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Wednesday, 16 March 2005

15 days to A2 Trials theory...

Happy Birthday Li Shan! =)
Today Li Shan turns 18! Didn't know her birthday was today and that she was a year younger than us till Denise told me the day before ^^". Got to know her last year, when she joined us playing badminton downstairs in the middle of the night. Funny thing is, she knew our names before she even know us! Seems like Ms Ho's doing hehe...but she's a very friendly girl, we know...tho a little bit too friendly (right, Chow? haha =P). I doubt she knows bout my blog, but here's wishing her a very happy 18th birthday anyway. Wish you all the best in A2! =)

Futsal match..without Shan and Hoi O.o
During our lunch at our 'favourite' haunt, Paul suddenly asked us to play futsal coz his friends do not have enough players. Most of our players agreed, except for Hoi and Shan who couldn't make it. I wasn't very keen on going mostly because i felt really tired...have been like this since the start of the week =/. Been sleeping less than what i need for the past few days edi (6 hours a day is killing me! =P). Then i decided to join them's not everyday we get to play futsal.

Bout 18 players were there including us, so we split into 3 teams : all of us as 1 team. Inevitably, we didn't win most of the games. Without Shan and Hoi, Yih Seong's our only striker so i don't need to say more, right =/. Maybe we need more training? Haha...i doubt we'll reach their standard ^^". Oh btw there may be another match this Saturday...against Soon Liang's team i think. Don't know if i'll not feel tired by then..i do hope so ;)

Update on our next class trip..
Ms Ho suggested a class trip for us and her other students..and even went to the Matta Fair last week to find out bout the packages. The thing is, she gave us one day to decide and we had to pay the deposits the next day, so most of us couldn't confirm. Then she managed to push the deadline to this Sunday. Discussed bout it over lunch at Uncle Seng's yesterday, and only Afree and Ian Zing's all for joining the Redang trip with Ms Ho and PM3. Well, it'll be much easier for them...the previous class trip was planned by two of them only and now that Ms Ho volunteered to plan for us, of course they'll agree =/. Some of us were against the idea because of different reasons...and one of it is 'No Ms Ho in class trip no matter what'.

Me? I just sit there quietly while the debate rages on...and i think our class's harmony is compromised because of this =/. I wouldn't say i'm all for the class trip (tho Redang do seem like a good destination) but i don't mind Ms Ho joining planning our class trip either. Anyway, whatever the decision might be i wouldn't mind anyway...but i do hope there'll be a class trip (i won't mind even if it's to JB haha). There won't be much time to discuss this once the trials start...and that's only 2 weeks away! =(

-7.17pm, 18 March 2005-


noxious_fumes said...

You make it sound like having me as a lone striker is a BAD thing!!! Mind you, i scored 66% of the goals that day!!!

senaiboy said...

actually it's only 50%...u forgot Jem scored 1! =P

senaiboy said...

and it's not u Yih Seong...wat i mean is there's only one person who can go up front and score ;)
(not counting Jem as keeper of course)

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! I scored one... *sob* N u don remember *sob*sob*


senaiboy said...

haha...of course i remember
i was the one who assisted you ;)