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Wednesday, 23 June 2004

Japanese lunch in City Square

Yong Chen asked me to go City Square today...been quite a while since I’ve been there. Actually I juz went there with my father and younger bro two weeks ago to buy computer games but we practically juz went into one shop and then went home. So I was quite surprised how much have changed to the place where I always lepak before I went to tuition ;). They seemed to have the new cyberzones...though why they called it 'cyber' is beyond me. There’s nothing ‘cyber’ about those zones...but maybe it's juz me *shrugs*

Anyway, me, Yong Chen, Irwin, Eric, Jem, and Leong met in City Square in the afternoon. Quite surprised to see Irwin going out with us because i thought he's not back here yet(he went to LimKokWing but according to sources he's going to S'pore soon) Furthermore, he didn’t go to Leong’s birthday party (apparently...someone didn’t tell us that he’s back here =P). He still looked the same...but then again it’s juz 6 months since I last saw him.

For lunch, we went to a Japanese restaurant in the cyberzone(I forgot the name but it has a big picture of pikachu). Frankly, I’ve never eaten Japanese food before in my life. Yong Chen and Eric ordered the ‘Gekikara Ramen’ which is a BIG bowl of noodles...looks like Japanese laksa to me. I ordered ‘Yaki Soba’...the only noodles not swimming in soup on the menu. It was very nice...the only thing is that it looked quite weird when it juz came because the very thin strips of...wat’s that fish Yong Chen said...bonnito? Anyway those strips keep on curling and uncurling on the though I was eating some raw food...very raw food. Yong Chen said it was the heat from the noodles causing that. Nevertheless I juz walloped the noodles and it taste very very delicious =). Would have ordered another bowl if I’m not that full at that time...ah well maybe next time.

After our Japanese lunch, we went to KingSurf because Irwin long time didn’t go play Counter-strike liao so we teman him lor before he go to study in Singapore. Hehe...see how good friends we are =P

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