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Sunday, 23 May 2004

Lunch with Ms. Ho

A few days ago, we heard Ms. Ho(our Bio lecturer) asked some of our classmates why us Johorians are so mean towards her. She claimed that when she tried to 'open up' to us we didn't return the favour. All this started last last Friday(14th May) when she suddenly came into our apartment with our classmate Denise and her housemate to watch American Idol. (Jem went for some church outing, Ashok and Leong sped out of the apartment when they stepped into our apartment). Well, it wasn't that bad when Denise and her friend accompany Ms. Ho but when they went home(because of their housemate having a problem) the atmosphere starts to get...uncomfortable to say the least. Yih Seong and Patrick sat at the dining/study table and whispering and laughing while she sat in front of the TV. She tried to initiate conversation a few times but Yih Seong and Pat just did wat students will do when asked by their lecturer(ie. answer all her questions but did not show any interest in the conversation). As for me, i just sat opposite Yih Seong and Pat watching TV but saying nothing. Frankly, the situation is quite awkward...with her sitting alone in front of the TV. I guess that's why she thought we were mean towards her...

And so, we make it a point to clear up all the misunderstandings she had bout us and prove to her that we are not mean people. Me, Jem, Yih Seong, Patrick, Paul, Ashok and Yong Chen agreed to go for lunch at some Teochew porridge restaurant across the bridge in front of McD with her this morning. She seemed quite happy and excited at the idea...Overall, the lunch went along quite well I guess and we treated her a bit more like a friend than a lecturer this time. Hope she doesn't have a bad impression of us anymore...

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