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Thursday, 17 June 2004

SNO in the name of Leong’s Birthday Party (Well...sort of)

Been very long since I update again(this is written on 22nd June)...sigh. I can barely keep up with this blog now...maybe because I’ve been sleeping too much?(FYI, I woke up at 2.00pm everyday...without fail =P. It’s the bed I tell’s juz too comfortable to get out of hehe). Anyway, a few days ago Eric told me about this gathering he’s planning to have. Frankly I didn’t even know it was for Leong’s birthday till this afternoon when Jem SMSed me to bring my towel.

Well...that afternoon I met Eric outside Leisure Mall and called Yong Chen to join us for some cybercafe action(not that I’m really in the mood but we still got like 3 hours before the movie). Later Leong, Ashok, Chun Kiang and Jem joined us. Played Battlefield Vietnam which is quite fun...having to drive and fly around. Halfway playing, Jem left to go somewhere to do something(which we found out later that he went to buy movie ticket for Pat! Well well, seems like everything’s back to normal =) ).

We watched Harry Potter 3: The Prisoner of Azkaban...though I’m not a HP fan(seen all the movies but never read the books anyway) but it’s juz ok, I’ll give it a C+. Chua nearly fell asleep haha but it’s because he wached it’s not THAT boring rite...Have to make a note here that Yih Seong did not join us for the movie because *loudly so everyone can hear* HE WATCHED IT IN SUBANG ALREADY. Hmm...this should be obvious enough haha =P

Later at bout 9pm we(including Yih Seong of course) had some steamboat buffet dinner where we can grill food too. The food is ok(well...those that wasn’t burnt to crisp anyway) though I ate ten times more chicken than I eat in a day (yea I’m exaggerating but I’m not complaining...thanx Yong Chen for stuffing those chicken into me =P). This is the first time I ate steamboat out of my home though so took me a while to get used to those droplets of butter(is it butter?) attacking every inch of my skin that’s not covered...

After dinner, we stayed at Jem’s house for SNO(Small Night Out...a smaller version of BNO) for the night. At the stroke of midnight, Leong got his 3-4(a thrashing some of you might call...) as of the ritual where the birthday boy got his birthday bashing =). I’m an exception though...currently the only 3-4 virgin left (as in never got 3-4 before...wat are you thinking? =P). Then we did the usual PS2, play computer, watched football, eat pizza, then sleep when the sun comes out =).

Here I’d like to add a summary of my friendship with Leong. I first met him in Std 3 I think...when our classes(my 3 Merah and his 3 Biru) joined for Moral class. I don’t really know the details after that(izzit me or is my memory failing...) ...but I remembered he was there when me, Irwin, and Eric stayed over at Yong Chen’s house after celebrating his birthday in 1998. Well...he’s now one of my apartmentmates(is there such a word?) so on his birthday, I’ll like to wish him all the best all the way! It’s great sleeping beside you! (haha juz kidding...;). Don’t freak out yea, I know you got a phobia of even slight intimacy with guys...especially Yih Seong =P)

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