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Thursday, 1 July 2004

My first futsal match =)

Finally i get to play futsal today! =) Actually i had wanted to play when my apartmentmates and classmates(Zi Yang, Shanmugam, Wen Hoi, Paul, Jem, Yih Seong and Ashok) started playing early this year but i only brought a pair of basketball shoes with me which obviously can't be used to play futsal *roll eyes at Yih Seong* haha =P. And forgetful me keeps forgetting to bring some suitable shoes up during the few blissful times i get to go home but you can't blame me rite...i got much important things to sleep, sleep and sleep! Dunring the last holiday i remembered at last but though i couldn't find any better shoes than my bro's old worn out shoes but i can make do with them...i think

Anyway today i went with the futsal gang to Sportsplanet for my first futsal match. Today's match is us PM1 against PE3 which happens to be Leong's class...with a few foreign players(from other class lah). At first i just sat at the sideline coz it was a close match(have to note that i'm not a very good player so i leave it to them to get in the lead first). That is, until Wen Hoi, Shan, Zi Yang, Yih Seong and Jem who are our first team started scoring like mad and got a lead of 6 goals :O. Then only I started playing...after which sad to say our lead reduced to only 2 goals towards the end of the match. But then again this is my first match so you can't blame me if i didn't play well right? =P

After the match i felt damn tired...especially after 7 of us(me, Jem, Yih Seong, Leong, Ashok, Wen Hoi and Paul) squeezed into Wen Hoi's car. I ended up having to sit on Paul's lap(sorry Paul for that ;) ) and we all didn't even get an inch of leg space. We can hardly walk after that...

Though i only played for about 25 minutes of the whole game which lasted from 3.00pm to 5.00pm, i still had much fun playing futsal =). i think i'm falling in love with futsal haha =P. Can't wait for our next futsal match...which is against PM6 next tuesday. Heard they are not good at all...Yih Seong even said i can dribble pass them if i want haha. But that's juz us...always underestimating the opponents =P. It doesn't help that our PM1 futsal team hasn't lose a single match since the first game =D

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