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Monday, 14 March 2005

Hours and hours of sleep =)

Today is a holiday for some 'Professional Development' shit (who cares as long as we get a holiday hehe) so we have a long weekend last week =). Pat took the opportunity to go back to JB while Yong Chen spent it in IMU. As for me, i spent the previous 2 days doing what i love best - sleep! =P. Come to think of it...i've been sleeping for bout 12 hours each day =/. Wonder if i'm in a sleep debt or i juz love to sleep hehe..

Anyway, i planned to start studying last weekend but somehow sleep got in the way sigh...The trials will be in like less than 3 weeks and i haven't even look thru the notes =/. Actually i did try to find out how much i had to study...and to tell the truth, it's pretty scary. Tried to read bout the plant reproduction shit to finish up the stacks of questions Ms Ho gave us...but still i can't answer more than half of them sigh. Maybe i'll juz grab someone's papers and copy =P

Oh yeah, the abstinence from DotA seems to be going rather's been bout 4 days since our last game (that's a really GREAT achievement, mind you =P). Despite Yih Seong's constant craving for it, we managed to distance ourselves from cc =). Yeah, Yih Seong's gonna go crazy soon at the rate things are going without DotA haha. Been doing strange stuff lately...scribbling all over the papers, making strange noises, etc =/. Maybe exam's stress getting to him? I hope not..
PS - chill man...don't stress yourself out too much. At least try to stay sane till A2's over =P

Btw juz asked Yong Chen to get the IMU forms for me...should be able to get them at the end of this week. Thanx Yong Chen =). Wonder if i'm making the right choice going for med...but as my dad said, there's nothing much i can go for besides med =/

PS - Newcastle got thru to the FA Cup semifinals now =). Too bad Arsenal and MU got thru too haha. Was hoping they slipped up or something =P. Nothing's that easy in real life eh...

-5.43pm, 14 March 2005-


Anonymous said...

Wadya mean "too bad man U got thru..."


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