

`The Day After Tomorrow`

Actually Ashok and I planned a few days ago to watch 'The Day After Tomorrow' with the rest of our 121D gang. But no one else went along with our plan. Jem went back to JB yesterday, Leong and Yong Chen got dates to settle themselves, Pat's going to watch with Chia Wen, and Yih Seong's being secretive bout his plans as always. Btw Zi Yang called Yih Seong yesterday to tell us that he's coming to our apartment to play CS with us(the other day he came at nite but Yih Seong and Pat who were supposed to go play with him ended up eating in mamak. Zi Yang's quite sad that day they didn't go play CS as they promised). We didn't want to disappoint him again so Zi Yang, Yih Seong, Leong, Ashok and me went to play CS for bout an hour.

After that, Zi Yang joined me and Ashok to watch 'The Day After Tomorrow' at Sunway Pyramid at 6.30pm. As usual, Chuin Hau bought the tickets for us. Isn't it convenient to have a friend living near a cinema ;). Thanx a lot Chuin Hau!

Well...the movie is quite interesting. I'll give it a B for the nice effects portraying the weather change...especially the tornadoes and the waves gushing between the roads =). Though it's quite illogical at times (like the guys outrunning the drop in temperature O_o. Or how the hell did the wolves survive the cold weather? Everything's supposed to freeze rite?) but the disasters kind of make up for it hehe. Oh yeah, we noticed that when the North Hemisphere turns into frozen hell, Malaysia's still safe! =). One more reason to stay in Malaysia haha ;) PS - The advertisement for the movie show's Berlin Clock Tower and the Opera House but the movie didn't show any of them leh...another one of those movie gimmicks >=(

Wednesday, 26 May 2004


Today is Pat's birthday! I've known Pat since Form 2 i think. We were in the same class in Form 2 and Form 3. Actually i didn't really know him till this year...coz we mixed with different groups in the past. But after knowing Pat, i immediately regretted it(haha juz kidding). He's Yih Seong's 'cock' partner...making jokes that make no sense but nevertheless got us rolling on the floor laughing =). He's very hardworking too(at least since the last few days ;) ) and always finish his homework everyday(in contrast with me =P). Anyway today's his birthday so let's wish that all his dreams come true for him!

Yih Seong, Yong Chen, Ashok, Anne, Wen Ying, Wen Hoi, Zi Yang, Pavanjeet, and me went to Pizza Hut to celebrate with him. Quite long since i last ate pizza(that was during Yih Seong's birthday - 24 February) =P. But this time we all pay for it coz there's too many people (it's one of 121D's tradition(or you may call it 'unwritten law' ;P) that the Birthday Boy have to blanja the rest of 121D's inhabitants makan somewhere...which most of the time pizza). After that, Yih Seong and Yong Chen sneaked out to buy cake for Pat which the whole PM1 ate with Ms Ho (We wanted to waste some time from the Bio class =P). The cake's not very big so all we get are crumbs =( haha. This is the first birthday celebration in our class..

PS - Notice Jem wasn't there with us in Pizza Hut? I don't know why he's still avoiding social contact with Pat...but that day, Wen Ying and Anne asked him to join us in Pizza Hut but he didn't want to go. Is it that hard to forgive someone and forget about it? I's been months since that incident between Jem and Pat. I already given up interfering between them...But i sincerely hope they'll get back together like the good old days. (haha i sound like it's been years since they are 'kam cheng' =P).

Sunday, 23 May 2004

Lunch with Ms. Ho

A few days ago, we heard Ms. Ho(our Bio lecturer) asked some of our classmates why us Johorians are so mean towards her. She claimed that when she tried to 'open up' to us we didn't return the favour. All this started last last Friday(14th May) when she suddenly came into our apartment with our classmate Denise and her housemate to watch American Idol. (Jem went for some church outing, Ashok and Leong sped out of the apartment when they stepped into our apartment). Well, it wasn't that bad when Denise and her friend accompany Ms. Ho but when they went home(because of their housemate having a problem) the atmosphere starts to get...uncomfortable to say the least. Yih Seong and Patrick sat at the dining/study table and whispering and laughing while she sat in front of the TV. She tried to initiate conversation a few times but Yih Seong and Pat just did wat students will do when asked by their lecturer(ie. answer all her questions but did not show any interest in the conversation). As for me, i just sat opposite Yih Seong and Pat watching TV but saying nothing. Frankly, the situation is quite awkward...with her sitting alone in front of the TV. I guess that's why she thought we were mean towards her...

And so, we make it a point to clear up all the misunderstandings she had bout us and prove to her that we are not mean people. Me, Jem, Yih Seong, Patrick, Paul, Ashok and Yong Chen agreed to go for lunch at some Teochew porridge restaurant across the bridge in front of McD with her this morning. She seemed quite happy and excited at the idea...Overall, the lunch went along quite well I guess and we treated her a bit more like a friend than a lecturer this time. Hope she doesn't have a bad impression of us anymore...

Saturday, 22 May 2004

Anne's Yummy Brownies and `Shrek 2`

Anne brought some brownies to our apartment today. She went to the library this morning and she happened to bake some brownies so we got the honour to devour them =). They were very yummy though a wee bit too sweet but that's why it's nice rite ;). Actually she was supposed to go straight back to the library after delivering us the brownies but ended up talking to us till 1.00pm hehe. Quite nice for her to bake us some brownies...seriously we need all the food we can get our hands on ;). Anyway she said she was glad to find someone who enjoyed her bakings as her family got bored of them already. Frankly I don't doubt that haha :P. She said she wanted to cook for us in our apartment one day...just that there's nothing here to cook with except the microwave oven (and the kitchen tap is still not fixed). I wonder how's anyone gonna cook here. Anyway i'm waiting for the day she cooks...must be a spectacular moment :P.

Later in the evening me, Jem, Ashok, Paul, Leong and Chuin Hau went to watch Shrek 2 in Sunway Pyramid. Quite funny show but i missed the first movie. Love the Puss in Boots...very cute but very cunning too. Especially funny when he showed those pitiful eyes haha..Well Shrek 2 makes it two movies in two weeks week gonna watch The Day After Tomorrow =).

Wednesday, 19 May 2004

PM1 News - Adelin's leaving

Well..our class PM1 juz got smaller. From 27 students when we first started, now left with only 24 of us. First, Ricky and 'paper girl'(*details below*) transferred to another class just after a few days in our class. Then Viknes joined our class but he too left for Form 6 after 2-3 weeks. Now Adelin's leaving our class and our class got even smaller. Not to say that this is a bad thing(coz we kind of get to know each other easier and the lecturers tend to notice and remember us) but there's less people i can get to know :(...

Today was the last day Adelin study in Taylor's. Quite sad she was leaving coz i didn't get to knoe her...sigh. Life was all about meetings and separations anyway. least i managed to contact her before i forgot all about it. Now that she also got Friendster it's easier to keep in contact with her. So here's goodbye to you, Adelin =). Good luck in your studies in Form 6(not that you need any anyway :P hehe)

*'Paper girl' was one of our classmates in PM1. She got that nick(from us) after Patrick tried to 'kau' her with a piece of paper O_o. That day, one of our lecturer asked us to write something on a piece of paper(i forgot what it was). Patrick saw 'paper girl' writing on a very small piece of paper so he offered her a bigger one. She refused but Patrick offered her a few more times but she just rejected his paper every time. After the class, she 'confronted' Patrick and told him it's not that she didn't have bigger piece of paper. Thus came out the story that Pat tried to 'kau' her with a pice of paper and 'paper girl' became our nick for her =P (Actually we don't know her name so we just came up with something to call her). Maybe that's why she left our class hehe =P

Monday, 17 May 2004

Ultimate Kantul Day

Yih Seong's been trying very hard to keep this secret from us...but sooner or later we gonna find out anyway ;). Actually Jem had hinted to us long before Yih Seong realised we found out his secret and i think it was quite unexpected lah. The story goes like this:
On 29th April I came home to find Jem and Leong at the balcony looking out for someone. That was the time i found out Yih Seong was going out with ******. Jem told me that after the second futsal match, he and Yih Seong went to the library but Yih Seong went out without telling Jem. So when Yih Seong got home Jem asked where'd he go and Yih Seong said he went out for dinner with Thanesh(?! haha). After much pestering, Yih Seong admitted he went out with ****** for dinner! hehe ;).

Anyway today when i got out of the library i saw Leong calling me to look somewhere and when i look, guess wat. Yih Seong is walking along the Kiosk corridor with ******! After i told Jem bout it, Ashok, Jem and me went to Sri Melur(which incidentally just opened yesterday) to be on a lookout for the 'betrayer of the light'(what we called the 121D ppl who didn't have lunch/dinner with us ;). Ironically, Yih Seong coined this phrase hehe). Then Paul SMS Jem and told him he saw Yih Seong in Seaview and so Paul joined us at Sri Melur. And today was the day we ALL kantul Yih Seong as he walked past us to get home =). He didn't say a word...guess he was too shocked hehe. Asked them to join us but he just walked straight though SHE wanted to join us. Sigh...haha =P

*Name was censored to protect the identity of the people involved in this scandal*

Friday, 14 May 2004

Escape from Mrs. Fam

There's supposed to be Thinking Skills after a 3-hour break today. BUT we got other plans ;). All of us(well..nearly) decided to watch Troy! After Bio finish at 10am we took off from Taylor's to Sunway Pyramid. Wilson, Yih Seong, Jem, Yong Chen and me tumpang in Afree's car. Ian Zing, Denise, Adelin and Wy Keen in Chow's car and Zi Yang, Patrick, Anne, and Wen Ying in Wen Hoi's car. Ashok and Sanmugan had to take taxi with Paik Weng(sadly haha) coz Wy Keen and Paik Weng last minute only join in. Paul can't make it coz he got Student Council thingy. Anyway 19 of us watched Troy from 11.15am till 1.50pm...which means we ponteng Mrs. Fam class today :P. But if even the CLASS MONITOR go, who won't? haha. Neway during lunch with Ashok, Jem, Yong Chen, Yih Seong and me at Burger King, Denise said she saw only Paul went for TKS. OMG...i wonder what she'll say when she walk into our class on Monday. We are her mentees and we skipped her she was furious...

Btw Troy was damn nice...the nicest movie i've seen to date :). Troy beats LOTR anytime! Haha actually i don't really like LOTR so's juz a good movie only so don't blame me if my views are biased :P. LOTR got too much of those...supposedly touching scenes. On the other hand, Troy balanced the romantic and action part very well. I especially love the part Achilles fight Hector. The way they fight is juz so...real :). I'll rate this movie as no. 1 in my list of movies...for a long time. Anyway, after this i'm planning to watch Shrek 2, The Day After Tomorrow, Spiderman 2, Dawn of the Dead, and Alien vs. Predator. And to think that i thought i have no time to study...:P

Thursday, 13 May 2004



In college during the last period Pat was talking to Ian Zing that there's transport and Jem asked Pat "By who?". This may seem to mean nothing but these two words are the first words Jem said to Pat! And back in the apartment today Jem and Pat talked for a while. Actually they're talking bout tomorrow's class outing(more on that tomorrow) but this is a good sign. Seems like they are on the track to reconciliation haha..

Tuesday, 11 May 2004

MUET speaking exam & the visit of Anne and Afree

Just took the MUET speaking test today. Needless to say i did not do as well as i'd like. But i'm not the kind of person who can speak spontaneously :( so what's surprising. It's been my problem ever since i can remember...that's why i hate oral tests so much. I think it's because of my past...but i'll not talk about that right now...maybe next timelah. Then again i think i should be able to pass at least. Btw i was in the same group as Paul's housemate...Seo Chin Jin's her name i think. Halfway during the exam i realised i was looking at her most of the time while she was talking...but i got nothing else to look at what..haha :P. Neway didn't notice she lives below us until today...actually it's didn't remember her face coz we rarely see Paul's friends since they are in SAM. Well now at least i can recognise one of them..:)

Oh yea...Anne came with Pat to check out our apartment later today. Thank god the Kemas Jernih aunties came to clean up a few days ago ;). She's in kind of a state of shock when she entered our apartment haha. Sigh..RM300 bucks a month mah you think can get Shagri-La meh. She said she's gonna cook for us one day..(which is quite a feat given that our kitchen only have a microwave oven and no tap some more..). Btw Afree came with her too but he didn't seem to talk much. Perhaps he's in a state of shock too haha :P.

Monday, 10 May 2004

News on 121D

Our apartment is falling apart...literally. A few weeks ago the light in my room(the masterbedroom) failed to light up, rendering half the room in darkness. And recently one of the light in the living room failed to light up too. And juz last Friday the kitchen tap broke off causing no water supply except from the sinks in the 2 bathrooms. And unfortunately the sink in the bathroom(not the masterbedroom's)is leaking. Add to the list that Jeremy and Patrick are STILL not talking to each other(actually it's Jem who's giving Pat the cold shoulder) and everyone's rarely at home(u know...go 'pa to') and you get a home that's barely habitable. But we'll have to make do lah..

Saturday, 8 May 2004

Nazgul Invasion in Mordor % `Van Helsing`

LOL. Bout 1 am this morning when Yih Seong, Leong and me was just getting to sleep, Jem came to us shouting Nazgul!(corkcroach in 121D language). We thought it was juz another one but then Jem and Ashok became hysterical(i'm exaggerating so sue me :P). That's when we found not 1, not 2, not 3 but more than 10 of them in Mordor!(that's Ashok's and Jem's room in case you're wondering). They're like all over the place and we have to spray the whole room with insecticide till Jem and Ashok couldn't sleep there that night. Apparently they are attracted by Ashok's one-week-plus-still-haven't-washed clothes haha. That should teach him a lesson to wash his clothes more regularly..

Note:- Nazgul is a common sight in My Place. In fact we are at war with them ever since we moved in. Normally only 2 or 3 of them trespass our territory (and got killed). But this time is a special case coz they don't normally organize party in such a small place.

Anyway that afternoon i went to Sunway Pyramid with Wy Keat. Asked my fellow 121D budaks to go along but none of them agreed. All either got plans already or malas to go. Actually Wy Keat just called me this morning to go watch Van Helsing with his friends so it's kind of a last minute plan lah. I asked Chuin Hau to accompany me coz the last time wanted to watch movie with him didn't go as planned. Unfortunately, we got there late and the tickets for 2.30pm and 3.00pm is limited so we have to watch the 5.30pm one. But the movie was ok lah, not really in the A list. I'll give it a B at most. Nothing much to see...the vampires only made up of Dracula and his three wifes but the werewolves were very...good looking? The story was new...trying to put Dracula, Van Helsing, werewolves and Frankenstein's monster in one movie. In the end, you got a nice-to-watch-just-once movie.

After that eat dinner with Chuin Hau, Wy Keat, and Wy Keat's SAM classmates while watching the MU vs Chelsea. They are quite friendly but i didn't get to know them well coz i'm not the talkative kind of person. After that one of his friend sent me back to My Place..

Sunday, 2 May 2004

Opposites attract?

Today i've read about an article in the newspaper which is quite interesting. It states that we do not share much common ground with the 'one' we seek but rather we complement each other. For what we lack, we look for a person who make up for those weaknesses, albeit subconsciously. Actually i find that this is quite least with my parents. They are the opposite of each other so the saying that opposites attract doesn't really stray far from the truth i reckon.

Just today my father's temper flared up because of some business with my cousin-in-law and his father-in-law, who is my uncle. I've never seen him so angry before...his mind is so filled with anger that he even forgot how to turn on his car radio! O_o Neway this is where my father mirrors my mother. Their temperament is the exact opposite. Dad doesn't keep his anger inside but it just explode without warning. There won't be any restraints once his blood boils...and trust me you don't want to be at the recieving end. Mum, on the other hand, controls her anger and rarely shows it. She'll just sulk at worst and glare at you but you won't hear her shout like Dad does when he's angry. Maybe that's why i've grown more attached to my Mum...

Btw everyone seems very busy lately...can't get them to go out to play basketball or watch movie. Maybe they're just homesick...or want to enjoy the comfort of their home more. Either way i'll also be lying on my bed the whole's just so much more comfortable than the rock-hard mattress in My Place...

Saturday, 1 May 2004

To the friend i've never met...(u knoe who u r ;) )

Funny how fate plays a part in our lives...

Some time end of last year, a girl messaged me thru ICQ (which is nice :P but the problem is, i don't know who she is but she claimed she knew me). It took us bout a couple of messages before we realized she mistook me for someone else hehe. But anyway i've made a great friend thru this 'mistake' she made. Although we only chatted once in a while (coz i was in college now and no ICQ nor MSN :( ) i can see that she's a very friendly person and values friendship a lot..

Now that i think about it, i may have never knew her if not for that 'mistake'. I found this on the net which very much say what i wanna say. So here i dedicate this poem to her just for being such a great person as my friend :)

I have never laughed with you
I have never cried with you
but yet I hold your friendship
ever so true

you're there to listen
you're there to talk
you gave me a guiding hand
when I needed to walk

you mean so much to me
yet I've never seen your face
your presence I have not yet
been graced

through think and thin
our friendship will never give in
thank you for the time spent with me
I know now
friends we will always be.

Friends 4eva! :) Cheers..!