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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

nothing makes you cry, like a baby does

I look at the 6-months old baby on her mum's lap.

Those BIG blue eyes, one can easily lose himself in them.

Beautiful little girl, who'd smile when tickled (:

The only thing you'll notice is that she doesn't fix her gaze.

And she has a nasogastric tube up her nose because she couldn't feed yet.

Causing her to make gurgling sounds when she wants to cry.


I look at the parents of this little girl.

The mum was bouncing the little girl on her lap.

Showering her baby with kisses.

The pride in her smile.

The joy in her voice.

The determination in her eyes.


Little girl has been doing much better, says mum.

She has began to smile.


I felt like crying, yet I'm not sure if I was feeling sad for them.

Or that I'm so deeply touched by them.

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