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Tuesday, 1 June 2004

The end of LAN as we know it =)

Yih Seong asked us to discuss with Leong's class' LAN group bout our Malaysian History(a part of LAN...humanity subjects we are forced to take =(. The other is Moral Studies OMG...I dunno which is worse) but we all too lazy to go...only Pat and Yih Seong went. In the end that discussion tak jadi anyway coz we are doing different approach to out topic. Btw our topic is about 'Is Democracy good?' or something like that.

All of us went to the library to finish up that project in the evening. I managed to finish my part which is on Democracy in South America yesterday so I was juz there to help them. Anyway we finished our whole project today...which marked the end of LAN for us! No more History or Moral anymore!! =)

At nite, have to do the Bio work about Biology Foundation(about 2 pages full of subjective questions..sigh) till very late. Then study a bit for next week's exams. Straight away 'peng' after that.

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