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Friday, 11 June 2004

Summary of Semester Exams - the only time we actually studied ;)

First day of semester exams, 7th June 2004 :-
Chemistry paper today. Studied till 1am this morning. Thank God I manage to finish all the chapters. Paper 1 was very hard...nearly not enough time to finish. Paper 2 was much easier. Did a few careless mistakes but I still can get A I think(and hope). Everyone don’t seem happy especially Anne. Hope it’s not that bad for her. Can see that she’s very stressed because of this exams(more like because the RESULTS of the exams will be sent via mail to our parents hehe)

Second day of semester exams, 8th June 2004 :-
Mad studying last night. Study from evening till 2am this morning. Juz managed to finish the last chapter before I sleep. Bio paper 2 - Damn hard, damn bloody hard. Everyone came out of the Multi Purpose Hall(MPH) shaking their heads. Ms Ho said she set this paper for us to pass but I doubt we can even pass. I knew something was wrong when the paper 1 turned out to be easier than Chemistry paper 1. Overheard someone outside the library saying tomorrow there’s gonna be a mass suicide of Taylor’s A-Levels students. Lol.’s THAT hard.

Third day of semester exams, 9th June 2004 :-
Ahh...Math. My fav subject. That’s because it’s the easiest subject for me to score ;P. Math paper was a breeze compared to the last two days. Manage to finish in time with some time to check.
Btw Jem, Leong, and Ashok joined some of our friends to CC after lunch. Didn’t feel like going to CC this past few weeks so didn’t join them. Pat and Yih Seong went to Sunway Pyramid to buy some ‘stuff’(read:birthday present!) and ate chicken buffet there. Didn't ask us along...*grumble grumble*

Fourth day of semester exams, 10th June 2004 :-
Today sit for Thinking Skills papers. The objective paper got us cracking our brains to solve all the arithmetic problems and point out the flaw, conclusion, etc. Paper 2 got our hands flying all over the test pad to write out an evaluation of a scenario(about someone on the plane accused of acting violently...omg didn't they have something better to do? =P). Did finish both papers tho so did not feel pessimistic like some of my friends. Btw bought bus ticket home for tomorrow. Can’t wait to be home...

Last day of semester exams, 11th June 2004 :-
Nothing much today. Physics paper was hard but that was expected. Didn’t study real hard for it anyway. As Pat put it, Thinking Skills sapped all our drive to study already. The night before everybody was relaxing till 9pm. Anyway, an A for Physics isn’t as far-fetched as I initially thought(i'm praying real hard over here). Juz happy exams is over =)

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