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Tuesday, 29 March 2005

A day before the 'real' trials...

Happy 19th Birthday to me longest friend ever, Ashok! =)
12 years ago, if you tell me that Ashok will be my friend for that long, i would hardly believe it. Not that he's lacking anything in the friend department, just that it's hard for me to believe that friendships can last that long. I had many good friends in these 18 years of my life, best friends even, but once we go our own way for a couple of years, we'll have to start all over again. I guess the reason that Ashok's still my friend is that i just can't seem to get away from him...we always end up in the same place haha. Anyway, 15 months of hell in 121D with him tells me a lot bout him (not all's nice tho haha =P), and i'll say he's one heck of a friend. And most importantly, if you want a place to hold a BBQ or party in JB, you know where to go ;). Here's wishing a very happy birthday to Ashok who holds the record for being my friend for the longest time hehe =). All the best for your AS and A2 this year!

Birthday celebrations...we know it's late but better late than never, right?
Normally we would celebrate birthdays at the struck of midnight, but this time we celebrated it juz before midnight ^^". In fact, for a while i thought we're not gonna celebrate Ashok’s birthday, but then the trials are so near we couldn't even find time to sleep sigh. So as not to disappoint Ashok (Pat keeps telling us he's disappointed we didn't 3-4 him...i dunno how true is that haha), me and Jem went to buy a cake for him after dinner at the Baker's Cottage nearby. Not much choice there (no cheese allowed ^^"), so we chose the same cake we had for Paul last year, some Tiramisu shit. Then came the dilemma over what to write on the cake. After bout 10 minutes of blank looks at the cashier, we settled with a simple 'Happy Birthday Ass Hoc' haha. Ok...i suggested the 'ass' part, coz 'Happy Birthday Ashok' looks so plain =P. The term actually came from Shan, who used it as his nick during the first DotA game ever in Warnet X. Hey, we were getting desperate for a birthday message k...

Tremors were felt in My Place a while after midnight yesterday, but only i felt it O.o. Maybe coz i was the only one on my feet...while Leong's trying to create tremors of his own by shaking his chair so violently, Ashok's vibrating too much while brushing his teeth to feel anything and Yih Seong's doing math (don't ask me what's the relevance haha). While most of the My Place residents went downstairs to chit chat, us brave folks went to Melur for supper haha =P. Gossiped bout Jem over supper, and decided to interrogate him when we came back. Found out who THAT girl is...and turned out that Jem told us bout her quite some time ago. we don't listen to Jem talking sometimes =P. Anyway, on the count of, two, AAIKKK~ haha

PS - There's NOTHING going on between Jem and her. I repeat. There's NOTHING going on between them. We trust Jem juz this once, k? Haha =P -2.37am, 12 April 2005-

Friday, 25 March 2005

Hmm..i'll call today Chow's Night Out haha

A2 Trials - Chemistry 5 Practical
Chemistry practical, the least of my worries ^^. I wouldn't worry bout this paper...maybe coz i got much more things to worry bout ;). We were the first shift as usual, which is a good thing i guess. Don't have to waste time and energy washing all that apparatus (but some of us still wash them can never be too accurate i guess haha). Nothing unexpected for the first question, juz titration again. Think Ian Zing (she sat in front of me) got panicky though..especially since the burette's tap came off and splash the whole solution into the conical flask. Then for the planning she overlooked the question and thought the KI solution was an unknown solution (she thought it's K1). Right after the time's up, she complained to me that she couldn't do the planning. I was like, 'erm..ok..the planning doesn't carry too many marks i think..' but she kept on complaining like a small girl. *shudders* haha. I didn't know what to say actually...i'm not very good with words. So i just let her complain her heart out til the invigilator saved me lol =P. Still, i hope she didn't do badly for that practical...

'Miss Congeniality 2'
Been wanting to watch this...since the first movie was rather nice. There's nothing else to watch anyway so we decided to catch 'Miss Congeniality 2' today, after our Chem practical quarantine. The movie was pretty good...and some of the jokes are really funny. Maybe not as good as the first but still, at least there's something to watch..

After watching 'Miss Congeniality', all of us went back home except for Chow who had to stay for another movie. He's supposed to watch 'The Eye 10' with two of his many chicks haha. Actually i wanted to watch too, but i decided against it in the end due to lack of interest among the others (only Paul's with me..sigh) and the fact that i'll be spoiling Chow's day if i tagged along =P. I've never watched the first two movies anyway so i won't be missing this movie much... (though Chow sounded like it's a damn good movie...before he watched it of course haha)

Another DotA game...all bcoz of Chow haha
Sigh...there's juz no stopping us from playing DotA eh. Due to a 'special request' from Chow, we agreed to spend our Friday night in cc instead of studying ^^". Such sacrifice we make for a friend haha =P. Frankly, Chow was begging us to go play with him...literally O.o. I didn't know he wanted to play so damn much..i've never seen him so desperate before haha.

As Jem and Paul had to go to church tonight, we called along Paul's apartmentmate Tiong to make it 8 players. Chow had already asked him during our quarantine together and had even split the teams. He's supposed to have a one-on-one with Yih Seong, his Naga Siren against Yih Seong's Brad. Sad to say, he got whacked pretty badly haha. Overconfidence will lead to your downfall, no? Haha...*quote* No one messes with Brad *unquote* lol. Had another game which wasn't really fair heroes-wise, so it's better to juz leave it out ;)

PS - I'm gonna be screwed...haven't even finish studying any subject yet...and yet somehow, i still found time for DotA ^^"

-7.09pm, 28 March 2005-

Thursday, 24 March 2005

A2 Trials starts today..theory in 9 days

A2 Trials - Biology 5 Practical
Took our first paper this morning, Bio practical. Didn't really put much effort into this paper...mainly coz i still got lots more notes to read. Only flip thru the Bio lab manual and a few diagrams of slides, juz that. Hope it's enough =/. As for the paper, it wasn't really hard...juz that i didn't read up on the biochemical tests (although Yong Chen did ask me whether need to read or not). Some of the others boiled the Biuret test hehe...thank god i didn't went along with my planning (i was gonna boil too). But other than that, i think it went ok. Let's hope the rest of trials will go smoothly...

The first of many DotA games during trials..
After our quarantine, we went back home after having our lunch. And after a while, the conversation sort of head towards DotA. So much talk bout DotA that even my heart itch haha. Half of me wanna go, the other half wanna stay home and study (or sleep =P). What a dilemma i'm in sigh. In the end i still went along with the rest anyway. Everyone seems so enthusiastic bout going to play except Yih Seong, surprisingly...said he's very tired and wanted to sleep hehe. And i felt rather happy bout today's Bio practical too...the best time to ask someone to do something is when he's true haha. Too bad Leong's Juggernaut's non-stop omnislash spoiled the second game >=(. Didn't even spare my Pudge after one barrage of mercy at all haha. Juz joking Leong...i guess we sound you enough edi for what you did lol. Don't feel bad bout it k? It's juz a game ;)

PS - There goes my promise of no DotA for the next month...sigh.. (i'm afraid there's more to come haha =/)

-7.59pm, 24 March 2005-

Monday, 21 March 2005

Blog delayed..

Further updates on this blog will be reaallyy slow until after the trials.
Good luck in the exams to everyone reading this! =)

-7.09pm, 21 March 2005-

Sunday, 20 March 2005

Weekends...time to sleep again

Happy Birthday to the girl sitting next to me, Wen Ying! =)
Wen Ying turns 18 today! Happy birthday to ya! =) Well, Wen Ying is this girl who sits next to me during Math. Pat once said she has the potential to be Ms Taylor's, and i'm sure all those guys waiting in line for her will agree hehe. Anyway, Wen Ying's a really sweet girl (hey don't get any ideas...) and it's nice to have her around...she got lots to say sometimes haha (especially with Anne around...then she won't stop talking haha). Well, as my usual quiet self, i don't talk much to her. Not that i don't want to, juz that's it's me ;). And please, for the millionth time, don't try to ask me to go after her haha. She deserves someone better ;P. Anyway, here's wishing one of the 'near-extinct' in our class a very happy birthday! Wish you all the best in A2...and before i forget, congrats on all the offers you got before you even finish A-Levels. It's great knowing you =)

Another failed plan...futsal this time
Since last week, we (especially Yih Seong) have been looking forward to this weekend coz we have a futsal game against YS's cousin, Soon Liang's team. We were supposed to have the game last night but sadly, after all the enthusiasm and Yih Seong's effort to make everything right, it all fell apart =(. We couldn't get a futsal court at first, and when Paul managed to book one, some of the other team already went home. Couldn't blame them for leaving though, coz they have came all the way to Subang only to find out we don't have a place to play. Ah well, there's always next time...and don't get upset with Hoi because of this, Yih Seong. He didn't want this to happen either...

I broke my abstinence...sigh
Yeah, i gave in too in the end. The temptation was juz too great haha. But i can give an excuse for my failure to keep away from DotA =P. Shan was here yesterday (for futsal, but it's cancelled) and wanted to go play DotA, but they lack players (i refused again..). Then he came over to our place again this morning, saying he's damn bored at home O.o. So i didn't want to 'disappoint' him again hehe. Called Tiong along coz Paul was asleep, and we played 2 games. Apparently, this was not enough for my other apartmentmates haha. At night, they went again, this time with Paul and Yong Chen (he juz came back from IMU). But i didn't join...coz i have other things to do. Sorry Paul, but i was really busy =/...i'll go next time k? Heard Tiong's performance was crazy...even got triple kill with Chaos Knight haha. And to think he's one of the 'worst' players in PM3 O.o

-7.33pm, 24 March 2005-

Friday, 18 March 2005

13 days to A2 Trials theory...

Happy Birthday Dad! =)
My daddy turns 48 today! It's the second time i'm not home with the whole family celebrating his birthday...and sadly, there'll be many more times to come =(. Would be in IMU (fingers crossed) for the next, like, 6 years or so...sigh. Anyway, just gave him a simple birthday wishes over the phone, and he even asked me what did i get for him haha. As if my money's not running low enough =P. I dunno bout other families, but ours never gives birthday presents to each other ever since i can remember. The only thing i get for my birthday is a stamp album while during kindergarten or primary school...i can't remember (i still have it now =) ). And funny thing is, 2 years ago, my dad bought me a guitar on HIS birthday haha. Of course, it's written in fine print at the bottom of the birthday card i gave him =P. Really grateful for everything he's done for me and my brothers, and here's wishing him a very very happy birthday! As for his present, i'll juz give him my best results in A2 (it costs 0 bucks anyway haha =P).

Movie outing scratched
We were supposed to go watch a movie today, either Hitch or Robots. Somehow or the other, we cancelled the plan. The reason? Ashok and Shan wanna watch Hitch, but Yong Chen didn't want to. Me and Leong didn't feel like watching both =P. So a frustrated Jem juz gave up and cancelled the plans. Hehe..sorry Jem, it's always you who bother to take the time to plan (coz nobody else will ;) ). We'll make up for it some other day lah k...juz not today. I juz wasn't in the movie mood...

The abstinence from DotA broken...finally
No..not me of course. I have a stronger resolve than these weak-minded people haha =P (juz This night, after more than 8 days of no DotA, the guys finally gave up. All my apartmentmates (Paul included ;) ) went for 2 rounds of DotA, while i stayed home to watch TV till they came back. How did i stayed away from DotA for so long? Don't ask me how...i juz lost the 'spirit' =/. But i hafta still lingers around somewhere in me, juz that i don't feel the 'urgent' need to play anymore. Sounds like an addiction? I'm afraid it is haha...

PS - Chow stayed back yesterday to have dinner with us ^^. Actually, it's because his parents weren't at home, and his bro's out pa-tohing so he's left without food at home. What other choice did he have besides eating with his Johorian friends who's always there for him =P. Oh yeah sorry you nearly died of hunger waiting for us (our dinner's usually later than 8.30pm hehe).

PS PS - Jem forgotten he got IELTS speaking exam at 3pm today. Only realised it after DotA and when everybody's going to sleep ^^". Hope everything's ok...Jem looks so stressed out that night. Maybe we shouldn't spend too much time talking cock in Success anymore hehe..

-6.52pm, 21 March 2005-

Wednesday, 16 March 2005

15 days to A2 Trials theory...

Happy Birthday Li Shan! =)
Today Li Shan turns 18! Didn't know her birthday was today and that she was a year younger than us till Denise told me the day before ^^". Got to know her last year, when she joined us playing badminton downstairs in the middle of the night. Funny thing is, she knew our names before she even know us! Seems like Ms Ho's doing hehe...but she's a very friendly girl, we know...tho a little bit too friendly (right, Chow? haha =P). I doubt she knows bout my blog, but here's wishing her a very happy 18th birthday anyway. Wish you all the best in A2! =)

Futsal match..without Shan and Hoi O.o
During our lunch at our 'favourite' haunt, Paul suddenly asked us to play futsal coz his friends do not have enough players. Most of our players agreed, except for Hoi and Shan who couldn't make it. I wasn't very keen on going mostly because i felt really tired...have been like this since the start of the week =/. Been sleeping less than what i need for the past few days edi (6 hours a day is killing me! =P). Then i decided to join them's not everyday we get to play futsal.

Bout 18 players were there including us, so we split into 3 teams : all of us as 1 team. Inevitably, we didn't win most of the games. Without Shan and Hoi, Yih Seong's our only striker so i don't need to say more, right =/. Maybe we need more training? Haha...i doubt we'll reach their standard ^^". Oh btw there may be another match this Saturday...against Soon Liang's team i think. Don't know if i'll not feel tired by then..i do hope so ;)

Update on our next class trip..
Ms Ho suggested a class trip for us and her other students..and even went to the Matta Fair last week to find out bout the packages. The thing is, she gave us one day to decide and we had to pay the deposits the next day, so most of us couldn't confirm. Then she managed to push the deadline to this Sunday. Discussed bout it over lunch at Uncle Seng's yesterday, and only Afree and Ian Zing's all for joining the Redang trip with Ms Ho and PM3. Well, it'll be much easier for them...the previous class trip was planned by two of them only and now that Ms Ho volunteered to plan for us, of course they'll agree =/. Some of us were against the idea because of different reasons...and one of it is 'No Ms Ho in class trip no matter what'.

Me? I just sit there quietly while the debate rages on...and i think our class's harmony is compromised because of this =/. I wouldn't say i'm all for the class trip (tho Redang do seem like a good destination) but i don't mind Ms Ho joining planning our class trip either. Anyway, whatever the decision might be i wouldn't mind anyway...but i do hope there'll be a class trip (i won't mind even if it's to JB haha). There won't be much time to discuss this once the trials start...and that's only 2 weeks away! =(

-7.17pm, 18 March 2005-

Monday, 14 March 2005

Hours and hours of sleep =)

Today is a holiday for some 'Professional Development' shit (who cares as long as we get a holiday hehe) so we have a long weekend last week =). Pat took the opportunity to go back to JB while Yong Chen spent it in IMU. As for me, i spent the previous 2 days doing what i love best - sleep! =P. Come to think of it...i've been sleeping for bout 12 hours each day =/. Wonder if i'm in a sleep debt or i juz love to sleep hehe..

Anyway, i planned to start studying last weekend but somehow sleep got in the way sigh...The trials will be in like less than 3 weeks and i haven't even look thru the notes =/. Actually i did try to find out how much i had to study...and to tell the truth, it's pretty scary. Tried to read bout the plant reproduction shit to finish up the stacks of questions Ms Ho gave us...but still i can't answer more than half of them sigh. Maybe i'll juz grab someone's papers and copy =P

Oh yeah, the abstinence from DotA seems to be going rather's been bout 4 days since our last game (that's a really GREAT achievement, mind you =P). Despite Yih Seong's constant craving for it, we managed to distance ourselves from cc =). Yeah, Yih Seong's gonna go crazy soon at the rate things are going without DotA haha. Been doing strange stuff lately...scribbling all over the papers, making strange noises, etc =/. Maybe exam's stress getting to him? I hope not..
PS - chill man...don't stress yourself out too much. At least try to stay sane till A2's over =P

Btw juz asked Yong Chen to get the IMU forms for me...should be able to get them at the end of this week. Thanx Yong Chen =). Wonder if i'm making the right choice going for med...but as my dad said, there's nothing much i can go for besides med =/

PS - Newcastle got thru to the FA Cup semifinals now =). Too bad Arsenal and MU got thru too haha. Was hoping they slipped up or something =P. Nothing's that easy in real life eh...

-5.43pm, 14 March 2005-

Saturday, 12 March 2005

'A Series of Unfortunate Events'

Went to catch "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events" after college yesterday...not to say i'm very interested in the movie but then the others have been saying it's nice and all. Anyway 13 of us got to Pyramid in 3 cars for the 4.30 show, the earliest we could catch. The movie was rather ok...but i rather go for 'Sepet' anytime =/. I juz can't see the gloomy side of the story as everyone said bout. Yeah, there's deaths and all but it juz looked like a children's story to me (which it is..i think). Maybe i juz don't like the way Jim Carrey acted...everything's so exaggerated =/. Heard Shan didn't even bother to look at the big screen haha. Anyway, next up : "Robots". Yeah, it's another children film but i'll watch anything as long as it's not exams papers or Ms Ho's face =P.

Coincidentally, a series of unfortunate events happened to Anne too...on top of it all, she got sick (been staying too close to Pat? =P) and lost her hp today. Realised her hp missing while on the way back so she and Yih Seong went back to the cinema to look for it while me, Denise and Chow stayed in the car to look for a parking space first. Said she's more worried bout the stuff in her hp than the hp itself (YS : maybe rempit's hp no's inside? haha)...and the realisation that her mini iPod won't be coming anytime soon hit her bad =/. Couldn't find it anywhere though so Chow juz dropped her back home right into Mr Yap. Hope Mr and Mrs Yap didn't screw you up too badly bout dat =/

Btw the night before, Leong, Jem, Yih Seong and Paul went for DotA again...this time against the other Sarawakians. Heard Yih Seong's really happy bout the victory...especially since the 2 DotA matches earlier hehe =P. I didn't go along coz i don't feel like it and cash's running rather low now. Juz withdrew 100 bucks and the next day, i'm left with less than half of it (seems like i owe a lot of ppl =/). Have to withdraw again to pay for the IMU forms and buy some stuff. Sigh...seems like it's possible to spend money faster than the days counting down to trials...

-11.47am, 12 March 2005-

Thursday, 10 March 2005

Last DotA in a month..(and i really mean it this time ;) )

Juz finished our supposedly 'last' DotA games for at least a month from now (fingers crossed =P). But this time i think our abstinence (hmm...learnt this word from Paul's lecture haha) would last. I truly hope so =/. Since that we'll be sitting for the trials in bout 3 weeks or so, we better stop going for DotA. Think i should start studying this weekend...but then the lecturers haven't even finish the syllabus yet =/

Anyway back to the DotA game, actually i didn't even feel like going at all. If not for Wykeen, i would have gladly spend my evening sleeping at home hehe =P. For weeks now, Wykeen had been trying to get us to play DotA with him but each time he even mention the word 'DotA', Pat and Chow will sound him with their "Wykeen~~~". tell you all the truth, this "Wykeen asking for DotA" thing came up in our "small talk" the other day, and we decided to spend at least one day to play with him. Such good friends we are, eh? Haha...actually we were afraid he'll turn into another 'Zi Yang' in our class =/. Or couldn't take it anymore and crush Pat to death one day haha..(i would love to see that happen =P)

Besides Wykeen, today will also be the last game we play with Wilson, should we fail to have another game before he leaves for Australia at the beginning of next month (April 10 right?). Wish you all the best, Wilson...remember to call us out when you come back here k? A few of us will go to IMU, so shouldn't be a problem looking us up. Who knows, maybe we'll have another DotA game haha =P

'Ms Ho' now everyone should know how much PM1 hate her. It's all over my friends' blogs, with names from 'half of a creature' to 'bloody bitch' O.o . She's been giving us tonnes of homework to do and don't even get me started on the daily quizes. Most of us would juz seek 'divine intervention' during the quizes juz to pass them =P...failing which we have to resit them over and over again *roll eyes*. Lately Anne, Pat and Yih Seong seem to be her target now. She'll stand over them during quiz to make sure they don't cheat. And so, they failed the quiz, she get them to resit again the next day, they failed again, resit again and the vicious cycle juz go on. I was caught in it too early this week, together with Denise (surprise, surprise haha) but we managed to save our lives by barely passing the resit quiz.

Actually, i failed the next quiz after that but somehow she forgotten bout me having to resit the next day. If not, i'll be together with Anne, Pat and Yih Seong, resitting for the endless resit quizes. They were supposed to see her after class to resit yesterday...but she said she's not free at the last minute. That got Pat really pissed off =/. Thing is, each time she changes her questions, making them more and more impossible to answer (some of them are not even from her notes =/). No wonder the three of them got really pissed on her =P (haha..don't be angry ya Chow). I nearly got caught tn the cycle again during Bio lab today, but thankfully the 3 of them defended me, saying i had already sat for the quiz =) (not true, obviously =P). Thanx all of you...wouldn't have survive if she got me haha.

But seriously, this thing is getting too out of hand now. Almost the whole class hates her (and i do mean hate)...but i admit i'm not one of them (i think so, at least). I know, she piles homework on us, gives us so much pressure that we can juz die from it with her daily quizes, but i know she had good intentions. On the other hand, i wouldn't say i like her...with her childishness and pettiness and stuff. Juz that i know she's a good lecturer, and we can't hate her juz because she's driving us to the limits to make us get good results. But then, i seriously hope she realises that PM1 doesn't like her way, especially her quizes...before it gets really too late =/ (but i fear it's already too late...). Argh...thinking of the quizes, i rather not give a damn about her anymore...making me study for stuff that won't even come up in her quizes or the real exams (in fact i woke up at 6am juz to study for that...). Maybe i should juz hate her along with my whole class instead...but as the saying goes.. takes as much to love someone, as it takes to hate someone...
Maybe i'm juz not a person who can hate anyone i choose to hate...

-8.34pm, 10 March 2005-

Tuesday, 8 March 2005

A little news straight from 121D...

Last weekend..
First of all, this is to sound Leong for all the worry he caused us last weekend =P. Haha chill man we aren't angry at you...juz be sure to tell us where'd you go next time. You know, we gotta be concerned when someone goes missing (tho the concern is very much non-existent in everyone besides Yih Seong but let's not talk bout that =P). In case some of you still don't know, besides Jem and Yong Chen going back to JB last Friday, Leong decided to go back JB too. We literally spent the whole day without seeing him but then we went to catch a movie that day. Realized he's not with us only by the time we're going for dinner. Yih Seong tried to get to him but he turned off his hp. Like how apartmentmates should act when it comes to this stuff, we forget about it and spend our whole night watching TV instead =P. In the end, it's Huah Shin who told us Leong's in JB when Yih Seong asked her...swear Pat planned a 3-4 ready for him right at the door when he comes back haha...

Besides that, nothing much happened on the weekend. As usual sigh. Slept for almost the whole day (hey, i gotta catch up on my sleep k =P). And went to play DotA on both days...mainly coz Yih Seong and Pat 'forced' us to go =P. Played with Paul, his apartmentmates and some other guys on Saturday, and with ourselves on Sunday. News got to us that DotA v6.01's out. Tried it on Sunday and it looks great. Wonder if that'll lead to more DotA (i'm praying very hard right now...and no i'm not praying that we go =P).

Btw this morning Anne got really interested in the 'small talk' we had last Saturday night (after our DotA)...which lasted all the way till 5am+ the next morning hehe. And Wen Ying couldn't believe her ears when she heard it...said she didn't know guys can gossip that much (hey we weren't gossipping...juz bitching =P). It started with juz me, Pat, Yih Seong and Paul around the table, then Ashok joined us after a while. Before i realize what's happening, we were bitching bout every single person we could find lol (Pat and Yih Seong's the main swears =P). I won't say who we bitched about coz there's nothing good that came up in the 'talk' we had =P, but rest assured Anne, we wouldn't dare bitch bout you =X. Right after our bitching session, everyone got really hungry so we head over to Rafi's, the only place open at 5.30am in the morning to get some chomp. Finally went to sleep past 6am...and poor Paul had a 'blindfolded 3km marathon' to run less than two hours after we hit the beds haha. Hope he didn't run like Ashok did in Lanjut lol =P

People getting sick around me...(hey, don't look at me like that)
Juz when i'm recovering from my sickness last week, everyone around me are falling to the 'plague' ^^". The first casualty was Pat, who got so ill he skipped lunches last weekend. Then yesterday Yih Seong felt like puking juz as classes were about to start (he skipped the rest of the day after Math) but that doesn't have anything to do with me =P. Next it's Wy Keen (who sat beside me in class), who went to see the doctor yesterday and skipped the whole day but Physics lab today. And Wilson's missing from class today too...wonder if he got sick as well =/. Wish all of them who fell sick a really fast recovery...coz i was the source of the 'plague' hehe =/.

PS - A side note here, Wen Ying's starting a new blog! Never thought she could would start a blog haha =X. Check hers out guys... (before it got over-runned by all the other guys =P). Btw Paul's starting a new blog on blogspot too...i've updated the bloggies list ;)

-7.26pm, 8 March 2005-

Friday, 4 March 2005


Juz came back from Pyramid...and guess what, for once in my life i thought that Malaysian movies aren't that bad at all =P. Went to catch 'Sepet' at 4.30pm together with Anne, Pat, Yih Seong, Denise, Chow and Ashok. Anne really really wanted to watch this show so we decided to accompany her as we had nothing better to do after college anyway. Actually, i've been wanting to catch this movie as well, maybe i'm juz curious how a 'highly acclaimed' local movie will turn out to be. Happy to say that i'm not disappointed ;)

Basically the gist is very simple : (to quote the movie) a chinese guy, a malay girl, an unforgettable love story. Besides the dialogue interchanging between various local languages (there were 4 of them), the dialogue was bad, the acting's worse, the cinematography is so sux =P but overall it's a really enjoyable movie haha. Strange as this may sound i actually enjoyed the movie a lot. Have to say this is one of the few movies that made me feel happy after i watched it (though the ending was a bit tragic..). Heck, Chow was laughing for more than half of the movie beside me ^^" (there were really many funny scenes...though maybe it's funny to us only =P). He could almost be forgiven for thinking it's a romantic comedy hehe. I'll recommend all Malaysians to watch it...nobody should miss this nice local movie ;)

Onto other stuff, Jeremy and Yong Chen left for JB today for the weekend. Not sure why they went back, but it won't matter much anyway =P. With the trial exams coming in by the end of the month, i think i gonna bury myself in the notes soon. Don't wanna screw up after all i've done ;).

PS - me sickness had degenerated into a persistent cough and the occasional headache. Wasn't too sure whether to be happy or not...since my dirty clothes pile gonna rise higher than my bed soon haha ^^". Maybe i should take another day of rest... =P

-7.48, 4 March 2005-

Tuesday, 1 March 2005

Me sick =(

Gotten sick the last weekend...and it's killing me. It started with juz a sore throat on Sunday morning, then a mild headache in the evening. Later that night, things seem to be better so i thought nothing much of it. Juz when i thought i'm recovering, i'm hit with a fever on Monday. Didn't want to go college at all actually, but then if i were to be absent from 20 classes without excuse, i'll be barred from taking exams O.o. Last year Jem got a letter sent to his home stating this. i juz skipped the most boring subject, Chem (besides physics where everything's incomprehensible) to go home and have a nap. Felt a little bit better after the nap, and managed to slog through the rest of the classes.

Last night, i sensed a fever coming on again while watching Academy Awards. So not to make it worse i went to bed early (and missing the last part of Oscars =( ). But then this morning i woke up real early (hm...finally found something that can wake me up ealy in the morning haha =P) with a fever and a headache. As if that's not bad enough, i picked up a flu and a cough somewhere along too ^^".

Strangely, juz as i wake up for college, the headache has subsided a little bit, and i went to college as usual. Wanted to skip today too, but then i'll juz be sleeping at home more =P. Slogged through another day in college half-conscious ^^". Still felt really feverish after college till now. Sigh...and i got a Bio presentation tomorrow on how babies are made O.o. As if they need to know more than what they already know =P. I'm gonna screw it juz like everyone else haha...and hope i'll get better by tomorrow morning...

PS - Last night, Yih Seong used his 'political power' in 121D to come up with a Bill barring everyone in 121D from playing DotA or even speaking about it on weekdays. He suggested playing 2 hours on one of the weekend and that's it. Not surprisingly, Pat's among the first to reject the Bill haha =P

-6.12pm, 1 March 2005-