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Monday, 28 June 2004

First day of a new semester! (Yawn...) i am back in Subang again...after two weeks of hibernation in my cozy bed at home =). The holidays seems kind of short to me...two weeks holidays ain't enough to recover from my fellow apartment mates' daily cock('crap' in actual English, or rubbish or nonsense or things that we said which does not make sense but we juz say it anyway) haha =P. Actually it's juz me not getting enough sleep before the exams...anyway the holidays is over and i'm now counting down to the next holidays which is in September...after the AS Trials unfortunately =(. Have to study again...sigh.

Took the bus here from JB with Yih Seong yesterday. Yong Chen and Jem flew here while Leong came up with his parents on the same day. Ashok arrived in Subang on Wednesday before going to Pangkor with his sister and friends...apparently =P. As for Pat, he came to Subang on Friday...dunno why he wanted to come here so early...i rather stay home and get some more sleep =)

As for the first day of the new semester...nothing interesting happened. Our Physics lecturer, Mr Selva dropped us and we got Mr Chan in exchange...hope he's a good lecturer. Besides that, all the lecturers remain the same. Unfortunately, we are a floating class now, which means we keep changing classes each period...which is quite troublesome >=(. Dunno who came up with the idea that subjects should be taught according to we literally have to walk hundreds of metres everyday to get to our classes. Maybe they're juz getting us used to life in university i think. But i still prefer staying in the same class and let the lecturers float around instead =P

Other than that and we got a new timetable, nothing much interesting to note today...have to try very hard to sleep early now =(. And no more MSN or ICQ...double =(

PS - oh yeah, btw the Malaysian Studies still have to go on for another 4 weeks...sigh sigh sigh. But at least i can take a nap during that boring period =P

Note - i can't access the flooble chatbox with the library's coms so i won't get to reply to any spam any one of you posted...

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