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Thursday, 19 March 2009

wanna see Dundee?

Last week, as I sat in the shuttle bus on the one-hour ride back to Ninewells from Perth Royal Infirmary, something familiar caught my eye when I was staring out the window mindlessly.

It's a plain black hatchback. What's peculiar about it is that it has a pole attached onto its roof. And at the top of the pole is something that look like loudspeakers directed at 8 directions.

picture credit: Scoopt/GettyImages

Of course, I knew just what it was the moment I saw it.

All the way back to last year when I was working, I got so bored that most of my time was spent on the internet. And one site I used to check out was (touring the world without leaving your seat! haha)

Which was where I first saw this familiar peculiar looking car.

Yes, it's a Google Street View car! :D

And today, Google Street View of UK went live. No surprise there that Dundee is in the list (:

Too bad I didn't manage to get into any of its photos. I was in the bus after all sigh. But if anyone wants to stalk me check out what Dundee is like, look out below (:

Dundee city centre

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Next time you see a car like that, you know what to do: chase after it and get your 30 seconds of fame! haha

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