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Tuesday, 11 May 2004

MUET speaking exam & the visit of Anne and Afree

Just took the MUET speaking test today. Needless to say i did not do as well as i'd like. But i'm not the kind of person who can speak spontaneously :( so what's surprising. It's been my problem ever since i can remember...that's why i hate oral tests so much. I think it's because of my past...but i'll not talk about that right now...maybe next timelah. Then again i think i should be able to pass at least. Btw i was in the same group as Paul's housemate...Seo Chin Jin's her name i think. Halfway during the exam i realised i was looking at her most of the time while she was talking...but i got nothing else to look at what..haha :P. Neway didn't notice she lives below us until today...actually it's didn't remember her face coz we rarely see Paul's friends since they are in SAM. Well now at least i can recognise one of them..:)

Oh yea...Anne came with Pat to check out our apartment later today. Thank god the Kemas Jernih aunties came to clean up a few days ago ;). She's in kind of a state of shock when she entered our apartment haha. Sigh..RM300 bucks a month mah you think can get Shagri-La meh. She said she's gonna cook for us one day..(which is quite a feat given that our kitchen only have a microwave oven and no tap some more..). Btw Afree came with her too but he didn't seem to talk much. Perhaps he's in a state of shock too haha :P.

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