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Thursday, 19 March 2009

wanna see Dundee?

Last week, as I sat in the shuttle bus on the one-hour ride back to Ninewells from Perth Royal Infirmary, something familiar caught my eye when I was staring out the window mindlessly.

It's a plain black hatchback. What's peculiar about it is that it has a pole attached onto its roof. And at the top of the pole is something that look like loudspeakers directed at 8 directions.

picture credit: Scoopt/GettyImages

Of course, I knew just what it was the moment I saw it.

All the way back to last year when I was working, I got so bored that most of my time was spent on the internet. And one site I used to check out was (touring the world without leaving your seat! haha)

Which was where I first saw this familiar peculiar looking car.

Yes, it's a Google Street View car! :D

And today, Google Street View of UK went live. No surprise there that Dundee is in the list (:

Too bad I didn't manage to get into any of its photos. I was in the bus after all sigh. But if anyone wants to stalk me check out what Dundee is like, look out below (:

Dundee city centre

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Next time you see a car like that, you know what to do: chase after it and get your 30 seconds of fame! haha

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

nothing makes you cry, like a baby does

I look at the 6-months old baby on her mum's lap.

Those BIG blue eyes, one can easily lose himself in them.

Beautiful little girl, who'd smile when tickled (:

The only thing you'll notice is that she doesn't fix her gaze.

And she has a nasogastric tube up her nose because she couldn't feed yet.

Causing her to make gurgling sounds when she wants to cry.


I look at the parents of this little girl.

The mum was bouncing the little girl on her lap.

Showering her baby with kisses.

The pride in her smile.

The joy in her voice.

The determination in her eyes.


Little girl has been doing much better, says mum.

She has began to smile.


I felt like crying, yet I'm not sure if I was feeling sad for them.

Or that I'm so deeply touched by them.