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Saturday, 17 July 2004

SJMC visit on a Saturday morning...*yawn*

Dunno wat get into me recently...i got all of us signed u for a hospital visit(!). Only slept for like 5 hours before getting up again to get ready...been sleep deprived lately =( (for those who don't know me, i have to sleep for 12 hours a day to be really awake ;) ). It's not dat any of us haven't visit a hospital before right...but the visit isn't THAT boring lah(except for Anne lah who didn't get to see the babies. Heard she got a black mark in her record for wandering into the babies section without permission =P. Juz found out Anne REALLY REALLY loves babies O_o. She joined this just for seeing different from the 'real' person haha =P)

Anyway, this morning we(me, Jem, Yih Seong, Denise, Ian Zing, Anne, Wilson, Afree and Zi Yang) joined the Pre-Medical Society's visit to Subang Jaya Medical Centre. Wilson came to pick us up together with Zi Yang from My's not that far to walk but since somebody offered to drive us, why not =P.

Well...the visit's mainly about ushering us to this department and that while trying to tell us something by whispering(we are in a hospital you know). Couldn't even hear wat Janet(our 'tour guide') says most of the time until we gave up trying to surround her in a 1 metre radius. So we went to the Blood Bank, the Heart something something something something Department, the Cancer Department and lastly, Food & Beverage department =). Different doctors shown us the blood washing machine(i forgot the name but let's juz call it that, ya), the Lab(where they use flat screen coms!), the MRI, the linear accelerator or watever it is called, the CT scan thingy and the BIG machine to attack cancer cells(it's linked to a computer in another room where you can set the area to bombard radiation at. Apparently it's password-locked but he juz typed it in front of now you better not offend us and get cancer at the same time...=P)

The last department is the Food & Beverage(thanx to Afree who came up with this request)! We were shown the menu for the patients (they even got different food everyday wei...much better than us at My Place
=( ). Made us even more hungry coz it's noon edi. We all didn't had breakfast some more...except Afree and Anne lah but what's surprising hehe =P.

Then we all went to Shakey's......! for lunch (haha sorry lah Ashok...i'm not laughing at you haha =P. For any of you who didn't get this, well, stay that way =P. This is juz one of the millions of funny stuff that happened inside the 4 walls of 121D ;). It'll take months to list them all...). Quite enjoyable meal...coz i noticed our class had got a LOT closer since the beginning of this year...hope it'll stay like this for a long time...especially after our A-Levels. But you know, friends come and friends go...i seriously doubt i'll even still be in contact with any of them in, like, 10 years,..hmm..maybe even five years time. But nevertheless, at least we got to know each other...even if it's for one and a half years only. Really glad to have them as my friends...they juz made life in college even more interesting =)

P/S - Ashok and Pat went back to JB by bus yesterday. Said they're going home 'for fun' O_o. But seriously one can get quite, wait, VERY homesick here...i juz miss those comfy bed back at home where i lie subconsciously for 12 hours each day...ah, one of the little pleasures of life, don't you agree ;)

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