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Tuesday, 20 July 2004

Supposedly Yong Chen`s debut futsal match

Futsal match again! Today's supposed to be Yong Chen's debut match but unfortunately me and Yong Chen didn't get to play coz the opponent(PM3 this time) were juz too strong. They got like 10 experienced players while on our side, we got 7 quite experienced players, 1 with two games experience and 1 debutant. So don't feel disappointed ya, Yong juz joined us for the wrong match. You should get used to be a bench-warmer like me though coz u know, we had never touch a football in years before this hehe. Nevermind that, you can prove your mettle during the practice match next Tuesday(supposedly), don't worry ;)

Anyway the match ended 11-12 or 11-14 (we find it very hard to keep track of the goals) in favour of our side. Yeah, we won again...thanx to the long range shots of Shan, the dribble and precise shooting of Wen Hoi, the formidable defense of Paul, the lightning-fast pace of Zi Yang, the sure-to-make-everybody-he-touches-fall aggressiveness of Ashok, and the only-thing-stopping-the-ball-from-going-into-the-goal-and-i'm-not-talking-bout-his-hands Jem. Sorry lah Yih Seong but you are juz out of form today...must be the mamak food you ate for lunch. Don't listen to our manager Paul some more lah haha =P.

Have to make a note here that Ms Ho came to watch the futsal match! (PM3 is her mentee class and we are her students, you see...). Well, let's juz say wat this futsal match lack in noise compared to a real football match, she makes up for it. Yea, she's that loud the WHOLE match...until our players got annoyed by her (and it's not only because she's not cheering us) ;)

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