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Friday, 25 March 2005

Hmm..i'll call today Chow's Night Out haha

A2 Trials - Chemistry 5 Practical
Chemistry practical, the least of my worries ^^. I wouldn't worry bout this paper...maybe coz i got much more things to worry bout ;). We were the first shift as usual, which is a good thing i guess. Don't have to waste time and energy washing all that apparatus (but some of us still wash them can never be too accurate i guess haha). Nothing unexpected for the first question, juz titration again. Think Ian Zing (she sat in front of me) got panicky though..especially since the burette's tap came off and splash the whole solution into the conical flask. Then for the planning she overlooked the question and thought the KI solution was an unknown solution (she thought it's K1). Right after the time's up, she complained to me that she couldn't do the planning. I was like, 'erm..ok..the planning doesn't carry too many marks i think..' but she kept on complaining like a small girl. *shudders* haha. I didn't know what to say actually...i'm not very good with words. So i just let her complain her heart out til the invigilator saved me lol =P. Still, i hope she didn't do badly for that practical...

'Miss Congeniality 2'
Been wanting to watch this...since the first movie was rather nice. There's nothing else to watch anyway so we decided to catch 'Miss Congeniality 2' today, after our Chem practical quarantine. The movie was pretty good...and some of the jokes are really funny. Maybe not as good as the first but still, at least there's something to watch..

After watching 'Miss Congeniality', all of us went back home except for Chow who had to stay for another movie. He's supposed to watch 'The Eye 10' with two of his many chicks haha. Actually i wanted to watch too, but i decided against it in the end due to lack of interest among the others (only Paul's with me..sigh) and the fact that i'll be spoiling Chow's day if i tagged along =P. I've never watched the first two movies anyway so i won't be missing this movie much... (though Chow sounded like it's a damn good movie...before he watched it of course haha)

Another DotA game...all bcoz of Chow haha
Sigh...there's juz no stopping us from playing DotA eh. Due to a 'special request' from Chow, we agreed to spend our Friday night in cc instead of studying ^^". Such sacrifice we make for a friend haha =P. Frankly, Chow was begging us to go play with him...literally O.o. I didn't know he wanted to play so damn much..i've never seen him so desperate before haha.

As Jem and Paul had to go to church tonight, we called along Paul's apartmentmate Tiong to make it 8 players. Chow had already asked him during our quarantine together and had even split the teams. He's supposed to have a one-on-one with Yih Seong, his Naga Siren against Yih Seong's Brad. Sad to say, he got whacked pretty badly haha. Overconfidence will lead to your downfall, no? Haha...*quote* No one messes with Brad *unquote* lol. Had another game which wasn't really fair heroes-wise, so it's better to juz leave it out ;)

PS - I'm gonna be screwed...haven't even finish studying any subject yet...and yet somehow, i still found time for DotA ^^"

-7.09pm, 28 March 2005-

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