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Saturday, 29 May 2004

`The Day After Tomorrow`

Actually Ashok and I planned a few days ago to watch 'The Day After Tomorrow' with the rest of our 121D gang. But no one else went along with our plan. Jem went back to JB yesterday, Leong and Yong Chen got dates to settle themselves, Pat's going to watch with Chia Wen, and Yih Seong's being secretive bout his plans as always. Btw Zi Yang called Yih Seong yesterday to tell us that he's coming to our apartment to play CS with us(the other day he came at nite but Yih Seong and Pat who were supposed to go play with him ended up eating in mamak. Zi Yang's quite sad that day they didn't go play CS as they promised). We didn't want to disappoint him again so Zi Yang, Yih Seong, Leong, Ashok and me went to play CS for bout an hour.

After that, Zi Yang joined me and Ashok to watch 'The Day After Tomorrow' at Sunway Pyramid at 6.30pm. As usual, Chuin Hau bought the tickets for us. Isn't it convenient to have a friend living near a cinema ;). Thanx a lot Chuin Hau!

Well...the movie is quite interesting. I'll give it a B for the nice effects portraying the weather change...especially the tornadoes and the waves gushing between the roads =). Though it's quite illogical at times (like the guys outrunning the drop in temperature O_o. Or how the hell did the wolves survive the cold weather? Everything's supposed to freeze rite?) but the disasters kind of make up for it hehe. Oh yeah, we noticed that when the North Hemisphere turns into frozen hell, Malaysia's still safe! =). One more reason to stay in Malaysia haha ;) PS - The advertisement for the movie show's Berlin Clock Tower and the Opera House but the movie didn't show any of them leh...another one of those movie gimmicks >=(

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