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Tuesday, 27 July 2004

Our first futsal training =)

Futsal training today =). I missed last week's match(i was an unused sub) so quite looking forward to kicking ball again hehe. Anyway, this training is our manager, Paul's idea after last week's terrible performance from our players. Seems like our manager's not happy with the passing(the match seemed to be juz kick the ball long and high forward to Wen Hoi and let him scores). Frankly, i don't think our team played that bad but either way, we won =).

Back to the match...this time it's at the small court (i don't really see much difference in size but the 'grassy ground' is damn sandy...heard if u fell down and scraped your knee, it took weeks to heal O_o) which costs half the price =). Anyway this time Yong Chen gets to play a full match hehe. Hope he could unleash his full potential this time and erase those hilarious moment of him playing as keeper a few years back from our minds =P. Btw as we got only 9 players from our class, we recruited Leong to join our training match...

We are split into two - me, Yong Chen, Jem, Ashok and San on one side and Zi Yang, Wen Hoi, Paul,Leong and Yih Seong on the other. Unsurprisingly, we lost. Terribly. Even with San scoring all the goals and Jem trying to block all the shots, we still lost. Maybe it's because me and Yong Chen are on the same side (we are still new, you know). Anyway the match turned out to be Sanmugam blasting the ball across all the time. But at least we all get to play this time (*winks at Yong Chen*).

After the match, felt damn tired...seems like my whole body is breaking apart. This is what you get if you didn't exercise for a long back hurts and my left knee hurts (from clashing with Yih Seong...sorry for that hehe). Maybe i should put a stop to my 'babi lifestyle' - wake up in the afternoon, eat lunch, sleep, wake up at nite, eat dinner, then back to sleep again (a really blissful lifestyle if you ask me hehe...). But then again, everyone in 121D (and i do mean EVERYONE...don't even try to deny this hehe. You know you live a BL...) is leading this lifestyle so why should i change? =P. Maybe i should juz move in to Paul's apartment and live for much much longer...

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