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Saturday, 31 July 2004

Bak kut teh dinner with Ms Ho
New treasurer elected

After a week of having a 'normal' Ms Ho in our Bio class, we decided to put an end to it...albeit reluctantly. It's actually because we can't stand the 'normal' Ms Ho too...which is very cold and quiet...and make us feel very uncomfortable (apparently she's acting like that to make us feel bad about our 'mistake'...according to our sources ;) ). To make up for our 'missed' lunch last Friday, we planned to have 'bak kut teh' in Klang with her for dinner today which is mainly Afree's idea.

So me, Yih Seong, Denise, Paul, Ian Zing, Afree, Wilson, Chow, Li Shan, and a few other gals and guys from her other classes congregate in front of My Place and took off in 3 cars to Klang (Afree's home place) for the 'bak kut teh'. Pat didn't want to go and went for his usual double date, Jem escaped to church and Ashok didn't like 'bak kut teh'. Dinner wasn't much...juz that Ms Ho looked better than during our Bio class. After dinner our class went to Afree's house with Ms Ho (the others 'dumped' her with us and seek refuge in Baskin n Robbins (did i spell this right?) ). On the way there, we lost Ms Ho's car (i don't know if this is deliberate =P) and Afree had to find her back. During this time, i sat with Yih Seong and Denise in Chow's car (while waiting, we mistook a big house to be Afree's and we even nearly went into the house when a car arrived at the gates. Apparently we thought that was Afree's car O_o haha. This became a small secret we decided not to tell the others coz it's so embarassing...the couple in the other car was looking at us and we were looking back at them for a few minutes before we realised we got the wrong house).

And so we lepak in Afree's house until his parents came home and we were 'halau-ed' out. Then Afree suggested to go to Star Pisces(pronounced pie-sis hehe) which is damn expensive (a drink costs 10 bucks...). Embarassingly, we realised that after we arranged all the tables and chairs to fit all of us before juz leaving without saying anything...or ordering anything. After that we decided to go back to My Place while Afree sent Ian Zing home (she's the one who wanted to go home...). Chow paid for the drinks and tidbits for our 'party' in 121D...which the only thing we did is eat and watch TV. Not a very 'happening' party i must say...hehe. Then later around midnight, me, Yih Seong and Paul went to Melur for supper (Leong and Ashok abandoned our plane and went for foosball instead).

Btw, i think i overheard Ms Ho telling Chow that she's very happy today. Seems like our plan worked...although i don't really like what's going to happen to our Bio classes...

News on 121D
A spontaneous meeting was held tonight to elect the next treasurer for the month of August (Yih Seong got tired of the post..). They (i wasn't there at the meeting) decided to draw lots and i turned out to be the lucky guy. Somehow i sensed a conspiracy in this election...Anyway, at least i can do whatever i want with the money =) hehe...(*cue for evil laughter*...a good example : Pat's high-pitched version)

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