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Saturday, 12 March 2005

'A Series of Unfortunate Events'

Went to catch "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events" after college yesterday...not to say i'm very interested in the movie but then the others have been saying it's nice and all. Anyway 13 of us got to Pyramid in 3 cars for the 4.30 show, the earliest we could catch. The movie was rather ok...but i rather go for 'Sepet' anytime =/. I juz can't see the gloomy side of the story as everyone said bout. Yeah, there's deaths and all but it juz looked like a children's story to me (which it is..i think). Maybe i juz don't like the way Jim Carrey acted...everything's so exaggerated =/. Heard Shan didn't even bother to look at the big screen haha. Anyway, next up : "Robots". Yeah, it's another children film but i'll watch anything as long as it's not exams papers or Ms Ho's face =P.

Coincidentally, a series of unfortunate events happened to Anne too...on top of it all, she got sick (been staying too close to Pat? =P) and lost her hp today. Realised her hp missing while on the way back so she and Yih Seong went back to the cinema to look for it while me, Denise and Chow stayed in the car to look for a parking space first. Said she's more worried bout the stuff in her hp than the hp itself (YS : maybe rempit's hp no's inside? haha)...and the realisation that her mini iPod won't be coming anytime soon hit her bad =/. Couldn't find it anywhere though so Chow juz dropped her back home right into Mr Yap. Hope Mr and Mrs Yap didn't screw you up too badly bout dat =/

Btw the night before, Leong, Jem, Yih Seong and Paul went for DotA again...this time against the other Sarawakians. Heard Yih Seong's really happy bout the victory...especially since the 2 DotA matches earlier hehe =P. I didn't go along coz i don't feel like it and cash's running rather low now. Juz withdrew 100 bucks and the next day, i'm left with less than half of it (seems like i owe a lot of ppl =/). Have to withdraw again to pay for the IMU forms and buy some stuff. Sigh...seems like it's possible to spend money faster than the days counting down to trials...

-11.47am, 12 March 2005-

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