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Wednesday, 19 May 2004

PM1 News - Adelin's leaving

Well..our class PM1 juz got smaller. From 27 students when we first started, now left with only 24 of us. First, Ricky and 'paper girl'(*details below*) transferred to another class just after a few days in our class. Then Viknes joined our class but he too left for Form 6 after 2-3 weeks. Now Adelin's leaving our class and our class got even smaller. Not to say that this is a bad thing(coz we kind of get to know each other easier and the lecturers tend to notice and remember us) but there's less people i can get to know :(...

Today was the last day Adelin study in Taylor's. Quite sad she was leaving coz i didn't get to knoe her...sigh. Life was all about meetings and separations anyway. least i managed to contact her before i forgot all about it. Now that she also got Friendster it's easier to keep in contact with her. So here's goodbye to you, Adelin =). Good luck in your studies in Form 6(not that you need any anyway :P hehe)

*'Paper girl' was one of our classmates in PM1. She got that nick(from us) after Patrick tried to 'kau' her with a piece of paper O_o. That day, one of our lecturer asked us to write something on a piece of paper(i forgot what it was). Patrick saw 'paper girl' writing on a very small piece of paper so he offered her a bigger one. She refused but Patrick offered her a few more times but she just rejected his paper every time. After the class, she 'confronted' Patrick and told him it's not that she didn't have bigger piece of paper. Thus came out the story that Pat tried to 'kau' her with a pice of paper and 'paper girl' became our nick for her =P (Actually we don't know her name so we just came up with something to call her). Maybe that's why she left our class hehe =P

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