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Thursday, 24 March 2005

A2 Trials starts today..theory in 9 days

A2 Trials - Biology 5 Practical
Took our first paper this morning, Bio practical. Didn't really put much effort into this paper...mainly coz i still got lots more notes to read. Only flip thru the Bio lab manual and a few diagrams of slides, juz that. Hope it's enough =/. As for the paper, it wasn't really hard...juz that i didn't read up on the biochemical tests (although Yong Chen did ask me whether need to read or not). Some of the others boiled the Biuret test hehe...thank god i didn't went along with my planning (i was gonna boil too). But other than that, i think it went ok. Let's hope the rest of trials will go smoothly...

The first of many DotA games during trials..
After our quarantine, we went back home after having our lunch. And after a while, the conversation sort of head towards DotA. So much talk bout DotA that even my heart itch haha. Half of me wanna go, the other half wanna stay home and study (or sleep =P). What a dilemma i'm in sigh. In the end i still went along with the rest anyway. Everyone seems so enthusiastic bout going to play except Yih Seong, surprisingly...said he's very tired and wanted to sleep hehe. And i felt rather happy bout today's Bio practical too...the best time to ask someone to do something is when he's true haha. Too bad Leong's Juggernaut's non-stop omnislash spoiled the second game >=(. Didn't even spare my Pudge after one barrage of mercy at all haha. Juz joking Leong...i guess we sound you enough edi for what you did lol. Don't feel bad bout it k? It's juz a game ;)

PS - There goes my promise of no DotA for the next month...sigh.. (i'm afraid there's more to come haha =/)

-7.59pm, 24 March 2005-

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