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Tuesday, 8 March 2005

A little news straight from 121D...

Last weekend..
First of all, this is to sound Leong for all the worry he caused us last weekend =P. Haha chill man we aren't angry at you...juz be sure to tell us where'd you go next time. You know, we gotta be concerned when someone goes missing (tho the concern is very much non-existent in everyone besides Yih Seong but let's not talk bout that =P). In case some of you still don't know, besides Jem and Yong Chen going back to JB last Friday, Leong decided to go back JB too. We literally spent the whole day without seeing him but then we went to catch a movie that day. Realized he's not with us only by the time we're going for dinner. Yih Seong tried to get to him but he turned off his hp. Like how apartmentmates should act when it comes to this stuff, we forget about it and spend our whole night watching TV instead =P. In the end, it's Huah Shin who told us Leong's in JB when Yih Seong asked her...swear Pat planned a 3-4 ready for him right at the door when he comes back haha...

Besides that, nothing much happened on the weekend. As usual sigh. Slept for almost the whole day (hey, i gotta catch up on my sleep k =P). And went to play DotA on both days...mainly coz Yih Seong and Pat 'forced' us to go =P. Played with Paul, his apartmentmates and some other guys on Saturday, and with ourselves on Sunday. News got to us that DotA v6.01's out. Tried it on Sunday and it looks great. Wonder if that'll lead to more DotA (i'm praying very hard right now...and no i'm not praying that we go =P).

Btw this morning Anne got really interested in the 'small talk' we had last Saturday night (after our DotA)...which lasted all the way till 5am+ the next morning hehe. And Wen Ying couldn't believe her ears when she heard it...said she didn't know guys can gossip that much (hey we weren't gossipping...juz bitching =P). It started with juz me, Pat, Yih Seong and Paul around the table, then Ashok joined us after a while. Before i realize what's happening, we were bitching bout every single person we could find lol (Pat and Yih Seong's the main swears =P). I won't say who we bitched about coz there's nothing good that came up in the 'talk' we had =P, but rest assured Anne, we wouldn't dare bitch bout you =X. Right after our bitching session, everyone got really hungry so we head over to Rafi's, the only place open at 5.30am in the morning to get some chomp. Finally went to sleep past 6am...and poor Paul had a 'blindfolded 3km marathon' to run less than two hours after we hit the beds haha. Hope he didn't run like Ashok did in Lanjut lol =P

People getting sick around me...(hey, don't look at me like that)
Juz when i'm recovering from my sickness last week, everyone around me are falling to the 'plague' ^^". The first casualty was Pat, who got so ill he skipped lunches last weekend. Then yesterday Yih Seong felt like puking juz as classes were about to start (he skipped the rest of the day after Math) but that doesn't have anything to do with me =P. Next it's Wy Keen (who sat beside me in class), who went to see the doctor yesterday and skipped the whole day but Physics lab today. And Wilson's missing from class today too...wonder if he got sick as well =/. Wish all of them who fell sick a really fast recovery...coz i was the source of the 'plague' hehe =/.

PS - A side note here, Wen Ying's starting a new blog! Never thought she could would start a blog haha =X. Check hers out guys... (before it got over-runned by all the other guys =P). Btw Paul's starting a new blog on blogspot too...i've updated the bloggies list ;)

-7.26pm, 8 March 2005-


Paul said...

what?????????? you told anne we spent the whole night bitching??? i thought we were suppose to keep that little session to ourselves????
and you're not suppose to promote my blogspot page siaw...i don't plan to release it anytime soon. hehe =)

anne mei-shan said...

hey...dont keep juicy stuff to urselves....we should share it...i'd love to join a 5 hour bitching session....shit thinking bout it gets me all excited...ahhaahha...not im not psychotic...and chye hing...u havent told me anything bout it yet!!!

senaiboy said...

lol lemme clear my name first..Pat's the one who told Anne! *points at Pat* =P. Btw shud i link to ur blogspot blog or xanga blog?