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Saturday, 24 July 2004

My long list of supposedly girlfriends/boyfriends/wives/fiances/mistresses/etc etc

Ok, here's the ever-increasing long list of my supposedly 'girlfriends/boyfriends/wives/fiances/mistresses/etc etc' and how they successfully got into into that list (according to chronological order):-

1. Air stewardesses
I don't think this should be in this list but i guess i gonna put it in anyway. This 'air stewardesses are my mistresses' thingy started with Yong Chen i guess, i don't really remember who. It was long ago during lower secondary when we were still young and childish(some of us still are =P) that they came up with this. The main reason is that they couldn't find any girl to attach me to then so they decided to attached those unknown and unnamed girls (read:air stewardesses) to me coz i live in Senai(the only airport in Johor is here). Found it amusing so i didn't do anything bout it haha =P. but this stopped long ago for your information...let's juz say we've grown up ;)

2. Chong Chew Yen
Yup, this is the girl that Yih Seong allegedly 'claimed' to be able to point a finger at you and you'll fly across the room haha =P. (And she's rumored to be Leong's ex-girlfriend too =P) This started with Wy Keat when he asked me if i noticed the Convent girls in our BM tuition(during Form 4). Unfortunately, i don't know watever force possessed me, and i told him i only noticed the prefect among them (you can't blame me...she's a prefect what...obviously i'll notice her first rite). Turned out the girl is Chew Yen and since then my friends (those in the same tuition only...seems like the teasing is confined to them *phew*) had been mercilessly teasing me every now and then. But we attach one of the girls in our tuition to each one of us so i guess we are even then hehe...

3. Pn Zaiton
This rumour of teacher-student scandal comes from Yih Seong. Pn Zaiton was my BM teacher during half of Form 4 and the whole year of Form 5. As she thinks i'm a good boy (coz i never made trouble for her before) she never scold me or hit me. Even during the end of Form 5 when i started leaving homework untouched, she juz glared at me at most when she found out. But it's not my problem rite if someone finds it hard to scold or hit me =P. And so with this arises the theory that me and Pn Zaiton are together O_o. Jealousy impairs one's mind to think 'straight' apparently haha =P

4. Anna Thomas
Ok, this girl claimed the record for managing to get into this list in the shortest time. One day last year, Yong Chen asked me to play Yahoo Pool with him. When i entered the room he's in, he was playing with a stranger(for those who still didn't see this coming, it's Anna Thomas). So i juz sit by the side and cheer her on to beat Yong Chen. I didn't join the game coz in the meantime i was in Yahoo Chess. We chatted for a while and exchanged e-mail addresses(Yong Chen too, in fact) Then when i left Yahoo Pool, Anna apparently asked where did i go. And so here it starts again, Anna Thomas was in love with me. sigh...but i didn't keep in contact with her anymore after juz 2 e-mails. i'm not that good when it comes to replying e-mails, you know...especially with a stranger living across the globe (read:USA)

5. Anne Yap
I'd seen this coming actually...especially when Anne called me her 'best friend' in class coz i always laugh at her jokes(unlike the others who kutuk her jokes haha). She kept saying that i'm a sweet guy...and then all of a sudden i became her 'fiance'! O_o Our 'relationship' is still on till now...tho it has cooled down significantly since then. wonder how long it'll last haha. i'm juz playing along k...

6. Adelin Yong
Adelin's one of the 'near extinct' girls in our class which has a ratio of boys:girls of 3:1. Luckily for her, she got JPA and left Taylor's sometime early last semester. The day after she left i juz SMSed her to ask her to keep in contact and we exchanged a few SMSes since then. Then my friends found out that i was still in contact with her (actually Adelin told Denise who told the others but i don't blame you, Adelin ;) ). So they once again came up with a new scandal - i'm pursuing Adelin. can't i juz keep in contact with a friend for god's sake...sigh hehe

7. TWY
WY is our 'Miss Taylor's' according to Pat hehe. Well...she's those kind of girl makes it difficult for you to hate her. Maybe that explains the long queue of guys pursuing her hehe. Anyway, early this semester we got a new class so WY asked me to sit beside her(to help in her studies of course...tho i still don't think i'm doing a good job). Then Anne accused me of having affair with WY and that i was planning to 'ditch' her haha. This is all juz a joke of course...but since then my friends have included WY in this list so wat the heck...

8. Althena (a.k.a Li Hwa)
(Yup, even you can't escape the scandalous minds of my friends...)
I met Li Hwa online last year and now we're still in contact. So naturally, my friends thought i was going after her. hehe...i guess they are really hungry for gossips here...everything's been so monotonous especially after 17 May 2004...

Phew...after this is the guys' list (this is not real of course ;) )
*Minas Tirith is the lovely quarters of Pat and Yih Seong ;)

9. Afree Low
I don't know why...but since early this year(i think it started with my really short haircut), Afree keeps commenting that i'm cute all the time. I don't mind the compliments =P but he became quite obsessed with me...kept staring at me for hours (i'm exaggerating of course...). And he kept doing those little annoying stuff juz to see how i react (now i feel wat Jeng Khay feels like...). Fortunately tho, now he kept it down already...and he apparently bought me from Zi Yang for 10 sen O_o. But i never acknowledged it...not that i want to anyway =P

10. Lim Zi Yang
Hehe...Zi Yang juz got nothing better to do =P. Seeing the trend that everyone's trying to be my 'other half', he also joined in. A few months ago, out of the blue he decided to make me his 'darling'. Then he kept calling me 'darling' for a few weeks hehe. Juz to keep him amused, i replied the calling...much to his surprise and shock =P. We kept this 'relationship' for a few weeks only...till his 'real' girlfriend came to Subang and broke us apart >=(. haha...

So this is the summary of my complicated and fascinating love life till now. I should juz get a girlfriend and put an end to all this mess, you say? Well...i don't think that's gonna happen anytime soon ;). I believe in fate...if you're fated to be together with someone than nothing could break you two apart. I'm not really in a hurry to stop all this scandals kept me and my friends amused in this dead boring life in college.

You all may know this but i'm juz going to state it...juz to be on the safe side ;) :
All of the above relationships and scandals involving me and the person(s) stated hold no truth whatsoever. All of this are juz fictitious (a result of some very very bored friends) and should not be taken seriously at all ;)

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