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Thursday, 29 July 2004

An ice-skating turned 'I, Robot' movie trip to Sunway Pyramid...

Another failed plan that we (we as in me, Jem and Ashok...the others not around most of the time anyway) thought of. Actually since last week we had planned for today's ice-skating and movie trip already...we even drawn up an Invitation List which includes all 121D budaks, Paul, Chow, Afree, Anne, Zi Yang, Wen Hoi, Wen Ying, Sanmugam and Wilson. For a start, we got only 7 people to agree - me, Jem, Ashok, San, Yong Chen, Paul and Yih Seong - which is not that bad. And so enthusiastic me, Jem and Ashok waited for this day...(we are damn bored at home with nothing to do...which is quite ironic as we are surrounded by lots of cybercafes hehe)

Sadly, one by one everyone pulled out of the ice-skating part of the plan. Yong Chen ice-skates a few times before and was trying to save money, Paul got Leo meeting, and Yih Seong's in a financial crisis. And so left me, Jem, Ashok and San going to Sunway Pyramid. Upon reaching there, we decided to juz catch I, Robot only coz San have to go home early. So Jem bought 7 tickets before asking the others (apparently they are supposed to be confirmed to join us for the movie). Unfortunately, Paul still haven't finish with his meeting yet but he paid for the ticket. Then Yih Seong said he didn't confirm with us also and gave all kinds of excuses (in the end, the real reason turned out to be 'she's bringing me to watch the movie tomorrow') which made Jem damn angry coz Yih Seong's beating around the bush. But we managed to sell Yih Seong's ticket to Chuin Hau and that cooled Jem down a bit...

Anyway, I, Robot turned out to be a great movie =). Quite enjoyed the movie though it's more to special effects than real acting. I like the way the story goes..especially the twists and turns in between. At least this trip didn't turn out to be wasted hehe..though Jem's a bit disappointed we didn't get to skate...maybe next time lar

PS - Jem sent his hp to a shop in Pyramid to be repaired...a few weeks ago(or is it months edi?) a yellow dot appeared on Jem's hp's screen. Through a few days, the yellow dot spread into a small patch (we thought some microbiological organism infected it...). Turned out that the inner screen of his hp cracked, and if not repaired the crack will spread through the whole screen. It'll cost about RM30 to repair it apparently...and if that's not possible, looks like someone's gonna get a new phone! =)

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