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Friday, 2 July 2004

`Spiderman 2`

We've been planning this since days ago even before the new semester starts...but the plan nearly fell through when we couldn't get the tickets. We gathered 6 budaks last night, namely me, Jem, Ashok, Yong Chen, Shanmugam and Chuin Hau (Yih Seong got other 'plans' and Leong said he didn't want to go. As for Pat, he's not home most of the time so we didn't manage to ask him). Last night Jem tried to book the tickets at Sunway Pyramid through the internet which unsurprisingly failed(we only got to know that this morning itself). Then this morning he called GSC Sunway Pyramid to book the tickets the whole morning but juz couldn't get through. Fortunately, thoughtful Ashok(*cough*cough*) "tried to book the tickets through internet for fun" while Jem was trying to do the same thing last night. And here's the long due thanks to Ashok(who expects some gratitude from us but i guess we're more shocked at his 'thoughtfulness' =P)

But then this morning Pat, Wen Hoi and Zi Yang told us they wanted to join us to watch the movie. Luckily Summit isn't a popular choice among cinema-goers...or anyone for that matter. There's nothing much to see there...let alone something to buy. Anyway we got the 6 tickets we booked AND 3 tickets for the latecomers AND 1 ticket for Leong who called us at the last minute to join us(wonder why a sudden change of mind...).

The movie was quite good in general...only that there's not much fighting scenes between Spiderman and Dr. Ock. Other than that, everything's juz ok...But i really have to say that it didn't quite meet my expectations of it. Much of the movie is touchy touchy scenes...too much in fact =(. I'll rate it B+ at most...

After movie, me, Ashok, Pat and Wen Hoi went to have dinner at Kwai Sun. Everyone else got date(Jem got some church outing me thinks) so only left 4 of us. Ashok and me ordered duck mee...and Ashok told us he never ate duck before. Come to think of it, Ashok tasted quite a lot of new food(mostly chinese food of course) while he's up here. Guess independence may brought lots of changes...especially in your diet ;) (deciding what and where to eat has become the question that cracks our heads everyday...until now that everyone has developed a phobia of being asked that question hehe)

Note - For your(*cough*hel*cough*ghast*cough cough) info, i rate movies not because i want others to read bout it...not that it's a very comprehensive review anyway =P. It's juz for me to keep track of how many 'nice' movies i've seen ;)...coz this diary will serve as sort of a history of my life in college. So to anyone out there who disagree with my critics...well go find a more reliable reiview then ;). I've never claimed that i'm a good reviewer anyway =P

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