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Wednesday, 26 May 2004


Today is Pat's birthday! I've known Pat since Form 2 i think. We were in the same class in Form 2 and Form 3. Actually i didn't really know him till this year...coz we mixed with different groups in the past. But after knowing Pat, i immediately regretted it(haha juz kidding). He's Yih Seong's 'cock' partner...making jokes that make no sense but nevertheless got us rolling on the floor laughing =). He's very hardworking too(at least since the last few days ;) ) and always finish his homework everyday(in contrast with me =P). Anyway today's his birthday so let's wish that all his dreams come true for him!

Yih Seong, Yong Chen, Ashok, Anne, Wen Ying, Wen Hoi, Zi Yang, Pavanjeet, and me went to Pizza Hut to celebrate with him. Quite long since i last ate pizza(that was during Yih Seong's birthday - 24 February) =P. But this time we all pay for it coz there's too many people (it's one of 121D's tradition(or you may call it 'unwritten law' ;P) that the Birthday Boy have to blanja the rest of 121D's inhabitants makan somewhere...which most of the time pizza). After that, Yih Seong and Yong Chen sneaked out to buy cake for Pat which the whole PM1 ate with Ms Ho (We wanted to waste some time from the Bio class =P). The cake's not very big so all we get are crumbs =( haha. This is the first birthday celebration in our class..

PS - Notice Jem wasn't there with us in Pizza Hut? I don't know why he's still avoiding social contact with Pat...but that day, Wen Ying and Anne asked him to join us in Pizza Hut but he didn't want to go. Is it that hard to forgive someone and forget about it? I's been months since that incident between Jem and Pat. I already given up interfering between them...But i sincerely hope they'll get back together like the good old days. (haha i sound like it's been years since they are 'kam cheng' =P).

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