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Friday, 23 July 2004

Ms Ho merajuk
Visit to Paul's apartment!

Ms Ho merajuk with us's the summary of events(it's been a week so the details may not be poor mind had been subjected to severe mental damages since that day):-

On Wednesday, Ms Ho told Yih Seong she wanted to have dinner with us on Friday(today), then Yih Seong suggested why don't we have lunch instead. So she said see first and she'll confirm with him later.
Then yesterday, Ms Ho asked Denise if our class could have lunch with her on Friday. Denise couldn't confirm with her coz it was late already and she can't ask the others first. So Denise said tomorrow only see lor.
And today, after Bio(our last class), she wanted to go eat lunch with us. But then, almost the whole class had eaten lunch as we have a 1-hour break before our last class. After knowing we had lunch without her, she fumed and rushed out of the class, leaving us in confusion.
Technically, we didn't confirm with her that we were going to eat lunch with her in the first place so we didn't do anything wrong. Moreover she only told Yih Seong and Denise about her plans to have lunch with us. But we made a last minute plan to save the situation anyway. Yih Seong, Denise, Ian Zing, Chow, Wilson, Afree, Wen Hoi, Anne and me went to search for Ms Ho around the college. By the time we found her, she juz said "I asked my mentees out for lunch already. I don't need you all anymore" when Yih Seong approached her. Then she juz sped off to the staffroom without saying anything else, leaving us in bewilderment again.

Anyway later that night, Khang Wern and Denise camed over to our home to watch Malaysian Idol with us. After the show Pat began to gather budaks for Bob Cup(we plan to make this a weekly thing). Pat, Yong Chen, Khang Wern, Li Shan and me went down to play. Actually our plan was to call Li Shan to ask Ms Ho to join us but apparently she's tired. Sigh...seems like she's still not over it. Anyway after we played for like 3 hours, Paul came home from his paintball match and joined us (Yong Chen and Khang Wern went back to their home half an hour before that).After a while, Pat asked us to go Melur coz he's hungry(he even smelled 'pau' halfway playing haha guess he's really hungry)

As Li Shan wanted to check out our apartment, we went back first. Before that, Paul invited us into his apartment...and wow. wow. wow. So much better than our 'Bangla settlement'(as Yih Seong and Pat affectionately call our home). First thing i noticed? His home is CLEAN. i almost forgot how clean feels like after staying in 121D for 7 months now...although we are largely the cause of it. Our home is only 'relatively clean' for 2 hours a week at most (right after the Kemas Jernih cleaning aunties came). Btw Paul said they only encounter one Nazgul a week...One a WEEK?! We had more than 10 times that many in a DAY that we are practically living with them! Seems like they have moved in with us...but most of them didn't last long however ;) Besides that, they got a big fridge...not like our knee-high, 'sad excuse for a fridge' fridge. And they got water heater and air-con too! Oh yea they got couch too! We have to sit on cold, hard plastic chair and they got couch to nap on! (currently i'm planning to steal that soon...have to get closer to them first =) ) All that for RM380 (80 bucks more than us). But i'm not really disappointed bout our apartment coz with these friends of mine sort of balance the cons...sometimes, that is =P. And so after marvelling at Paul's home and prying ourselves off their couches, we went to Melur to have a drink and some rotis.

Nothing much happened today besides these...=P

PS - Paul started his blog again today(his previous blog didn't really make it years ago)...added his link to my site already. Hope he can keep it updated more frequently than ours hehe

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