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Friday, 23 July 2004

Happy Birthday Li Hwa! (a.k.a Althena a.k.a wa-wa)

Li Hwa(a.k.a Althena) turned 18 today!


Got to know this friendly girl online more than half a year ago when we didn't even know each other at all (i got a previous blog entry on her - 1st May 2004 - ...yup this is that friend of mine). Actually it's she who started messaging me in ICQ and from there and then we became friends(maybe it's better to call us online friends...since we've never met each other before till now ;) ). When she first messaged me, i was quite surprised at first...i didn't know i was so popular with girls haha =P. But it turned out to be a case of mistaken identity =( (i knew the previous statement isn't true all along...but i'm juz hoping hehe =P). But even though after she realised she got the wrong person, she's always ready to chat with me everytime i see her online...which kind of impressed me to see someone who values friendship so much. Really grateful for that mistake she made (hehe..ok, i'll stop talking bout it after this ;) )...gave me a great friend i wouldn't have known otherwise =)

Oh yea, juz for your info, this is one of the girls my friends tease me about at the moment (you see, i got a long list of 'supposedly girlfriends'...i forgot when this started but since then nearly every girl i know has been on that list ^^" ). but knowing my friends ;), i don't find this surprising haha. maybe i should list out all the girls(and guys!) who successfully made it into the list and how they did time lar ;) Before i forget, here's wishing Li Hwa all the best in her studies! Study hard and play harder! =)

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