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Saturday, 8 May 2004

Nazgul Invasion in Mordor % `Van Helsing`

LOL. Bout 1 am this morning when Yih Seong, Leong and me was just getting to sleep, Jem came to us shouting Nazgul!(corkcroach in 121D language). We thought it was juz another one but then Jem and Ashok became hysterical(i'm exaggerating so sue me :P). That's when we found not 1, not 2, not 3 but more than 10 of them in Mordor!(that's Ashok's and Jem's room in case you're wondering). They're like all over the place and we have to spray the whole room with insecticide till Jem and Ashok couldn't sleep there that night. Apparently they are attracted by Ashok's one-week-plus-still-haven't-washed clothes haha. That should teach him a lesson to wash his clothes more regularly..

Note:- Nazgul is a common sight in My Place. In fact we are at war with them ever since we moved in. Normally only 2 or 3 of them trespass our territory (and got killed). But this time is a special case coz they don't normally organize party in such a small place.

Anyway that afternoon i went to Sunway Pyramid with Wy Keat. Asked my fellow 121D budaks to go along but none of them agreed. All either got plans already or malas to go. Actually Wy Keat just called me this morning to go watch Van Helsing with his friends so it's kind of a last minute plan lah. I asked Chuin Hau to accompany me coz the last time wanted to watch movie with him didn't go as planned. Unfortunately, we got there late and the tickets for 2.30pm and 3.00pm is limited so we have to watch the 5.30pm one. But the movie was ok lah, not really in the A list. I'll give it a B at most. Nothing much to see...the vampires only made up of Dracula and his three wifes but the werewolves were very...good looking? The story was new...trying to put Dracula, Van Helsing, werewolves and Frankenstein's monster in one movie. In the end, you got a nice-to-watch-just-once movie.

After that eat dinner with Chuin Hau, Wy Keat, and Wy Keat's SAM classmates while watching the MU vs Chelsea. They are quite friendly but i didn't get to know them well coz i'm not the talkative kind of person. After that one of his friend sent me back to My Place..

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